Wednesday, June 29, 2011

make it stop

this puppy won't stop bleeding! i managed to find an old first aid kit i used to keep in larry and rifled through it and found a few things and now have a super cool mangled looking bandage on my finger - hard to get that thing on with one hand...
hopefully i don't bleed out in my sleep...

night night.

g. xo


i came home tonight and thought i'd a little gardening and pruning - i'd been feeling kinda shitty today and then my lunch made me feel worse so i just wanted to be close to home after the first day of work on the new action...and then, as i was about to cut off a bit of one of my japanese willows...actually, as i cut it i took off part of my left index finger. a small chunk, kinda like the tip but enough that there was actual flesh removed...ouch! and that fucker wouldn't stop bleeding - and i then discovered that i had or have no band-aids in my house. so i wrapped my finger-up in toilet paper - good choice (it's not like it would stick to the wound or anything.... - and went next door to ask catherine if she had some and if she could help. she was a super trooper and before long - and her asking me if i should go to the hospital and get the piece put back on. nope. it'll be fine. i feel badly that i drained so much blood in her sink - thing just would not stop..
anyhow. all good now except for the throbbing.

ok. time to relax and pretend it doesn't hurt.

g. xo

Sunday, June 26, 2011

happy birthday ailsa! happy birthday to you!

today is garvie's birthday and i hope she has a great day! relaxing, reading, eating, more relaxing, more reading, more eating....listen to music, hang with fiona, relaxing some more.
and maybe look outside her door and see what's there....

happy birthday babe.

g. xo

Saturday, June 25, 2011

bbq grilled cheese action.

last year i bought a griddle for my bbq - garbs calls it the flattop - and i usually use it for grilling up veggies and prawns, etc..but it has two sides to it - one flat and one with ridges for doing steaks or, in this case, grilled sandwiches. tonight was the first time i tried it for grilled comfort food. fuckin' awesome. mishi had grilled cheese with mushrooms and the garbs and i had grilled cheese and ham. add a nice soup with leeks and mushrooms and you got a nice little dinner...dessert's coming up next - strawberries, blueberries and ice cream....
we're pretending it's summer...

g. xo

it's on me.

i was just cleaning up and was putting away some clothes and found 30 bucks inside a pair of shorts i hadn't worn in many, many years...all folded up and hard like they had been through the washer and dryer. an old pair of shorts that were made out of an old pair of green dickies...nice.


stop and go.

the rain stopped and i made a run for it and managed to get five lawns done yesterday before i packed it flash - this summer is weird. my garden may only be good for the winter lovin' veggies - i pulled out some chard last night and cooked it up and it was delicious with the osso bocco i was given by one of my lawn clients (working for food is awesome..). but my pot and veggies aren't doing so well. i'm still hoping but i'll need some help from the sun at some point.
i still have a few lawns that need some love but it'll be fine and they all understand...i hope. i may try and get some done after my hockey game today or maybe wait until tomorrow.
crime update: issy found her hose. some workers had been doing some work (duh) at her place and had used it and put it around the back of the house and didn't tell now she has four fifty ft. lengths. in other crime news, don bull had his hose stolen. maybe he and issy can work something out if he hasn't already bought a new one.
last night 'he who can not be named on the blog' and i went by a little function, down at alberta and fifth, that had four of the new local food trucks at it. he was just hungry and wanted a taco from tacofino and they were was an odd little art/skate event and was more of a squamish/tofino hippie fest - though the windmill dancing hadn't started when we were there. he ate his tacos and we split. we were in larry so we went the long way back to his place where i dropped him off.
ok. i need to clean this house. and more coffee. and a smoothie.

g. xo

Friday, June 24, 2011

the longest day of the year. (i know i missed it...)

i have posted this before but am again. it's for a thing i wrote called 'boxscore'.


