Monday, October 29, 2007

the news according to....

meanwhile back at the police station...

g. xo

back at it

a whirlwind weekend to be sure, every minute - seemingly, taken up with some activity or obligation - dinners, hockey, world series baseball (which is fine...) but it tuckers ya out....(sometimes i think it would be great to just lie on the floor or on a bed and be on my back looking at the ceiling and just cleaning the brain out....(preferably with shauna...)
and now back to the grind - which at the end of this week they will be through 1/3 of the shooting portion of this shoot...i am looking forward to a break at xmas - which is still many weeks away (i prefer to say weeks away rather than a month and a half or so - just sounds less daunting...) we're cruising along and it all seems to be going well, as far as i can tell - no major hipcups yet.
have a great week....

you're the reason i keep doing say you read it - so i write's good for both of us.

g. xo

Sunday, October 28, 2007

dave-garn,, nice handshake buddy.

last night was fawn's birthdaypolooza at the charlatan on commercial drive - where the queen of the universe's daughter cassidy works (one of her many jobs...). it was the first time i had met dave, fawn's man, and i gotta say he's got a hell of a handshake. good on him. he's a firefighter who could break me like a twig, but has a smile that suggestes he's a great guy and i know from looking at fawn that's she's in love and happy and i'm all for that....(that was sappy....oh, fuck it...) i love that girl. she had gathered a bunch of pals together who, even though they're great pals with her, hadn't (maybe) met her other great friends...people like this corie tornack dude - he seems nice, jen with one N - also very nice and simone who's with child - she's all a-glow with was good...and there were more than six people and i still had a great time. shauna and i basically ate chicken wings and some filo pastry thingy...corie, being from alberta, had a burger type item and beer....good times.
because it was the closest weekend to halloween, the charlatan was packed with people in costumes - both good and bad, and cassidy was wearing a little sailor number whilst trying to keep up with drink demands...that queen sure raised a trooper...

hockey tonight at 10:30 great - i love them late night games...

more later.

g. xo

dave and fawn inspect her presents.

the kids at dinner.

jen with one N and fawn love the cone.

a ring mishi made for fawn...and i gave to fawn for her birthday...

simone loves the flatiron steak.

jen with one N and shauna.

the queen's offspring.

hey, chicken wings.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

pics from sharon-issy-polooza

here are a few random pics from last night and....some action from a nail bar.

the post below this one should have had these pics...

sharon (as the kids call her...) at Nu.

shauna and sharon.

issy gets down with some pasta at Nu.

shauna and some of her snacks at Nu.

shauna and sharon had a girl day at the pure nail bar before dinner at Nu.


last night after work i met-up with shauna and her mom - sharon as the kids call her (we had had lunch earlier in the day so sharon and i were now old pals...) and we headed off in larry to dinner at Nu down under the granville street bridge. issy had mapquested the place and was gonna meet us there...a couple of extra turns here and there and she made her way there safe and sound.
(did you know bees pollenate pumpkins....?...i just saw that on the news...weird...)
it was a nice dinner (although maybe not somewhere i'd return any time soon...) and great to have three fabulous babes at dinner with me. issy and sharon (as the kids call her) seemed to get on well and everyone seemed to love their food...the portions there were surprisingly big for a fancy-schmancy place.
more family snacks today with shauna's sister tammy and maybe a little baseball later on while i get serious with my couch....

more later.

g. xo

(so blogger is having problems uploading for now, imagine people eating food...on dishes, in a restaurant.)

Friday, October 26, 2007

sometimes words just get in the way

they're building stuff here at the salt mine for the big show.
very exciting stuff.
i love you.

g. xo

al hates people who grind in the shop. he's a pic of al grinding.

drive it like you stole it

last night, after a visit with ang, and after shauna had taken the elephant to the river rock casino to meet her mom (gambling.....drinking...more gambling...) emilie and i headed over to drop-off some cash at my pal diana's parent's place as i owed her some serious loot....big money for big help. i didn't feel lke driving so elilie took the wheel of larry and made it all look easy. as we left UBC i knew she was a good driver...sometimes you can just tell. some people are a little leary of driving larry but not emilie. as we made our way down marine drive towards 41st she had old larry up around 65-70 mph and was driving him like she'd been driving him for years. it was good to get him out on a highway (sort of..) and clean out the carb.

shauna's mom is in town and they're driving around kickin' ass and taking names. i may meet-up with them for lunch and if not i'll see them for dinner tonight. we're gonna eat like champs at Nu...fancy champs. with me in long pants - maybe.

more later.

