Saturday, November 13, 2010

the kids are alright.

tonight after doing my laundry - which is a story unto itself - i headed down to meet alex and two other guys i just met today on the tour - parker from north carolina and kevin from san francicsco (they're both students at he school) - for dinner at some joint kevin had discovered that supposedly - according to parker - had the best mole negro he had ever tasted. when we met at the santo domingo square there were, as usual, a lot of people there as it's a popular meeting place, a woman came over to us and asked to come and talk to her students to help them converse better in english. it was fun...they were all 14 and wanted to know where we were from, what we did, etc. and we threw back english and spanish at them. they were great and afterwords the teacher thanked us for helping out. but really, maybe we should have thanked them for helping us, or at least me.
as it turned out, parker was right...the mole at the restaurant was amazing. alex and i had enchiladas oaxaqueno con pollo and kevin and parker had a soup/stew thing that's only made once a year by less than thirty restaurants in oaxaca province and is made from a goat that is highly regarded and rare. they said it was excellent.
after we had dinner they went off to see a movie in the film festival that's going on here and i went for a walk that eventually got me back home. nice casual night.
i may go to a huge outdoor market tomorrow but haven't decided yet...i should study too - i'm feeling a little slow and need to learn a few more words and phrases.

i love you. you.

g. xo

some artist's set-up this sculpture/installation that is man, many small alarm clocks that all were ringing at the same time. it reminded me of a piece i helped byron dauncey with (just helping with crap from the BOC) - marcy's ex - a few years ago for the culture crawl.

alex and the kids...

kevin and parker chowing down.

my wicked mole.

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Byron said...

We should have tequila guys in front of every church. I'll facebook Gregor.