Tuesday, July 31, 2007

hey dinner! hey shauna!

after work last night it was off to Tapastree for some birthday snacks with shauna and her good pal angie. i like Tapastree. good snacks, nice variety of things to choose from and before ya know it yer really full of small things.

tonight it's off to the pickle after work to help mishi with some of her marquee letters and other assorted crap that needs to find a new home...some off to the co-op and others in the alley and a free pile somewhere. then, maybe, dinner at topanga...i feel like i haven't been there much lately. all the lawn catch-up has kept me away from the mighty el presidente...tonight we eat like champs...

more later as it reveals itself.

g. xo

dinner with...


good times.

g. xo

Monday, July 30, 2007

roz! roz! roz!

yesterday, as sebastian and i sat on the couch in the larry (he's a dick) zone selling the letters and other crap, my cousin roz walked by and then came in for a quick visit. she was with her pal megan and they were just heading over to get a snack at the market. she showed me a picture of the place her dad has up in the OK. i love roz. we had dinner with her the night before at poontango's.

more later...

g. xo

happy birthday S.

today is shauna's birthday....happy birthday S!

have a great day! snacks later...

g. xo

Sunday, July 29, 2007

roof top not pillow top.

monday is shauna's birthday so last night she invited a bunch of her pals...and me, to join her on the roof of her building for some snacks and to watch the fireworks. even though she's up on main street you can see the fireworks just fine from there...close enough for me. corie came by after checking out the 'factory night' at snap gallery. there was a lot of great food and even some of them alcoholic beverages the kids are all talking about. it's a good spot - the roof of her building. and anyone who knows me knows i am not a rooftop party kind of a guy but i have to say, i had a great time.

i need to get my shit togeher and go cut the dog lawn. it was raining this morning so i thought i'd blog it up now and then get at...now it's time to get at it.

more details as the develop.

g. xo

devon laughs at tornack.

tornack and shauna. he was teaching her to be a ventrioquist...(sp?)

views from the roof.


and drinks.

no pics please.

some of the fine folks up on the roof...


rockin' by the light of the ipod.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

smells like a vintage letter to me...

today mishi had a little yard/studio sale down on the island in the larry (he's a dick..) zone - behind her shop. lots of leftover yard sale action as well as the marquee letters she's had for a while now....time for them to finally be set free. i went down to help her attach a cabinet to her wall in the shop as well as help with the yard sale. the letters were flying out the door as were many of my old cds. good times. there was a ton of touristos on the island today. many of them bumping into me and making me want to kill them. i love them.
i have no real report but i wanted to check in and see how everyone was/is...

more later.

g. xo

hey them letters is stinky!

the garbs brought joel's new cone to the shop friday...

shauna tries on mishi's hat at the yard sale.

Friday, July 27, 2007

workin' for the man

al works it out.

They call it work for a reason. That’s the truth. So, as I know many think we’re just here playing slap and tickle all day and setting shit on fire (which we do do…sometimes…) I thought I’d show at least a couple of us working and sweatin’ it out.

It’s Friday…burritos soon.

g. xo

this is the lathe that almost killed me.

jingus jangus works it out.

tornack gets shit done.

a young tornack.

art, lawns and the world according to devon

“that cat was like a 13 year old boy coming into his own. Nice face but the body and rest of him is all out of whack.”


It was a two lawn night last night – jessica’s and rosanne’s, and I now think I am all caught up on the lawn order action – with a lot of help from the garbs. I think I can now take a few days off the lawn action. I’ve got to start collecting some cash soon too, I have a lot of lawn cash out there…and I need to get it all together so I can, maybe, buy myself a little 9” x 12” piece of paper with something drawn on it.
Last night, after a fantastic art show in the alley behind monte clarke gallery, we – me, shauna and devon – headed over to vig’s with the idea of grabbing a little dinner. After finding, as per usual, that vig’s would be an hour or more (fuck that…) we opted for rangoli next door – the casual vig’s…since we were in his hood I called corie and he rode over and joined us for some snacks and a few beverages. Devon, as usual, regaled us with stories of her mom, shaved cats and things that are outta whack – which are many.
It was good…we ate like champs – which included three different desserts and some weird friuty wines – that I, for once, could tell the difference of.

Tonight it’s dinner with glen and denny – my dad’s brother, my uncle, all around good guy amd his wife who once made me get out of her van because I was being a pain in the ass – and I’m sure I was. She’s awesome. The last time I had dinner with them together at topanga I was in a super crappy mood – surprise – and the queen came along and by the ned of it all was well again in the world.

More details as they develop.

g. xo

shauna tried out corie's bike...it was maybe a little big for her.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Say ray fong, say chair, say hey – slow down buddy!

ray fong. i want this.

