Friday, April 30, 2010

rites of spring

i've grown tomatoes before but only on the small deck i had in gastown...kinda not the real deal. i just planted the tomatoes on the new deck and feel pretty good about my chances. i bought two different types of red called 'early girl' a larger tomato and the other 'fantastic something...' i dunno - but smaller but not as small as a cherry tomato. good stuff.
maybe some more planting tomorrow and the lion's share on sunday after baseball and before hockey...i think it'll be can be the judge when you come over.
it was another 'day' today...up at 6 a.m., cutting by 7 a.m. and done four lawns by 11:30 a.m. nice. i had to get done at a reasonable time as chris from jj bean was borrowing the element to move....and then handing the car off to shauna after he was done so that she can go to marcy's horse extravaganza tomorrow with her niece. the element is pretty good for getting shit done.
after the hand-off to chris it was off to la taqueria for some tacos with downtown business lady, ailsa...she's a fan of the tacos now, well, always was but can now get them close to her work...she likes that. she says so.
and now. nothing. sitting. relaxing. nothing. nice.

g. xo

my kinda camping..

this would get me out to the woods...or at least to spring training again. this is awesome. truly.

g. xo

Thursday, April 29, 2010

he who knows his fuckin' shit

'he who can not be named on the blog' just sent me this....
i love it.
once you get it, how to use's awesome...

love it.

g. xo

meeting miss marcy

well, it's been a day i'll tell you. for sure. no doubt. today was and still is a day of getting shit done - for real yo! picking plants, helping take apart furniture, cutting lawns, getting it.
4 a.m. came quickly but i was hyped to get to the flower auction and see what i could find for the deck - having now gotten rid of the other offending plants that were out there...nothing wrong with them, just not my deal. i met marcy at 5 a.m. and we then headed to the auction. it was really interesting, trading flowers like real commodities. every flower and plant you could think of was there so it was hard to decide what to get but we, together, made a few choices and i'm pretty happy with my stuff...i had to go back later in the day to get all my goods but have them home now and will plant them over the next few days - the big planting day being sunday. ailsa and her daughter, fiona, will be making the scene for a bit, maybe marcy and megan may drop by for a dig or two...
i'm glad to get this done and in so the deck can really start feeling like it's mine...and you can enjoy it when you come to visit...pick a tomato off of the vine and eat it right then and there...or take some home...
more as i plant.

g. xo

they've got it all...

marcy makin' deals...

hey, more flowers..

these japanese willows are gonna be great.

the auction clocks.

those don't look fake at all.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

tour de lower mainland

after throwing on another coat of whiz on the new planks for the tabletop, and getting storm salon's frame/mirror settled away - it needed some new glass after being broken during the move to their new location and the frame got bent and needed a little lovin' to get it back in shape...anyhow...after that morning action it was off to la taqueria on hastings with miss ailsa for some tacos...ailsa had never been there and i think it was a hit with her. good stuff... to white rock. sure. white rock. why not? barb needed to return her father's car to him there after borrowing it to get home the other i thought i'd help her out and get a couple things done out there i needed done....nevada from jj bean bought a desk that was in cloverdale and i wanted to get a couple more cheap straw hats at stampede tack for folks when they come over and sit on the deck and they need a little head shade, so out to the burbs i to meet barb's parents - very nice folks, got a few hats and a desk...pretty good. and got to sit on a fiberglass horse.
now it's relax mode while i watch the caps/habs game - go caps...and then get rid of the rest of the plants on my deck...
early to bed tonight as i have to be up around 4:30 a.m. to go to the plant auction....exciting....soon the deck will be visit ready....


g. xo

the planks all shiny and ready to spill bbq sauce and beer on...well, so they will be.

when in cloverdale ride the fiberglass horse.

barb loved the glass pony.

the gloves are on..

today's the day.
all the rest of my plants, that originally came with the building - with the exception of some lavender i am saving for my good pal donna murray - are going the way of the mcribb sandwich. i think alex - a friend of nevada's may come by for one last haul of plants but the rest - adios.
and then tomorrow morning - and i mean morning (5 a.m.) - i will be at the plant auction with miss. marcy and we're gonna pick me some nice new garn-style plants for the deck....i have a few ideas, marcy's got some, so we should do fine - she's super flower/plant gal so i'm in good hands.
ok. i'm off to put another coat of whiz on this new cedar top....more later...