g. xo

Thursday, October 25, 2007

when less is more, i get more done

the changing of the seasons is very noticable outside the shop. i, usually, don't pay too much attention but it seems especially vibrant today - which the photo will not show as it is here and in person but, it's still pretty good. the sun is beating down on our street and is a nice change from the sheets of rain we've been having.
shauna's mom is coming into town tonight so i'll have to be on my best behavior for the weekend- sharon - as the kids call her and is indeed her name, is here for a conference of some sort (she's in the travel industry so it'll be about planes, or trains or automobiles...) we're taking her and issy out to dinner tomorrow night to Nu - fancy....i may even wear long pants and a button-up shirt...we'll see.

last night i was scaling barbed wire fences all in the name of work and the making of this baby - and while i'm happy to help out, sometimes i'm not sure if it really matters much. (and don't get me wrong, i'm not looking for a pat on the back....saying thanks is nice though...) and one person did say thanks - someone i respect and love like a brother....the other - not so much. either way it's thursday and the only real day that matters at all - payday.

more later on.

g. xo

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

happy birthday fawnzie!

today is her super sweet 16!

that fawn is a keeper. saturday night will be the actual birthday celebration....could get ugly....

happy birthday fawn!

g. xoxo

the farther you get

i find lunch a hassle. the act of eating i don't really have a problem with, but here at the old salt mine, the thought of going at 1 p.m. and getting into my car and driving somewhere for lunch just slays me. some days i just go the couch and lay down for an hour and feel better for it - sure, i'm still hungry but i didn't have to go anywhere. get in the car, drive to XX restaurant, order, wait, eat, drive back...good god it sucks.
today at lunch i had every intention of staying on the couch but remembered that 'he who can not be named on the blog' needed to use my car to move a few things and i've had a slow leak in the front tire so i went over to kal-tire and got that taken care of...(for free i may add...good guys them kal-tire kids...) while that was being sorted away i walked over to bosa to get a sandwich - today's special panini a turkey and bacon number with a spicey red pepper spread..nice. while hossing down on the sandwich i ran into some old pals from my citr radio days, gord and erica. they were dates back then and are still together - wow. kind of amazing...and good on 'em. gord's one of those guys who could grow a beard in a few hours. maybe one of the hairiest guys i've ever seen - well maybe al thurgood was's a close call. funny how, too, some people seem so much older than yourself even though we're basically the same age....maybe i need to grow-up.
fuck that.
nice to see them though.
i also spoke with my good pal marc belke today. i hadn't talked to him for a while so i decided today was the day. he's up in smithers cutting his teeth in the world of radio and probably doing a great job..he admits it's a little lonely sometimes and that there's not as much to do as in the big city but it's a beautiful part of the world - god's country doncha a kid i played hockey up there - litimat, terrace, burns lake and prince rupert as well....i learned to chew tobacco in kitimat. he's a good man that muc...i miss him so it was nice to talk to him today. head-up buddy the ski hill opens soon....

have fun today.

g. xo

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

i once knew a man that sailed around the world twice.

we've all got our deal. our set of things that makes us who we are. by what we do, what we say, and sometimes by what we think - but others can't see that so it doesn't make much difference...unless some of that comes spewing out and is poorly received. um..right. and in a way we're all in this together. sort of. sure, we drift here and there, fall to the side of the road, take naps, fall out of touch and such, but the ones we're meant to be close to , we'll always be close to. and our metal gets tested time and time again - mine a lot lately, and we seem to come through it...mostly. it's been a tough month and it's not over yet. but fuck it, it will be over and new month will come and we'll be there, standing, and making shit happen. i'm as bad as the next one of you in that i've taken the easy way out more times than i care to admit here but all in all, i have toughed it out. and will continue to tough it out. that's why right now i'm a little pissed-off at certain people. some are taking the easy way, giving breaks, taking advantage and, in a way, fucking over those who are working very hard to get it right. but then i think, ok, fine, so be it - it'll fly now but maybe, just maybe, the breaks will come my/our way in a much more honest way.
it's been a month of hardship for some around me and i just want to say right here and now, how much i care for those of you who are having a hard time. i am hardly the one to make sappy statements about the sun coming up tomorrow and that it'll all be better, because sometimes i have a hard time believing all that jazz but i know it can always be worse. this morning on the way to work at main and hastings the truly poor and sad crossed in front of my car as i made my way along and - without sounding too much like a stinky hippy that has turned to god - there but for the grace of god go's true. still, i know, it's hard, looking ahead to better things, better days, brighter mornings and smiles all around - but it will happen. yesterday shauna and i were in a hallway and we started bumping into each other on purpose and messing around and all of a sudden i had a huge grin on my face and it all seemed fun. fun. a word i don't use a lot. but it was. and her smile made it that much better. and we were somewhere, where maybe, smiles weren't exactly what you'd expect to find there. but we did. so i know it can be found.
where the hell is this going?....i don't know. maybe i'm preparing myself for another 4 months on watchmen or the long rainy season here on the wet coast. whatever the case, it's good. all of it. not always, but it can be and the work part of the equation is that sometimes we have to try a little harder to find it...i know it sounds flakey, especially coming from me. trust me. some people do.
i'm rambling. because i love you. you know who you are. and soon you're gonna be sitting on my couch, eating food and telling me not to take your picture - but i will anyways.

g. xo


no more oink....

