Tuesday, November 02, 2010

back and forth and back again...

just because.
i keep thinking - each time i leave there (the BOC shop) that it'll be the last time before i leave. it hasn't been that way - yet. i keep going back to get stuff i need for the trip - pen, paper, school stuff, my broadcast spreader (fertilizer spreader) because one of lawn order (older) folks has asked if i would do her lawn as it seemed to help the last time i did it...ok. sure. fine. i'll do it. i'm hoping i won't have to go back again before thursday morning. that said. i'll probably be there three more times.
tonight, for dinner, katherine and corie treated me to a dinner at refuel - where k-win was dining as well with some friends. it was good. nice to see them, nice to see k-win. nice to have two burgers in one day. katherine and corie are going to be staying at my place while i'm gone so i had to give them the shack rundown so they know what's what and it all goes just fine.
why has my fuckin' ipod gone on the fritz just days before i go away...? oh i know, it's because i'm going away. the last time i hit it to mexico, my laptop died...nice. do i buy a new one or just use my iphone? fucki it, steve jobs gets no more of my money right now.
and should i buy a new camera before i go? say a Lumix GF-1? nice action that one. i have been thinking of buying a new camera that i can change lens on but i don't really want a full-on DSLR. life's tough questions...
ok. more packing, cleaning, etc...

rock your own self today.

g. xo

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