g. xo

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

from the desk of...

it is raining so hard outside right now it's almost beyond belief. i had been out running errands and getting shit done in general, and all was well - the weather had called for rain but it had actually turned into a day of sun and sitting on the back gate of the element eating veggies and noodles and having coffee brought to me that i hadn't even ordered - nice. then, as quick as all that happened came the rain as i left my chiro dude's place...and minutes after i arrived home it was hail. or is it hale? like mr. hale. regardless...and because it had been warm-ish, my deck is now steaming from the sudden wetness...kinda cool.

i'm in now i suspect. i have shit i can do here - though i may venture out later to put another coat of jingus on my new table top for the deck table.
after my very full weekend of baseball, hockey, making and putting up shelves at ailsa's, re-wiring a light at ailsa's, lawns, etc..i was gonna take a little time for me today...get some shit done that i need done...and so it was.
i have now started the process of forgetting the paralam table top and moving forward with my new clear cedar top...a first coat now complete with a few more to go before it is attached to the metal frame that now sits on my deck, alone, with no top. lonely it is. and i want to have it done by the 22nd - sure, sure it sounds like a lot of time to you...the benches are done and will come home when the new table top does...just in time for you to come over and mark them up with the keys you've left in your back pocket...and if that happens, don't feel badly, i expect it..maybe you'll get a prize for being the first to break it in...them in.
as for wanting to have these things done by the 22nd, some of you may already know, and if you don't i a: probably don't have your e.mail address and couldn't send you an invite or b: didn't think you'd want to come to my place and hang out or c: i'm avoiding you and hope you find out well after the fact...truth is... a: i can't invite everyone and i certainly don't expect to be invited to everything and b: my brain can't remember everything so...with that in mind...i am having an open house/bbq on the 22nd of right here. (and if you don't know where 'here' is...maybe that's why you didn't get an invite...) not a shaker. not a party, like real party but a gathering. and i'm cooking. i know it's the may long weekend and lots of you go away for that weekend but, this is when it is. deal. and for those who have been asking and wondering the menu will consist of the following...(all made by canned goods bullshit...well, except the dogs...)

- floyd's famous baked beans
- garn's not-so-famous pulled pork
- hebrew national hot dogs
- carne asada and halibut tacos
- garn's guacamole, salsa and other taco fixings
- baby back pork ribs
- two home-made (from scratch yo!) bbq sauces
- a smiggen of salmon
- beer from ambleside brewing company (bomber pilsner)

so there.
ok. on to other things.
the new the hold steady album is good. the song weekenders getting heavy rotation right. the new band of horses is a good spin as well, though i feel it's not as strong as cease to begin but northwest apartment is also getting a high spin count. the new the national album made its way here last night but i can't say too much about it yet - but it sounds like a the national album so...that's good.

if you ever wanted to know how to cut designs into your ya go.

the wings are in phoenix tonight to play game seven against the coyotes...i'm a little nervous and as i said at the beginning of the season, i can't really cheer for a team that todd bertuzzi plays for so, really, if they lose, it's fine...and really all i care about it that the canucks don't win the cup. ever. in my lifetime. they can go to the finals for all i care. and then lose. then i know the world is still on it's correct axis.
ok. i need a snack.

g. xo

Monday, April 26, 2010

cutting for the cure...or running for it...

a couple of days ago i got this e.mail...a: i was shocked who sent it to me b: i had no idea they had cancer c: disappointed i knew, yet, another person who had cancer...or who had had it... d: knew i was gonna cut a couple lawns for cancer...
give the note a read...and, if you can, give a couple bucks...

g. xo


Dear Amazing Friends,

As some of you know, this past winter I was diagnosed with cervial cancer and was in the hospital for a radical surgery. Now with a clean bill of health, I've decided to run in the BC Cancer Foundation’s Underwear Affair, which takes place July 10, in order to call attention to and help raise research funds for underfunded below-the-waist cancers.

I hate to put everyone on the spot, but I'm hoping that each one of you might pledge $10 towards my fundraising efforts. If you'd care to pledge more by all means and if you chose to opt out that's okay too. :)

I will be running 10 KM and would like to be one of the top fundraisers this year. Take a peak at the website for more info on this fun (and yes, slightly ridiculous event) that asks participants to run in their skivvies.

