Tuesday, February 28, 2006

headphone recorder

i have no idea why i called this post that but i have. wheat have a song called headphonee recorder. that's it. that's all. i had to drive up to victoria and 50th today where there's a stereo repair place called granville t.v. makes sense.
i didn't grab and sweet hot indian balls while i was there but i should have...i love those things. once those hot balls hit your mouth...heaven.
good times. good times.
tonight for something a little different i think i'll be heading to topanga for dinner. that'll be great for a change, shake things up a little. k-win just called and i think that's where she wants to go...
have fun...i'll be thinking hard about buying something expensive and it isn't a burrito.

g. xo

just when you think it's safe to go outside.

so things are moving in a wierd direction..and it could be great or it could be a nightmare but i'm leaning towards this being a great thing rather than a bad thing...i am considering doing something that i never thought i would be doing. and it could turn out well, we'll have to see. i don't want to give out too many details at this point because it could all fall through and i'll be left looking like a jerk..which isn't really a new thing but...anyhow. money may be spent on something big pretty soon if i can get all my ducks in a row. and i am currently trying to get all those ducks lined up...crossing the fingers and toes, crossing the t's and dotting all the i's... good lord i may be making a huge mistake...

more details as they develop...

g. xo

Monday, February 27, 2006

oh my...

i may have to be cryptic..is that how you spell that? or maybe not...i am confused right now, it's the truth. ok...this is a waste of time, it really is. i am an idiot.


forget it.


getting so close i can almost taste it...

today, after a week of waiting, my new exhaust manifold came for larry. thank god. the old one, that al and i tried to repair, was a goner so i had to try and track down another one...which i finally did thanks to the interweb and had it shipped up from seattle. good times. so i drove it over to laurie's today and hopefully he'll throw it on tomorrow sometime and then i can go and get larry and start the final part of the battle, putting the door panels and windlace on...then give larry a good clean and it's a wrap on this stupid story.
nothing else to report really...it's monday and i'm already looking towards friday, something i don't usually do. i'm kinda content to let the week roll along as it does. i have no plans, no big events to attend so it doesn't really matter. i have given some thought to going to portland on the weekend for a little R and R. i love that town now. i was and am putting some thought into seeing if i could spend some time there between shows, just for something different. maybe a week or two, or a month. i duuno, i've done stupider things.
my eyes are bleeding from formatting excel sheets and getting them all in line so i can keep track of the millions i'm spending...not my money but i have to account for it somehow...

more later as it develops..

g. xo

Sunday, February 26, 2006


it was a wacky one today...
when i went to pick up the garberator i got pulled over by the cops...well, actually, i was parked and he still made me show him my license etc...it's a long boring story..but..it was weird and i got to drive away without going to jail for many, many parking tickets...
then the young woman at cafe artigiano had forgotten to bring her ears and a large portion of her brain to work...but in the end i got a coffee and the garbs one as well...good times...
moved a bunch more stuff from the garbs to mishis, and to the island and to donovan's...the garbs actullay drove the coolerator today...fuck! i should have had my camera..he hasn't driven in ten years...it was a bit of an adventure...i took over after his place.
the swedes took the gold in hockey, the rain came on sunday, the new cat power record stayed in my cd player and got played more than a few times and i had a coffee date...which turned into a sushi date and then a long walk in the rain back to our respective cars date...me wet, her driving away in her car as i looked for my van...
the queen had some news that was not good but hopefully will get better..the good lord willing.
back to work tomorrow...another week in the fine,fine world of film and in this case the world of martial arts king fu action movie making...it'll be interesting.

have a great week kids.

g. xo

a long strange day...

