Monday, November 08, 2010 you say?....perfecto.

oh i've got a sore back. more walking with too much in my pack - the rough life of a school boy...

i think they were scrambling to get us into this cooking class and didn't know what to do because they weren't offering it, and now they are so... or as they say in espanol, 'entonces', they took us to the market while they figured out what to do. in other words, show the students around while we get some shit together to teach them. so we went to the market (el mercado) on the bus - eight (ocho) of us - and looked around. but we had all been there before and for me, as i'm still getting it going here, i didn't understand much of what the teacher was saying - this, in case i haven't told you, is deep immersion. from the second i walked into class today, it was spanish. very little (poco) english at all. only when needed. or as they say in the nursing world - PRN. so it's a thing. i'll tell you. kinda trial by fire. if i don't learn anything then i really am a big dummy.
there we were walking around - all of us at different levels of spanish - and the teacher just rambling on like we all spoke perfect spanish...weird but good. either you're gonna catch on or you're not. period. i do love seeing the moles and other cooking ingredients - and i'm gonna bring me home some.

tomorrow after classes and my inter-cambrio (language exchange with a local), we'll be cooking for real...i hope. and whatever i learn i'll bring back with me, in my head, and make for

i'm back here now with some blank recipe type cards (tarjetas) and i'm going to make myself some flash cards to practice my phrases, words and such with. and trying to buy blank cards when you don't know how to say it...and you're in a small back street place with your poor spanish...but i made it and we all had a laugh...maybe they were laughing at me. oh well.

te veo manana.


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