Friday, November 05, 2010

just get on the bus...gus.

last night ricardo came by my hotel to say hello and see if i wanted to go out for dinner with him and some friends but i was already in sleep-mode and didn't really wanna go eat at 10:45 pm..or rather leave to go in a taxi for 20 minutes then eat...i needed some shut-eye. we did have a nice, if short visit, and made plans to meet when i get back in a month's time. he also gave me some survival pointers while in mexico (don't wear a watch, show your tattoos, etc...) that i'll keep in mind. he also told me about a small diner for breakfast that i went to this morning and had some eggs wrapped in tortillas kinda was good. not great but good...and some coffee which i needed. then it was time to check-out and hit the bus. new for old garn-o-la.
it was a good ride, about six hours. i arrived here around 4:30 pm and am now holed-up at a bed and breakfast janine and floyd have stayed at before. in fact, the owners, james and antonio, have become pals with floyd and janine or/and vice/versa and they recently all went to peru together. so i'm in good hands. in about half an hour i'm gonna go with antonio downtown to look for shoes while he gets his hair cut...i'll probably snag some food while we're out as well as all i had was a sandwich on the bus.
not hot here, overcast and a little windy - good thing i brought a few different jackets and such.
ok...more later.

have fun.

g. xo

now why wouldn't you just drive around on a hot day with boxes of beef in your pick-up?

shots from the bus - just outside mexico city.

look at that trick sink in my hotel...nice action.

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