well, i managed to get five hours sleep last night...well, actually friday night now that the clock has ticked over...i am having trouble sleeping...work stress and the alergies have come early too...and once i'm up, i'm up...
so today was one of my jj bean pal's last day at the powell street location so i went to see her. i had gotten some magazines from portland for her because she's going there and i thought she could look at them and have an idea what to do there...she gave me a free coffee...
then i went and did a little delivery and had a very nice chat with marcy's room mate cathy...she's alright with me...then i went and got myself a little haircut from the world famous k-win...she's the best hair cutter in town...hair looks great...i look the same...
then i went and hung out with the garberator at the pickle..sold a few things, ate a little at the market...so exciting...
the later i went with the garbs up to gravity pope. i had gone there with mishi the other day and had bought a pair of docs fot $75.00 and they've turned out to be ok...i had seen a pair of Medium shoes there for super cheap so i went back and tried them on..they were $35.00...down from $135.00...nice...good deals on shoes is good!
i bought the new cat power record today...but it! it's great! i love it...i also stole the garbs go team album and loaded it into itunes...thanks garbs...
then the main event...me, skippy tornack, mishi, the queen and garbs awent and saw 'metal-a headbanger's journey' at tinseltown...great movie. you should see it...then it was of to topanga for nachos and margaritas...that's a big day for old garn!
well, here's hoping i can get a real sleep tonight..i have to help the garberator move some more shit tomorrow for the third sunday in a row...

have fun...

garn xo

Saturday, February 25, 2006

super chump

i have decided that i am a super chump. now, don't get all bent out of shape because i've just said that, i'm just pointing it out. but i have decided recently that i'm going to change that. i am going to get walked over less, taken advantage of less and make myself less available to that sort of thing. i know that i give freely and want to give as much as i can but maybe i have given too much and need to take back a little in order to gain back some of myself. make myself more important to myself. i don't do that enough.
it's funny, i have done things in the last while that now baffle me. i can't believe i did them, said things i wish i could now take back...but those things are out there now and i can live with that, no big deal. i have no regrets but i do wish i was smarter. and i'm not even talking about things said in the way of love, but there are some of those as well but that's to be expected.
i have heard things lately that cause me some concern-not a lot but some, things that have been said about me by others, people that really are of no concern to me, not my friends per sa, but people i thought were bigger than engaging in idle gossip, especially about things they have no idea about. but as i said, they have no real place in my life so it's not really a concern of mine, just something that's interesting. another thing to make me want to be less giving to everyone and take more care of myself. the gossip wagon always makes its way around town and has stopped at my place from time to time. i listen to it but i don't let it get to me.
watched 'bend it like beckham' tonight with my old pal jessica tonight...i had never seen it and may not want to remember that i did. i guess it wasn't that bad but not one to write home about. and topanga for a fifth night this week...i am patheic in that regard...maybe it was only four night...let's see i went there with the queen twice, corie once, jessica once and erin once...yup five times...all that and not one of them was a date...oh well...i like the topanga.
i may have a coffee date sunday but that has yet to be determined...only time will teell me the answer to that one...

ok...bed time...

garn xoxo

Friday, February 24, 2006

rockin' the gold...

forget the fuckin' olympics...i'm rockin' the gold now! a new gold crown bringing my grand total to five gold crowns. i'm not crazy about the time in the chair but i'm fine with the gold...it's fine. i've always wanted a gold front tooth, well, not the 'buck' tooth but the one next to it...the second tooth...everyones says to not do it...it could be just sleazy enough...
i may go see "metal-a headbangers journey" tonight. i loved 'decline of the western civilization-the metal years' when it came out years ago so i'm hoping this is as good or at least close.
i was at topanga last night with skippy...it was my fouth time this week...and i may go tonight as well...
that's my report.

garn xo

Thursday, February 23, 2006

another day...another dollar...sometimes more.

so i went at lunch today and had a look at a house a friend of mine may be selling. actually i'm pretty sure she is going to sell it, and i may just have to buy it. so i drove up there to today on my lunch hour thing and had a little look see...it's at 27th and main just by solly's bakery. it's fixer upper but could be ok...a look inside will determine if this a viable thing or not...i may have to get issy involved..make issy some more money to spend in vegas after we sell it for a huge profit...it needs work to be sure but it's a good 'hood even if there's a lot of hipster dufus' around there...i'd just be another one of them..and it's around 14 blocks to any good coffee...oh well, i'm getting ahead of myself...
i think tonight i'll drive up to the garberator's old place, which is still his place and see how the clean-up is going. he and mishi are shacking up, finally, and he needs to get his damage deposit back so cleaning they are. i helped move the couch and some other shit, my karma points are in full already i don't need to help him clean...
i almost spent 10,000.00 on an entire KAWS toy collection today but fell out of the running...thinking about it now i think i was temp. insane...oh well...could be worse.