It was an expensive lunch today. Sure the sandwich at jj bean didn’t cost much, or the juice…and since (unnamed barista) charged me $1.60 for my fancy after lunch iced coffee thingy – it was a good lunch at a fair price…what made the lunch expensive was my new chair from heritage office furniture…the same chair pam and tobe have at propellor world domination headquarters. The THINK chair – I think it costs too much is what I think. It’s all part of trying to figure out how to get rid of the dreaded pixel neck – so far, not working. Trips to the massage therapist and chiro are next in line. I have a great chiro dude so that’s really in order already. Pretty good chair though – too bad I won’t be able to eat for a few weeks now. So that was part one of the expensive lunch. Part two was the speeding ticket I was lucky enough to get on my way back to the shop. 198 bux worth. Nice. Was I speeding? Yup. No contest. I haven’t gotten a ticket for many years so I just grinned and took it newfoundland choirboy. What else am I gonna do?
More lawns tonight….last night the garbs and I cut one in north van and then drove over and cut joel’s…it went poorly at joel’s…mower malfunctions, height problems and general extra sweat for nothing…it was not a good mental health cutting night. Good to have the garb’s out…and then it was a & w goodness afterwards…them onion rings is crispy.

More as it develops.

g. xo

mike looks at carts. he likes this one.

good times.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

late inning relief

thanks to the garbis for his fine work last night after which we dined on a & w burgers and onion rings - good times. we managed to knock off three lawns and tonight will do one more in north van and depending on how it goes do one in east van as well...if not i'll do the east van number - jessica's - tomorrow night. i think tonight's dinner may be garb's choice and i have an idea what that may be. he's been mentioning a certain fast food for a few weeks now and tonight may be the night. just maybe.

i need a coffee.

g. xo

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

i wanna tell you a story...it happened to a friend of mine.

i'm still playing catch-up on the lawns but will, hopefully, after tonight, be a little closer to where i should be. (i know this is so interesting...hey, i cut lawns...) the garbs is gonna come in from the bullpen tonight and throw a few innings in relief - which is great. i'm gonna try and knock off three fair sized yards tonight and then one tomorrow and i'll be somewhat in line.
last night after knocking off a lawn that sits right next to bruna's place - which i no longer cut (we broke up...and i have to say it shows...) i headed up to a hipster sushi place on broadway near guelph and got a load of takeout for shauna and myself....and then after throwing that back convinced her to take a walk up to bean around the world so she could see the snapshots. i'm trying to get a walk in here and there that doesn't include pushing a mower and since it wasn't raining...
things are starting to ramp up here on this job but we are still nine weeks away from going to camera - as they say in the movie biz. i am busy and buying things at a more rapid rate. between the lawns and this place there really aren't enough hours in the day...i'm working it out though.
the bunny suit goes back today...i hope they have a good dry cleaner.

more later....

g. xo

anyone need a set of old marquee letters?

sure ya do...you need hundreds of them...


g. xo

Monday, July 23, 2007

playing catch-up

i'm sleepy. i'm not going to lie to ya....i've been staying up late. downloading april wine albums - god bless myles goodwin, watching movies - you, me and everyone we know, eating delivery thai food, etc...i think it may be time for a new bed as well. i inherited my current mattress from don bull many years ago so who knows really what hell it's seen in its day, and then it came to me...i think i'll start looking at them this week. how the hell do you pick a mattress? i don't need a boxspring. i could, potentially, spend a lot of cash and then hate it...and all this 'pillowtop' talk freaks me out.

more later. any mattress suggestions are welcomed.

g. xo

Sunday, July 22, 2007

god bless you tammy faye



Saturday, July 21, 2007

all's well that ends well

corie's t-shirt show was tonight and i'd have to say it was a great success. there were lots of people, lots of great shirts and a great sense of relief...at least for me. i have to admit that the last day or two of the prep was bad for me for several reasons, that i won't get into now as they don't matter, but i want to publicly apologize to anyone i may have been snappy with....i was hurtin'..but i feel better now...i think, even if i am completely dehydrated after wearing a full bunny suit to the show...and refusing to take the hat off for anything.

i'd also like to give a big shout out to corie for doing a great job and getting it all together - it looks great! good job.

here are a bunch of photos from the big show.

g. xo

louise and the bunny

pam and the bunny

queen and the bunny

garbs and the queen give me the finger. so nice.

shirts ready to go up.

joel and scott in full t-shirt mode.

joel, corie and lisa get shit done.

joel shows floyd the rooster shirt.

the return of rob kozak and karen k.

lisa and cheryl.

garbs gets shit done.

more stuff.

jen with one N

joel and andrew.

bunny and corbin.

dan rocks out.

fawm and jen get cozy with the sweaty bunny.

floyd works it out.

the garbs and mishi check the shit out.

corie relaxes...finally.

skull action.

bull laughs at me.

the fawnz!