Wednesday, November 17, 2010

i should be sleeping or...

this pasta dish is made with or was made with a fungus that grows on corn. awesome.

doing homework or both....
but i wanted to do a short report and give you some pictures in a very random order - i'm so tired and using the tap method makes it harder to set pictures where i want and....fuck it...tonight it's a free-whheling pictoral, mainly, was good today - hard but good, the cooking class was great - we made chilaquiles - hanging out with luiz went well and tonight i had afancy dinner out with my upstairs neighbours - well, my only neighbours - pattie and richard - at a joint in the centre of town...good stuff...except when i came home the internet wasn't working. then richard came down and showed me how to turn it back on. for some reason someone turns off the modem but doesn't tell anyone - like the water.

have a great sleep.

g. xo

richard warms his hands.

we had a lasagna that was amazing. it had mushrooms, peppers, eggplants and such...wicked.

this metal action was/is on the roof of the school.

this leafy greenness was filled with cheese and had a crisp herb/chili on top. i'll give you a better rundown on the food when i'm more awake - suffice to say it was also had a green salsa all around.

julie fries up the tortillas for the chilaquiles.

the finished product...

the wonderful desert we had tonight. a pastry filled with a fruit i don't know the name of, squash blossom and cheese and then a conterno chili sauce on top.

duck tacos we had tonight. they had a slightly pulled pork feel to them except they were duck....another home run (richard figured everything we ordered was a home run...)

chris loves the chilaquiles we made..

serving it up.

zach and paola working it out.

more of our great meal tonight...tyayuda filled with veggies and topped with shrimp and chipotle.

soledad holds court.

soledad and julie.

tonight's salsa. and one dish sems not to have made it in, from our dinner...a mole negro - but thicker than usual - on great. i thank richard and pattie for leting me dine with them and talk their ears off..

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