another day is down, almost. my heart is on the mend, i hope and it can only get better..i say that half believing it..which is better than nothing.

here's today's link...


have fun...

i love you all...

garn xo

good times, good times....

last night after work i found out that someone may be in a little deeper than me right now. he's hurting although he's better at hiding it i think. i care about him a great deal and hope he's going to be ok.
last night the queen of the universe and i went to topanga for a little marg and burrito..i had the new regular and she had something else...she's got a few troubles as well so we're a good team right now...she makes me laugh and that's a good thing right now.
i think i may be getting better but am not sure because i still have those down times at night but i do fall asleep very quickly so that's a good thing. i'm still doing bacvk obsessive things i can't seem to help but those will fade with time as well...and i think, although i can't be too sure really, but i may be going on a date tomorrow night. well, i am going out with someone, i'm just note sure if it's a date...could be, but probably not. but a dinner and whatever with a pal is a great thing right now. i welcome it.
i have no real report except for that.

i love you all...

garn xo

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

sometimes a little knowledge...

a little knowledge can be a really dangerous thing. i find that the more i know, the more information i get about certain subjects the more i want to stay home and tune in the weather channel. i need to get a better handle on my obsessive nature. i've always been this way. i would, when i did such things, ever have one cigarette and be happy with that. have a little cocaine, this kills my mother but she should be happy in the fact i came out the other side of that as well and am now a clean and sober kinda guy many thanks to her. i don't clean one part of my house, i clean the whole fuckin' place stem to stern given the chance. i drive miles upon miles to get places in my car on roadtrips. i have driven over 1800 kms in one day just to make it somewhere. somewhere i didn't actually have to be right away...it was just that way i worked and still do work. i do things that i don't want to do, over and over again. i want to be a better person. i want to be in love again. i want to make people happy. it's like a goal. i was sent a great article today about how what you do for others defines you and why you do it for others. what's wrong with your life defines how and why you do things for others. apparently, according to this article, the reason people like me, people who maybe give too much, are the way we are is because we feel our needs are secondary. that we're not as important as the others we are helping, that they are more important. which they are. it's the way it is. i'm glad i was sent the article.
i'm not sure i know what to do with it but i'm glad i got it. my road is a long one and one that i have been one for a long time and i am pretty set in my ways, for better or worse. i was put here to help and take care of others. that's the way it is. feel free to take advantage.

g. xo

same as the old boss...

i recently re-read a bunch of old e.mails from different people. why i save these i have no idea. some hurt, some are hopeful, others have been kept for no reason at all and should just be deleted.
i used to many years ago write a little column in the magazine discorder. it was a heart and soul look at my life and the lives of those i was around and involved with. about my family and friends. i was re-reading some of them for no real reason and it's funny, maybe not funny ha ha but just funny, oh, but i thought i'd post a few so you can see i've been the same slobbering emotional fool all my life....


love has gone away
and there's no one here now
and there's nothing left to say

love has gone away
took the rings off of my fingers
and there's nothing left to say

lou reed
street hassle

cowshead chronicles
july 1997

i have a heart that is firmly planted on my sleeve. i pull no punches in regards to it and voice my discontent or rare moments of exhilaration through this column for the whole world to see. so what's the big deal? late at night as i write this scratch i feel as if i know exactly what it is i'm trying to say but often as i read it, usually not until it comes out at the first of each month, i wonder if sometimes i'm lacking in clarity. but how can one deny one's heart and the feelings that it's having right at that exact moment? sure, i lay it all out, and it's not always about personal experiences but i know that for some people it's a little hard to take sometimes. am i sorry? not a bit. while love fades and crushes come and go and a lost love is only ever healed by time, the pain of it all has to be recognized. sure next week the feelings may be different or there may be a whole new set of rules and regulations but acknowledgment of your heart is paramount. the light of day often sets things in a completely different light but shit, what's a guy to do? call me a true romantic or a complete fool but i, despite all the setbacks over time, believe in love and all that it can bring. the heartache, the euphoria, the will to acquiesce like you never have before, the sharing of possessions, all that and more. i have many times tried to ignore my feelings and dismiss my heart and somehow put it in a dark place where even i hope to never find it. it doesn't work, i'm here to tell you. we all say never again when it ends. we all strive to be stronger the next time. to be more cautious. to not let our heart get the better of us. let our heart get hooked by another. ok. i'm a sucker. i admit it. but i'm once ready to let it happen to me. it's summer and the windows on my car are open most of the time and the sounds on the street sound right. a half pack of winston's is the closest thing to my heart right now but by the time you read this there could be a whole new set of rules in place. i hope, for my lungs sake, this is true. have a great summer...you mean the world to me.

