Monday, November 15, 2010

say hey! say mole! say que rico!

bill from wisconsin loves manolo sorbet!

since our cooking class was cancelled today - because of the holiday here (marking the mexican revolution) - a few of us - bill, katherine, zach, julie and myself - made our way down to the manolo sorbet shop and had a few treats. i'm happy my recommendation has turned manolo into a place the kids all like. zach was very nice to buy today - thanks zach!
after the treats, the others made there ways elsewhere as i decided to go for a walk down to the zocalo. i've been trying to find a couple of items to bring home - no not tijuana bibles, garbs - and have been going there off and on looking. today was a banner day on the aquisition front. nice. a certain little human will be happy - i hope - with what i found for her today.
i ran into some other students while down there as well - jack from london and david and linda from australia - jack is quite advanced in his spanish where as linda and david are in my class - the super beginners. afterwords jack and i walked up to the santo domingo and met with alex and had some dinner at the place, the name escapes me, that we went to the other night for the best mole in town. tonight i had a mole verde with pork....good lord.
nice. now some homework...

have a great tuesday. hope fully i'll have water, if not it's next door again....maybe.

g. xo

everyone loves the sorbet at manolo!

i was walking to the zocalo and saw these dancers in the square in front of the santo domingo.

some tourista treats i bought today...i love these 'recycled' art/products they make here.

alex's dinner tonight...basically a huge tortilla with a load of good stuff on it...

my mole verde with pork. wicked.

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josh said...

I think I know the manolo sorbet shop, hello friend I am Luis, I hope you can take that rest that you need, see you!!