" This site has been closed as a result of a criminal investigation by IFPI, BPI,
Cleveland Police and the Fiscal Investigation Unit of the Dutch Police (FIOD ECD) into
suspected illegal music distribution.
A criminal investigation continues into the identities and activities of the site's

what now...?

g. xo

Monday, October 22, 2007

easy tiger.

today at lunch i went down and had a very nice soup and sandwich combo - toasted tuna on multigrain and chicken gumbo if you must know....and i'll tell you it was tasty. afterwards i headed over and got a coffee at the ethical bean location just next to bosa near fawnoc...andy, andrew and paul were already there having there coffees, this is so interesting, so i sat down and we all had a little jaw about the day and shit in general. lots of shit. i had ordered a clover coffee, a fancy french press thingy, andy commented that he couldn't have one of those as they really kick his, he was right..maybe i should lay off those things. at least after lunch. i am so fuckin' edgy now, although it's getting better...i was edgy, anxious, elevated low self-esteem (if that makes any sense...) and a general shitty feeling. i don't get jazzed-up on caffeine much anymore but today...yikes. i am a coffee pussy all of a sudden...
....nothing really to report. it's a movie, we're working on it, we're getting paid, it'll be over in march. good times.
more toys loaded on ebay today. more to be sent out. i owe issy money for mailing some of them from point roberts. this is electrifying.

g. xo

remember to wear a cool hat and an even cooler shirt...

...when you go out for a walk in the desert in arizona....

floyd did.

g. xo

Sunday, October 21, 2007

sanding wood and taking pictures of holes in the ground.

that was my saturday night.
after the game last night, that saw the indians lose 12-2 to the red sox and force a game seven tonight, the garbs and i headed over to propellor and sanded the big shelf. tobe was there when we got there and he wasn't lookin' so good. it was his birthday yesterday - an event he's not a huge fan of, and he's been battling a cold thingy...but a belated birthday greeting to tobe - one of the world great guys. i love that guy.
on the way to garb's place, after the sanding extravaganza, he and i stopped and took a few pictures of the big hole they've dug in the ground at the north end of granville street - right up from the seabus station. it's a fucker of a hole that one. duck and cover, or dig and cover...or something. that's it.


have a great sunday.

g. xo

Saturday, October 20, 2007

runnin' around and a little run down....

last night the head hit the pillow and it was all over, and really, i don't remember much after that. no getting up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, no waking-up to check the clock, nothin'. it was a week of late nights for no other reason than we/i got to bed late and 5:45 am comes pretty fuckin' fast.
today was the first bomber hockey game in a while, seemed like forever (the league was reworking the schedule and i'm not convinced they really know what they're doing....). we hadn't played a game in almost two weeks and i'm a guy who needs to play more than that or my game really suffers..look...i'm old, slow and fat now and have reworked my game a little but really need to be current and playing once a week or so really fucks with my game. maybe i need to find another team to play on. i used to play with scott and corie on the cowboys but opted to play bombers this year....maybe i can get a few games in with the cowboys. i get a little depressed with my play - as has been noted here before but i'll live...thank god we've got a bunch of other players on the team that can pick-up my slack.
the other night shauna bought a new imac for her business but it had a fan that made a lot of noise so we had to take it back...and of course they didn't have another one - and frankly, our saleman was a dud. so today we went and got her another one that seems to be ok - so far...i picked-up one of the new apple keyboards as well that i've been waiting cheap at 49 bucks...and so stylish....
the garbs is here watching the ALCS baseball game between the indians and the red sox...good to have the garbs back on the couch, eating burgers and sausage and making noises only the garbs can make....there was talk when i bought the new couch last year about how it would be the couch for the next world series tv viewing...and that time is now.
i had a decent day but for some reason feel down...i'll get over it i'm sure...another big sleep should help...
i need to go over to propellor and sand my giant shelving unit and get it ready to send out for spraying (spray laquer...nice....)maybe after this game - that really was over in the third inning, i'll head over and sand my saturday night away....

these are the good times...

g. xo

Thursday, October 18, 2007


i got nothin'

have a nice sleep.

g. xo

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

pics from issy

issy sent me a few photos, some of shich made me winch, but that's not unusual....

here ya go.

g. xo


wicked paint job dude. really. wicked.

g. xo


i feel like a proud papa - even though i had nothing to do with it, at all. marcy's album under her moniker heartbreak scene is out now and i'm very happy for her that it finally saw the light of's a long story and one that should be told by miss. marcy and not me but i'm very happy for her.
check it out.

way to go girl.

g. xo

re and re...more mishi's birthday

pics from mishi's birthday party at feenie's the other night...

good times.

g. xo