cowshead chronicles
july 1995

"i warn you, if cornered i'll scratch my way out of the pen. wild, an animal, the claustrophobia begins. think i'm scared of girls, well maybe, but i'm not afraid of you. you wanna scare me, then you'll cling to me, no matter what i do."
'what jail is like'
afghan whigs

gun'-shy' adj easily frightened by the firing of a gun (a guy-shy dog)

ray settled the gun against his side and wondered where he had gone wrong. she was getting into the car and he knew that if she drove away she'd be gone for good. all the neighbors told him she was no good and that they were ill matched from the get go but he knew her better than anyone of them. he knew the way she was-the way she smelled. in the dark at night he could tell when she had come into the room even when she was trying her best to sneak up on him. her eyes sometimes brown, sometimes green and then back again. she had a little tummy that she was so proud of and he would watch her, when she didn't know he was, while she was fixing herself in the mirror. and often, when she just walked past, she would look at herself in the hall mirror just to make sure. of what he didn't know. she'd been there and so had he, neither was pure, and this fact he resented-but more for his impurity than hers. he felt jealous of things that had nothing to do with him, things that happened long before they were ever together-things he killed himself about late at night. normal conversation often turned to heated discussion then to fist flying arguments and one of them would end up crying and saying sorry to the other. he loved her. he wasn't, he knew deep down, good enough for her and that's why she was getting in the car now and leaving. she'd had enough, for now anyway. he'd get on. the gun felt hot against his side and he wondered what he would do with it the longer he held onto it. ray's hand opened and the gun fell to the ground and somehow he knew

he'd never touch it again. as the car left the driveway ray turned and started walking towards the house. as he hit the steps of the porch he heard the sound of the car's brakes bringing the car to a stop. she'd stopped. going inside he decided he's better get those brakes fixed soon.


cowshead chronicles
may 1996

there are places i refuse to go. places that are reflective of my past in one way or another, be it good or bad, but usually these places conjure up images of things gone wrong. certain areas of the city are off limits as far as i'm concerned. or at least for certain moments in time it's best to avoid these areas until the dust has settled. certain coffee shops and restaurants. hotels and bars. even certain cities in the u.s. are now off limits. and it's all about my heart. an organ in my body that i sometimes feel was put there not to keep me alive but to cause me great pain. the heart is a strange place sometimes. the blood that courses through it has very little to do with the way we feel because of it. the way it can jump into our throats and choke us. the way it pounds. sometimes in the middle of the night we can hear it beating and the pounding in our ears is seemingly enough to break the silence of the night as we lie in bed trying to sleep. and even if we try and want it to happen there's no stopping it. all the clutching of our chests won't make it go away. but this really isn't about my heart. really. it's not. it's about the hearts of others. the hearts buried deep in the chests of those i know. i wonder what's in some of them. some, i know are filled with a blackness that i could never help them get rid of. while others are so full of life that i can only wonder what it's like to have a heart that alive. and i wonder about the people i've had something to do with and how i've made their hearts feel. love and hate and sadness , your heart feels them all. i feel sometimes like my own heart is becoming blackened with time but i still hold out hope that there will be a turning point that will change all that. the light at the end of the tunnel is the carrot i'm chasing right now. i suppose the point to all of this is the way your happiness may affect someone else's heart. it's unfortunate when your happiness affects others in a negative way. but what can you do? live your life for the benefit of others or stay your own course? shit. i don't know. it could be that i'm listening to too much 'sun volt' lately. damn that jay farrar. gth...