It’s the longest day of the year and I don’t feel a thing. All the days seem to run into one another, each indistinguishable from the other. At first they seem to have a connection to one another but in the end mean nothing to each other. The days. I now know that as I feel nothing but the sun hitting me in the face through my windshield. I don’t drive here very often and I know why but I can’t even tell myself the real answer right now. I need more than I can provide, provide for myself or provide to others. Inside I am someone else. Someone much better looking, smarter, more thoughtful, chiseled, lean, exciting. It’s the outside. The outside betrays me. Everyday. It’s the longest day of the year and I don’t feel a thing.


g. xo

get back here.

i had grand plans. well, maybe not grand but i had a plan...and now it'll all have to wait as we're going back to work wednesday - and the talk is that this thing'll take us up to the new year (which is great but holy cow..). i was going to go watch some baseball on the east coast - a quick trip - and then be ready to get back at year. all good. corie and katherine picked a good time to get outta dodge and see spain and parts of france.
i also set out during my break to get some shit that got put to the side for a long while and i'm happy about that - doctor appointments, dentist, car tune-up, new tires on larry, trader joe's run, fixed stuff around here, now i'll start a new list of things to do in feb. 2012.
i was out at issy's yesterday doing a few little things. i fixed her clothes line, actually i made her a new one using nice coated aircraft cable and a turnbuckle so she can make it tighter if she needs to, i also gave her a new hose as someone in her area stole hers....who the fuck steals a hose? a big thank-you to mike at fairview fittings for giving me a new hose to give to her...for all your hose and fitting needs - call mike. 604.294.4427
i was hoping to cut today but i think that may be a lost cause as the rain is hitting it hard on the north shore - the location of two lawns i need to get at - and it's getting pretty cloudy near my place as well, which fucks me for the lawns i have in this area. maybe i'll go see a few movies today instead and go for a ride on the bike in my gym instead...
ok. still could clear in the afternoon..

have a great friday...and weekend.

g. xo

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

just pics to ponder...

i rarely do re-posting of pics i find, or people send me....but today. a few just because.

g. xo

Monday, June 20, 2011

nice snacks

the goods from last night's dinner...carne asada, salmon, tacos, ribs, homemade bbq sauces, coleslaw, fruit salad, pavlova, margs, pico de gallo, guac, etc...good food, good friends...good stuff...

g. xo

Sunday, June 19, 2011

ribs? sure...tacos? sure...corn on the cob? sure...salmon? sure...

a few weeks ago, maybe more, my pal lena e.mailed me to let me know she was gonna be in town and wanted to know if i wanted to hang out? well...yes...of about i grill up some goods and invite a few fine folks over for a bbq...last year it was just megan, lena and me but this year ailsa, the garbs, mishi, donovan and 'he who can not be named on the blog' will be here to help hoss-down some garnyard bbq action. (pics to follow tomorrow...)
speaking of burger/bbq action...corie sent me a picture today of his lunch. a lunch in spain. a mini burger with banana chips...looks great but i think he and katherine will need to eat three or four each...he and katherine are roaming the spain and (some of) the french countryside looking for art and good food...i know they'll find both. have fun.

ok. more food to prepare.

g. xo

Friday, June 17, 2011

anyone need a chestnut bar? free!

a friend of mine is moving and this is the last item - a low chestnut bar. it has a light inside, openings in the back to run cables - they used it as an entertainment unit - and need to get it out of their the end of the weekend.


let me know...

g. xo

ang gets her mortarboard

ang decided a while back to go and get some schoolin' in the ways of cutting hair...and yesterday was her graduation day at VCC on broadway - even though i think she went to school at VVC downtown. congrats ang! so if anyone needs a haircut....

g. xo

and then...

...back to the regular swing of things...
a lawn in west van, two in east van, one near main, one in the west end - then a snack at capers (i really like their ham and cheese sandwich...and lately a little chocolate milk...), then go help move a couch, one lawn in point grey and another in kits...
then at 4 pm off to change out some lights at the loft in gastown - andrew's gonna help me.
later on.
one lawn and hockey tomorrow.

g. xo

Thursday, June 16, 2011

a few...

i had to go downtown today so i rode my bike and went and had a look at some of the results from last nights riot action. the bay is completely boarded-up, the BMO is as well. people were diligently cleaning the streets trying to make it all go away. tons of volunteers. and they're doing a great job.

