Thursday, November 18, 2010

bright lights

barb allard, a wonderful friend of my mother's for many, many years, lost her husband yersterday after a long battle, and i just want to extend my condolences to her and the rest of her family and his children. i've known barb since i was a child and she has always been amazing to me as well - and though i have not seen much of her since becoming an adult, my heart goes out to her right now. bill was an accomplished and internationally recognized sculptor specializing in soapstone carvings that were exibited worldwide.
another light today goes out to ailsa's ex, whose father is battling hard as well, and needs as many positive thoughts we can all throw his way today. his family is all behind him and his struggle and i hope that not only does he make it through all of this the best he can, but that the family stays strong and helps each other.

take time out today to tell someone you love them.

garn xo

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