Monday, November 01, 2010

burgers, errands and sask. fan action.

big day today.
mishi and i made our way out to number five road in richmond and met-up with issy for some burgers at brown's social house. now, i have to admit that i had low expectations for brown's but, that fuckin' kobe beef burger is a winner...and according to mishi the salmon burger is excellent and issy says the hickory burger was wicked. so there ya go. i stand corrected on brown's social house. well, at least the burgers. it looks and feels like every other of its kind - cactus club, earls, i'm not about to be hanging out there, but the burger may bring me back...nice to have lunch with issy and mishi as well.
afterwords mishi and i went by andy's shop to pick-up my go-ped and see andy, andrew and i said my good-byes to them as well...and then we headed to burnaby and winston street, home of el comel mexican foods. mishi had wanted to go there to get some of their tamales. so we did. i use their tortillas when i make tacos as does la taqueria. good stuff.
then it was off to the BOC, the ethical bean for some coffee and then to corie and katherine's to show mishi the mayhem. but now, the real mayhem is over. the hardwood re-finishers were there today doing their thing, the painters had been in over the weekend and done 85% of their j0b - the rest to be done after the windows go in, and the kitchen stuff is in the basement cooling its heels until it goes looks really great there and will be delicious when it's done.
and now, it's game five of the world series - i missed games three and four but have settled in for game five. and regardless of what happens - if san francisco wins it's awesome because barry bonds won't get a ring and if texas wins, texas wins and cliff lee gets a ring and, well, texas is a state i like a lot. there ya go.

g. xo

bonus pic. this dude was on the ferry on the way back from victoria sunday. wicked.

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