not so good...not so good.

g. xo

buttend to the eye

my congratulations to the bruins as well to the canucks for a very entertaining series - one i initially didn't think i would watch much of but in the end watched most of. and to the canucks, there's nothing wrong with coming second - 28 other teams didn't even get the chance.

and now the news... and more news...

what the fuck is wrong with this city, with us (collectively) that we riot after we lose. seriously. i know it's not the true fans of the canucks - i know them, lots of them, and they were not in that crowd last night. last night it was idiots dancing on burning cars, looting the bay and other stores and drunks taunting police. it is embarrassing. truly.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

return of the old school....

i picked up the new/old style lawn order shirts today...i want to keep some on hand so when people ask i have a few at the ready...rosa did a great job as usual...this is a new color as well...i like it.

want one...? let me know...

g. xo

oh boy...bok choy

i think my experiment with growing bok choy may be second, literally, it seemed fine and then a couple of sunny days over a week or so and wham! it went to seed...i think it's done. if you know anything about growing bok choy let me know. i do know what it's suppose to look like, and this is not it.
it may be a bad summer crop this year...even the mary-jane looks sad.

g. xo

Monday, June 13, 2011

taking my talents to south beach...or dallas.`

i love it. the main problem with the NBA is, well there are many (the fact that it's boring most of the time may actually be the worst thing but...), that the players are picking the teams, like in the schoolyard. lebron and his pals decided they wanted to all play for the miami heat and they made a show of it. they even had a pep rally and said they wouldn't win one championship, and that they wouldn't win two, or three championships...etc...well, it's true, they didn't win one. dirk did. and i think it's great. cleveland is happy and so am i.
as for tonight's game six in boston - do i care? well, i guess so, but less so now that dirk beat lebron - i know, different sport but so fuckin' great. here's what i think - and i said this to bullski earlier today. the home team has won every game so far and i don't think that can continue. in my head i think the canucks will win tonight, in my heart i don't want them to...but not for the usual reasons - i think a game seven would be so much better. better for the canucks' fans, better for lucic if he could win it in front of his pals he grew-up with. while i am not a fan of the canucks, i do agree with 'he who can not be named on the blog' in that he thinks it's cool to have it in the city - the cup series. i agree. and while i think going down to watch the game at an empty sports area is weird, i salute the fans who go and do that. not for me but i was told today by mishi, that the money raised from the tickets to that game go to the canucks place, that's cool. i'm for that. and if you wanna sit outside with 40,000 people and watch a big screen, ok...fill your boots. i prefer to stay here and use my own bathroom. so i'm not on-board but i agree with 'h.w.c.n.b.n.o.t.b.' and see how it has galvanized a city - even if i do think most of the 'fans' i see are more interested in the beer than the hockey. and good, financially, for every restaurant and bar with a TV.
ok. i need to clean this place, it's a dump.

g. xo

Saturday, June 11, 2011

happy birthday fiona!

happy birthday to miss. fiona who turns lucky number eight today.

i hope you have a great day today and have fun tomorrow bowling!

g. xo

Friday, June 10, 2011

marcy drops, the elephant finds a new home and i get a break...