cowshead chronicles
may 1997

he knew where she was going. the look she had left with said nothing of who she was going to meet but he knew exactly where the car was headed as it left the garage. a drink with the girls she had told him. maybe two. some food after. could be late. she didn't know for sure. she said she'd call later and let him know where she was. he knew where she was. as if talking in her sleep she had told him time and time again about her attraction. as if it slipped from her lips without her knowing. like she wasn't really giving up anything. maybe she really didn't think she was. giving up anything. doing anything wrong. not that she had. yet. but she would soon. tonight as she lay in the arms of another she knew deep down she was breaking his heart and there was nothing she could do about it now. he knew where she was going. he knew the house. he had been there before. in the room where his wife was about to 'have drinks with the girls'. where she'd 'go for food' after. where she'd 'call him from later to let him know what was up', 'where she was'. maybe she'd tell him exactly where she was. as if it didn't matter. maybe it didn't. he could do the same thing. but for some reason it wouldn't be the same. cheating was cheating. in bed he thought of her still out there. maybe it was over by now. the lights crossing across the bedroom wall signified her return. the front porch screen door slammed as she made her way into the house. keys hitting the counter. fridge door opening. closing. a glass quickly set down after a drink from the tap. a fast pass through the bathroom and then as quickly as the lights in the hallway were turned off she enters the bedroom and says hi. tells him how she's sorry she didn't call and that she meant to but... her skin is cold as she settles in next to him. then he smells it and knows he's been right all along. she had been with her. like he had been with her. the pot. the kettle. both black.

from the mouths of babes...

i am really kind of a pathetic guy...before you go getting all out of sorts for me saying that let me explain. maybe pathetic isn't the best word to describe me, but it's not terrible sometimes. i am a big softie who sometimes has a hard time seeing past emotional things and just seeing whatever it is for what ever it is, really. i have great heartache at time, right now would be one of those times, but, that said, i will come out of this and be fine. and maybe what i'm all fucked up over will, one day, come back to me and be a better thing. it has happened before for people i have know in similar circumstances. but then again, maybe not. maybe it will never return but be replaced by something completely different but with all the same players all accepting different roles in the play that is my life..could be... i know this is all very confusing, even for me. suffice to say this, the love i have lost is maybe going to take on an entirely different form one day..or perhaps the same one but at a different time and place. so fuckin' hippy! all i need right now are some bootleg recordings of some rad live jerry garcia guitar solos.
this report really has made no sense but i will say this. love is great and love is really shitty...but i welcome both, kind of, because they make me know i'm alive and as much as i have said i wish it would all end and then i could be at peace finally...i do kinda like it, sometimes, but it's really fuckin' hard. and painful. but that's just the way it is.

good times.

g. xo

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

in my heart

so i guess by now some of you have figured out, those of you who still check this blog to see if anything's happening, that i am posting a few things here and there. it will continue like that for the next while anyways. i think the blog is good for me in some ways and bad in others but that's that. i guess.
i think this thing is going to take a slightly different spin. i am going to be more forthright, forward, direct, whatever it takes or you want to call it about myself and my life and emotions.
i find life a little bit of a challange from time to time and fight hard to make it right somehow. sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't. i find the shitty times to be the hardest to get by. and take them the hardest. i am working towards being less hard on myself-maybe one day i will be, and also to get on with my life in certain regards.
i have had a few emotion setbacks as of late and am coping with them as best i can. i am not going to name names in the 'new' blog, but i think most people know all the players and have seen the scoresheet from time to time and know the score.
i wear my heart on my sleeve and most people, for better or for worse, know where my heart is at at any given moment. i am prone to high highs and fairly low lows, i'm not bi-polar i am just that way. i am an emotional guy. a big softie. i would give you the shirt off my back and most of you know that. i may even be too generous but i can't help it so don't ask me too.
right now i am sad but working on changing that. there are changes happening in my life that i knew were coming but now that they're here they are harder to deal with than i originally thought they would be. time is the great healer and maybe things i've been putting off for a while should now take a front seat and be addressed more seriously. things that will, ultimately, make me happier than i am right now.
you never know what's in store for you around the next corner and that really is the truth. i was avoiding looking around the corner for a while now but feel i may be ready to look around it now and see what's there.
don't worry, the new blog will be exactly like the old blog just with a little more heart and soul and real emotion from time to time. a little more like me.

