Saturday, November 20, 2010

i'll take one of those, two of those and a fuckload of that!

this morning, after a sleep that has left my back a very poor example of a good one, i headed off with richard and pattie to an organic market that happens every friday and saturday very close to our apartments. it's a very small affair that is marked with maybe fifteen or twenty stalls and all of it is amazing - organic coffee, fresh juices squeezed while you wait, hot food, great breads - the regular bread that you typically get in oaxaca is...well, terrible. white and cake like. - cheeses, yogurt like you may never have had before, small batch mezcal - scared me a little...but it was great. i'm back now and will be heading out to meet-up with a fellow student - cassie from seattle - and her boyfriend. he is need of some shoes for a wedding they need to go to so i'm lending him a pair of suede wood grain patterned medium/house industries things. he'll be the only guy there wearing those...funny. they'll either be seen as cool and unusual or completely fucked. either way, good times.

have a great saturday.

g. xo

some of the stalls at the organic market.

richard is very pleased with his hot chocolate.

pattie as well.

our breakfast. beans, cactus, cheese, mine with chicken and salsa.

freash organic cheese. a lot of the cheese in oaxaca is kind of bland or very mild. this stuff is not that.

pattie and i each had a glass of juice made with oranges and tangerine i think...very tasty.

fresh from this woman.

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The Veggie Queen said...

My farmer friend Wendy who just met you a couple of weeks ago suggested that I read your blog.

I loved that market, too. I got a killer tostada with every possible kind of vegetable for $2. It was amazing.

I also thought it was amazing that when I was there they served kim chi pancakes. Great food and I bought amazing beans, ojo de cabra, that I have been cooking here in the US.
Thanks for this post.c