simply a weird day.
marcy and i were suppose to have lunch today, and we did - eventually, but she called me last night and told me she had had a fall at work and had ended-up in burnaby general. huh? and she didn't know and still doesn't know what happened. one second she was at the flower auction walking along and the next thing she knew she was on the floor with a sore head and a bleeding finger. wtf? and because no one wants to get sued they took every precaution and took her to the hospital where her manfriend picked her up later on and took her home. so this morning i drove out there grabbed her this morning, we went to fort langley for a little snack and then to get her car which was still at her work. her new ride is elephant, my old element. and today was the plate switchover and well, the bolts broke off at the head and there was no way to get the bolts out to the BOC we went and i went to work...good times. in the end i had to drill out the old bolts and then re-tap the holes and it was done...then for good measure we gave it a wash and she was away...that car is great for her, i'm glad it went to a great home. her dog loves it too.
then it was time to cut a few lawns. i came home, changed and away i went. and i don't know if i've told you how hard it is to back-up my new trailer, but it's fuckin' hard. so small, short wheel base, etc...anyhow. today as i had to back out of a small parking lot, some dude had parked in a fucked way and made the exit even smaller than it was as i was backing out and looking good...wham! i hit my mirror on the parking ticket biggie. so after a few more turns i was away to the second lawn in point grey. where i discovered, as i got out, the big yellow smudge mark and dent from the cement pillar the parking ticket machine sits on. that's just low enough that you can't see it. nice.
then. time for lawn number three in the west end. what do you mean you can't turn left at davie off burrard...? huh? and, i did it. something i never do. turn left against a sign. and as turn, there he is. mr. police officer guy. waving me over. me and a few other guys. ok. whatever. i can't get mad about it. and as the police guy is coming closer to my car i reach to grab my wallet and i don't have it. i have no i.d. at all. nothing. and for some reason, i dunno...he let me go with just the no licence thingy and not the left turn thingy...a ticket that should have been three points and just over two hundred bucks and instead it's 57 bucks...nice.
i need a snack.

g. xo

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

clothing optional...or options...

mishi likes to find snazzy outfits while rummaging through value village and yesterday's find was true gold...

blair and ji also sent me a pic of their new clothing goods...nice!

g. xo

Monday, June 06, 2011

yard sales, picnics and cheap snacks.

the annual manhattan yard sale was yesterday and i helped lighten my load here at the garnyard by taking some old t-shirts down there to sell or at least never have come back in my house. in the end i think they're going to some homeless folks so i'm all good with that...there was a woman selling home made caramel corn so i bought a bag and had to give it to garvie to take home because i would have eaten the whole bag and then been out to try and find the woman who made so i could get more...holy crap.

so backing up, i bought the corn for a picnic fiona, ailsa and i went on was a short affair - as i had bomber hockey later on - but it was good to get out, throw the ball around, eat some blanket made snacks and throw the frisbee...and eat some caramel corn.

this morning mishi and i made our way south of the border to do some shopping and eating in a little something for fiona's birthday next weekend, a few bags of goods from trader joe's - sorry cam and jess they were out of the 'higher power' hot dogs.., had a burrito and quesadilla at casa que pasa...and was good...i'm still full from my lunch... a little tune-up, chiro and lawns tomorrow...

have fun.

g. xo

Saturday, June 04, 2011

day pass

i had a breakfast style dinner last it! homemade chili on toast with eggs and bacon and avacado with salsa. call the doctor.

yesterday was my first real day off - though i did have some trips to the office to make some arrangements, return a couple of things and had out a few nixon shirts - and it was a time to start getting shit done.
i had a new set of rubber for larry so i took him to kal-tire and had them make things right in that regard...i know he's happier now - not that the tires i had one him were bad but these will make it so i don't have to do this drill again for many years.
i have made myself a list of things i just couldn't seem to get done while i was working so...i have rico coming to clean my couch and chair wed. at noon, chiro at 1 tuesday, going to bellingham with mishi monday (though she did mention that we should go tuesday because of the hockey game but it makes no difference to me so it's up to her...), the guys are coming to look at my fucked up geo-thermal pump thursday...i love knocking stuff off...including having lunch with the garbs at propellor yesterday...

oh..and i'm sending a nixon shirt to clint eastwood. seriously. i love that he'll be wearing a lawn order shirt.
ok...i'm off to cut some grass...(the garbs made a guest appearance yesterday on the lawn cutting scene....i was happy to have him there. thanks garbs!)

g. xo

Friday, June 03, 2011

culling the herd

i have a lot of t-shirts. a fuckload to be exact. and i need to get rid of some - good shirts, shit, some great shirts. if you fancy any of these let me know and i'll get them to you...or you can come and get 'em...hurry before the garbs snaps them all up and messes 'em up.

g. xo

all of these are various versions of XL except the Mets shirt - which i love and bought in NYC but it's a large and fits me but i like a loose fit has to go.

this is a long sleeve, never worn - i don't think - grey old school lawn order...nice.

jimmy shine motorcycle shirt...