i love all of you and thank god you're around and part of my life.

garn xo

Sunday, February 19, 2006

coffee, couches and more coffee....

so today i ran into my pal, or at least guy i know and like, jeff carter-artist and painter guy, down at the jj bean on powell. he's talking of moving to the country and eating a bunch of peaches...i think he may have the right idea......i had to get up reasonably early to go help the garberator move some shit out of his place because he's moving into mishi's...i'm not sure i have it in me to tell the whole story but...we couldn't get it out of the apartment...whole. so we drove the coolerator down to the shop, BOC, and grabbed a reciprocating saw and cut the couch in half...sorry, no pictures. it was a bit of a nightmare...during which i was on the phone to mishi and was so pissed off i hung up on her...i said sorry later and bought her a pizza pie later on...i drank a lot of coffee type things today...a few lattes, chai lattes, another latte at artigiano...or however ya spell it...with my film pal jojo..and i also ran into a pal of mine i haven't seen for a long, long time...jessica. she's in a hole right now but will and is finding her way out of it...getting a divorce, selling her huse because of the divorce...sad really. she's a tough one though..she'll be fine...

oh..and to backtrack a little...friday the queen of the universe and i went to topanga where we ran into my uncle glen and aunt denny...i was feeling a little low so i grabbed the queen and headed down there for some chow...we sat with them and had a few laughs ...it made me feel a bit better, or a lot better...later on the queen and i sat in the coolerator and i drove her crazy with my sad tales...i am pathetic..but she's good one. i'm glad we've become friends.

anyways..back to today..it was a wacky one... the sun was out though...that was good...watched a bit of a new york dolls doc. tonight...boring so far...maybe i'll watch the rest sometime soon...

ok..gotta get ready for bed...back to work tomorrow...good times...

g. xo

box full of letters

i had something to say i think..actually, i know i did. but i have decided that it should be kept inside. better that way sometimes. it's like a box full of letters from people long gone or otherwise. like the letters boys and girls send to each other, now, of course, sent by e.mail and text message on cell phones. things to look back on and re-read and read again and try to find the meaning in them...sometimes there's no meaning at all...sometimes far too much.
i am a softie, i wish i wasn't. i really do. one day.

have a great sunday.

g. xo

Friday, February 17, 2006

it hurts but it's worth it.

or not as the case may seem. i had a revelation recently, or mybe not that per sa but something like it. i had decided to become a better person, be better to friends, to myself, to co-workers, but mainly to try and see the better in things. i tried. i saw a great couple days in portland. i saw the sun. it sounds all too corney and hippie but it was true.
i came back to vancouver with a renewed sense of self..fuck, i do sound like a hippie..oh well..
now, several shitty days later i am still trying but feeling like it may all be for not. and so be it i suppose. i am entering a new phase in my life i guess but one that's sort of familiar to me. back at work, long hours of shit followed by shitty dinners out at places by myself, burritos from steamrollers, subway sub and salad at the templeton. good times. i've lost a large part of my heart this week. and i think and know in the long run i'm gonna be fine, but tonight it's margarita's and more margarita's at topanga...just keep 'em coming..that followed by a deck of well deserved sweet tasting smokes... i miss the old boys...
am i depressed? i dunno...i may be something...sad, sure. disappointed? yup. but nothing a good kick in the can by a well fueled margarita.. so here's to me. and here's to you.

i love you all...look for me sleeping in my van outside the topanga tonight...

g. xo

Thursday, February 16, 2006

ok..maybe not totally

someone told me i wasn't an asshole...so i'll take it back. for now. and the truth be told, i am a great guy and an even better friend. it's the truth. i have been a good guy to a lot of people. there. i said it.
and i'll continue to be a great person to people. there.

'nuff said.

no one reads this anymore anyways because i said i wasn't going to do it anymore....well, i know some do...like my mom...she's cool.

g. xo

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

i'm an asshole

ask anyone. they'll tell you.