If you'd care to donate please let me know or you can make a donation via the website:
Type in jenny charlesworth when it asks you for participant name.

Thanks so much for your support!

Lots of love xo

Saturday, April 24, 2010

meat from spain and couch goodness

this morning, bright and early, i made my way over to debbie's place and, after some idle chit chat, loaded a leather couch into the back of the element and took it to the hinterland - coquitlam.

debbie's moving and is getting rid of a lot of stuff..the couch being one thing...and then once we dropped it off, we got to load another one one in the element and take it to the transfer station - dump - near the home depot in coquitlam...wicked! love that place.

then it was a well deserved reward - breakfast at the slocan family restaurant...nice.
good times. (that is not the breakfast below....)

i forgot to mention..the other day shauna came by for lunch - more of a spanish picnic really...she spent a few months in spain and brought back some cured meats and wanted me to try some before it was all gone...good stuff...thanks shauna! we had a nice little snack with tapanade, olives stuffed with feta, meats, crackers...perfect little thing it was...

ok. i feel like i need a nap - though i'm not a nap fan...

bomber hockey at 4 p.m....bettter rest up - we only have two lines going against a very good team...

g. xo

behind debbie's place is this old toyota land cruiser. it's been there for a very long time. i think they have forgotten about it...since it's camouflaged now.

Friday, April 23, 2010

beat the clock

today was a race to get shit done before the rain came...well, the lawn portion of getting shit done anyways. by eight-thirty i was waking-up the fine folks on cardero st. in the west end with the good morning sounds of my weedeater...always good to wake-up to the sound of a two-stroke gas machinery. by ten a.m i was finishing-up in west van and on my way to sign my taxes at my accountant's...decent.
i had bought some new clear cedar for my new deck table top and needed to get them to propellor so that was my next task before heading off to do more lawns...i think the top will be fine - not at all what i wanted but - fine...i took the paralam top to a woodworking dude much smarter than me and he gave me the thumbs-down on it so it's now sitting behind the BOC for anyone to just take away...bummer but i get was an experiment. now i know the deal.
so after seeing the garbs at propellor along with the rest of the prop kids it was off to fuel-up at la taqueria and then head-off to do some more lawns...and shortly after getting back to propellor, just after three...the rains came. good times. i have more to do on the weekend but we'll have to see how it goes...i also have baseball tomorrow morning and hockey tomorrow night. oh, and shelves that i need to make and put up at ailsa's place... busy weekend...

have fun...

g. xo


if you're interested in a heavy duty lawn like the ones on t.v when you're watching the detroit tigers can get the exact seed they use at each park - so you could have the same seed they use at fenway (bryan...)...or wrigley or....check it out...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

the truth hurts

corie was nice enough to come over here and help me load the paralam table into my car so that i can take it to the sander/wood finisher tomorrow morning. when he saw the table and how bad it is, he noted that it may be best to start from scratch. it is pretty fucked. and i may be fucked to think i can fix it, or have it fixed by someone else.
i'm unhappy. one: the table doesn't even fit in the back of my's hanging out the back of it now - maybe i'll get lucky and someone will steal it...two: something i was pretty excited about turned into a nightmare and looks worse..three: i pissed-off someone who came to help me...the main reason i don't ask for help.
so what the fuck now? i guess i'll go to the sander/woodworking guys tomorrow and see what they think but i think corie's right...i think a new table top is in order or...just be like everyone else and just buy a fucking table. quit trying to be so fucking original with my deck furniture. i mean seriously, who fucking cares...? or get a 1/2" thick piece of aluminum for a top. or just a home depot picnic table...simple.
why is a top for a table so fucking hard?



Tuesday, April 20, 2010

bench press

a little before and after.

i am pushing forward as best i can with my deck stuff...the weather is shit but i am trying to see past if to the sun that will one day shine on my fucking better. i still haven't heard back for the guys who may re-sand my paralam table - i am now looking at just making another top in case i can't fix the one i have, perhaps an experiment gone biggie. shit happens.
i did do some more work on the benches that will grace the deck and hold you while you down some snacks and drinks out'll see. you'll like 'em. when the time comes.

good times.

g. xo

those in the loop will know...

