Sunday, November 07, 2010

here's how this goes...

so i made it out of here shower-less this morning but i think, now that i'm home, there's a little more water coming out. perhaps i'll try and have a shower before i go out for dinner. maybe i'll just grease it up while i'm here and not shower at all...not shave. nothing.
maybe not.
so i spent the better part of today walking around with wendy and alex. man, we did some truckin' around. the town really isn't that big and i feel like i've seen a lot of it. my fear is that i will have seen every nook and cranny in the first week and then just spend my days after school and on the weekends drinking modelo at the zocalo and eating mystery foods...though that doesn't sound so bad. really.
my purchase last night of the fancy runners paid off in spades today as i wouldn't have been able to walk half as far as we did in the other shoes. nice shoe action.
oaxaca is known for a lot of things foodwise and today i had one of them during our walk - ice cream. they made an ice cream that's more like a sorbetto/granita or glace. less milk, more ice and all made with fresh fruits. i had a cactus fruit and lime combination today and may just eat every flavor they have by the time i leave. i'm not a super sweets guy but this shit is the bomb - as the kids say.
i'm back now after getting some groceries so i'm more set-up for the mornings before school...i brought coffee from jj bean here and my stove top espresso maker. so now i have bread, yogurt, juice, etc...i'm ready to roll into class full of caffeine and ready to learn something...'i don't feel tardy'
tonight dinner downtown and home to get ready for the first day of classes...


g. xo

some street shots from my walk today...

today as it was sunday made this place a busy locale.

a shot from high above the city.

this was a great treat after a long walk...and more walking to come afterwords.

more busy sunday religion action.

if you're lookin' for some chicken - they got 'em.

and if you're lookin' for some enchiladas con pollo - they got that too. enchiladas here are not like enchiladas in northern mexico or california or arizona.

but they're super tasty. they'd be garbs approved for sure.

my pals alex and wendy.

wendy is from santa rosa, california and is a teacher - kind of and does things with organic growers in her area and alex is a film student going to vassar and discovering the world.

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