Monday, February 13, 2006

in case you wondered...

...or even gave a shit. the reason i stopped doing this, at least for now, is that i just kinda felt it was all for not. and when it stopped no one even e.mailed me to ask why. the proof was in the pudding. it didn't matter-the blog. and then it ceased to matter to me. sure the pictures were lovely, the text funny from time to time but not really very important-to me or to you.
i recently had a revelation of sorts but it came too late. too late for me anyways. it's ok. i'll live.

so it is that i will be going back to work on a new show wednesday. a show that will take me through until the end of may. hopefully after that we'll get another one to take us through the summer into sept/oct.

i have toyed with the idea of living somewhere else between jobs. now may be the time to really think about this more seriously.

see ya.


Sunday, February 12, 2006

Saturday, February 04, 2006

vacation, all i ever wanted...

say good night to the blog for a while. i decided tonight that it has served its purpose for now and may return but for now it needs to take a nap.
i have become worse than drunk larry on granville island in the broken record dept. i complain and bitch about the same things over and over. and it has to stop. i'm boring myself. that's bad.
so..there ya go. for now there will be no updates. for how long? i have no idea.

but thanks for having a look from time to time.


garn xo

Thursday, February 02, 2006

they're building it, we're breakin' it...

today on the way to get the coolerator, i made corie go around the block so i could get a picture of the building their erecting on powell street...i actually think they're building a storage place but i guess it's still a building just not a cool well designed one that we can look back at years from now and think, 'that's cool'...but before it becomes a big box of a building i thought i'd like to get a picture of it..it looked great at that time of the morning... i think the hooker that was there was wondering what the hell i was doing...we left and went to get a coffee..we didn't ask her of she wanted one...
i think the picture looks great. i'm quite happy with it...simple pleasures...

it was a day like any other on set today except that we wrecked a jeep cherokee. a trucker ran a tractor into it...not a tractor as in old macdonald's farm taractor but...a six days on the road tractor..18 wheeler...i used to have a friend we called the wheeler..but that's a completely different story and it has nothing to do with truckin'...andhow...that jeep will never hunt again..
after work in 'hey buddy this ain't squamish' corrie and i headed back to the shop and dropped off a bunch of crap and then headed for topanga for some well deserved cal-mex snacks...good times...now it's time for my name is earl...and if you've never seen it...what the fuck is wrong with you????

ok..gotta go.. oh...the pic of marc and me is from the bowling birthday party last night....more pics are coming...some, hopefully, of me and chi pig...good lord that'll be great!

g xoxo

i'm sleepin' in tomorrow...

so renewed faith in humanity..maybe...

yesterday i had to get some work done at kal-tire..what? well, it doesn't really matter but i had to get some tires removed from some rims...ho-hum..ok but...it was suppose to cost in the order of $15.00.. cheap. but in the end they just let it slide and i didn't have to pay anything. matt, who kinda runs the joint now, said to just take 'em and hit the road. nice. sure, it's only $15.00 but..that a few lattes or a big ass burrito at topanga. so i was happy about that.
had to drive up to 'hey this ain't squamish buddy' yesterday in the morning just to drop off a couple of things, hit craft service and then headed right back to the 'couve. that drive is a shit eatter. the coolerator has managed to give 'er nails but i wouldn't want to drive that road every day, which some people do. i think i did manage, the other night, to create some sort of record in the coolerator. from 'hey buddy this ain't squamish' (which is approx. 10 kms past squamish towards whistler) to my place in just over an hour. in the coolerator.
i love the coolerator.
did i mention that there are going to be coolerator t-shirts soon? and in order to get one you have to have had a ride in the coolerator. so get on the bus. get a shirt.
ok..well, i have to get ready for skippy tornack who's coming to get me soon, 6 am, so we can go get the coolerator at the shop which is there all loaded up with shit to take to 'hey buddy, this ain't squamish'.

have fun..

g. xo

ps...last night i actually went out and made a public appearance at marc and brent's birthday party bowling action at the commodore lanes. there are pics, i think. good times. i did not bowl due to ankle and calf injuries but was a great score keeper. chi pig made an appearance too...he's one scary dude!