..this picture represents a lot of wieners. or fish. or cob salad. or ribs. or corn on the cob....

soon. very soon.

ok. i'm off to go meet issy across the street at the shoe place then off to work on the benches...good times ahead.

g. xo

Monday, April 19, 2010

hey tammy!

it's your birthday!
tammy - a friend who was gained by us (corie and i) hitting the ethical bean every day when we're working and now has become an outside the coffee shop pal as well - is having her birthday today....i ran into her yesterday and wished her an early happy birthday and then, as i ended-up at the shop today went by and saw her at the coffee shop - which is very quiet now as the vanoc dicks have now gone home - well, most of them...
i was working on my cedar benches today, that will grace my deck soon enough...i was gonna get corie to do some fancy welding of gussets, etc...but have now erased that idea from my mind and am going a full wood route instead. i think they'll be fine - i mean, they'll still look like a guy who doesn't do a lot of wood working made them, but that's ok...i did make them. i may go back to the shop tonight and do some sanding and put on the first coat of varnish/stain. and soon, you can come over and have a sit on them. i still have to figure out what to do with my paralam table that has really gone bad and needs a lot of love...
ok...more as it develops...

g. xo

make it stop

it seems that far too often lately i come into contact with some of the worst music being made...last night was no exception. after ailsa had left - after our fine halibut tacos - i fell asleep on the couch watching SNL and was awakened by something happening on the tv...this howling, half talk singing thing...and i mean thing...on the first i thought it was a skit but it wasn't. it was ke$ha. seriously. that's how she spells her name. you really should see this shit. and for reaction to this performance, i'm clearly not the only one who is confused by her....look here.
i'm losing faith.
please go buy the new lcd soundsystem album...or get to...or whatever. you'll be glad you did.

g. xo

Friday, April 16, 2010

picture a smell...

this picture has nothing to do with the post below...i just love this picture. some pictures just sum it up perfectly. oh keith.

if i could photograph a smell, i would have had one hell of a picture for you today....seriously.
cam and i met-up today at blair's ambleside brewing company to take down the hanging sign that we had installed a couple of weeks ago and re-mount the sign above the door as the wood it was attached to was a little rotten and the last thing we wanted was for it to fall and take off someone's head...a thank-you to corie - though he didn't know he was helping out today - for supplying us with a hammer drill today to make sure the wood was held up on the concrete securely by way of tapcon screws....and making a hole with a hammer drill is much easier and better than using a regular drill...thanks corie. i also remembered the last time i borrowed it the handle went missing - though i don't remember seeing it so now the hunt is on for a new sweat...
oh, the smell...
while we were there cam noticed that the planter, that sits next to the door of the shop, was like a little min-swamp and you could literally push the soil up and down it was so full of water and cam decided the let the pressure off the poor planter by drilling a hole in the side of the planter...and there is was...the smell. a smell so rancid and was unbelievable. the water that spewed out of the hole was this sickly brown color and the smell hit you like a sledgehammer. the whole area smelled like a shitwagon. and we had to keep working on the signs...and then after we had finished and i was driving down the upper levels back to the shop i must have gotten some of the water on my shoes because the smell went with me all the way to the shop and then onto ethical bean and then to the west end and didn't leave me until i had finished cutting lisa's lawn in the west end....
and so it was today...a little sign fixing, some lawn cutting, some espresso machine delivering and broken bike delivery...
oh..and i'd be remiss if i didn't mention right here and right now...a huge 'i'm so fucking sorry' to my new pal donna murray who i kinda fucked over today as i was suppose to meet her here today so that she could raid my garden and take the bounty back to her place in richmond...and i wasn't here when she came by...i totally zoned and remembered when it was too donna...i'm sorry...i'm usually much better than that...

ok. now the mighty wings are down to the surprises of the year coyotes...oh's that fucker bertuzzi's be it.

g. xo

Thursday, April 15, 2010

an lcd summer

it has the build-up of 'get innocuous'...the rhythm and precussive (is that a word..?) repetition of 'speaking in tongues' era talking heads and just that little bit of brian eno...just enough....but in the end it's all lcd soundsystem...the new album, 'this is happening' has been leaked and it's out there to be had - if you want...and the song i'm talking about, 'one touch' may just be the song of the summer - i know it's not summer yet but....all new disco for days like this. i love it. you can listen to a stream of the album here...i don't know how to advance the songs, maybe you can...keep an ear out or up or, for 'one touch'...

g. xo

i, weedeater vs. i, braineater, sr.

ok. settle in. i've got a tale of coincidence for you.
circa. 1984 i was at citr radio doing whatever it was that i did and had recently been befriended by a guy named joe naylor. joe was, and maybe still is, a guy far too smart for his own good. at the time he was working on his masters or his doctorate in something i'm sure i wouldn't understand. joe was also a great guitar player and messed around making music and working with musicians and...well, doing whatever joe wanted to do - because the most important thing to joe was and still is, joe.
joe and i became friends, and i'm not even sure how it happened but it did. and i'm pretty sure it was me who first mumbled the phrase, but it could have been joe - no, fuck it, it was me...i made mention of how i thought we should do a thing i had thought of, i, a parody or play on i, braineater...i, braineater being local artist and musician jim cummins alter ego. i had made a tape loop piece using spinal tap's 'big botom' and used the name and now it was going just a little farther.
joe wrote some music, we wrote some lyrics and i, weedeater was born. we actually recorded a couple of tracks and made a video that was eventually played on much music - with erica ehm mispronouncing my last name...instead of pronouncing my last name, harry, like tom, dick and harry, she pronounced it 'hari', like hari krishna...nice.
and that was the life of i, weedeater.
the other day cam e.mailed me and asked me if i'd be able to help out jim, as in jim i, braineater, cummins with his dad's lawn. could i cut it? yup. i sure could. so there it was imitating art...after twenty or so years, and after many, many lawns, i was now cutting i, braineater's lawn - kinda. it's a big circle my friends.
i have become i, weedeater to his i, braineater.
i love it.

g. xo

new stride horse action

miss marcy sent me this e.mail the other day and i think, especially for those of you with kids, it will be a very fun event.


Hi everybody!

If you are looking to do something truly different on your May Day come on out to Langley for the ShedRow Fashion Show. It's a fashion show featuring equestrians, their mounts and their canine companions i.e. it's girls in tight riding pants and high boots, fancy show horses in the latest in harness and accessories and dogs wearing sporty little outfits. In short, it's going to be awesome. Oh, and it's a benefit for New Stride and we really need the money.

I will be there on the day, probably selling you a sandwich I made myself. It goes rain or shine (there's a covered arena) and the site is a working horse and flower farm in South Langley so it's really a lovely venue.

Get in touch for tickets ($10 through me or $15 at the gate). Allergic to horses, flowers or dogs in sporty outfits? No sandwich for you! But I will still gladly sell you a ticket...if you buy a book of 25 tickets I will probably also deliver you a sandwich. Please don't say you're allergic to bread, unless you're buying two books of tickets of course.

If you know anybody who might be interested please forward this. Hope to see you there!


if you'd like marcy's contact info let me know.

g. xo


a photo of gene taken by david wisdom in the 70's. it was part of a show david had last year. such a great photo.

as a kid i saw this man throw his weight around. as an adult i saw him in person tending bar in point roberts, washington - kiniski's (formerly the reef...home to many a tsawwassen teenager..)
gene left his mark on this province and really, world wide in his chosen arena, wrestling. he was a giant of a man. imposing. with hands like huge oven mitts. he was canada's greatest althete.
gene died yesterday. gone to the big wrestling mat in the sky.

god rest you gene.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

some fixin', some buildin'...and more tacos..

corie and i headed over to the gastown shack and had a go at fixing the dishwasher that was leaking...i had borrowed some tools and parts from fairview fittings - great guys if i do say so - and we were set...or so i thought. we had to make a few alterations on the fly to our/my plan but in the end i think we got it beat - the proof will be in the pudding. hopefully my tenant doesn't call at 4 a.m. telling me it's fucked...a big thanks to corie for coming along to make sure i fuck it up too badly...then we headed off to his pilates studio and change a few light bulbs...yup...we were busy making shit happen...

sometimes you have to make a mess to get stuff fixed.

corie was nice enough a while back to lend me an old bike of his so today, after we finished our handymanning, i rode downtown and met-up with ailsa for a little lunch. a little soup and was a beautiful day to be riding around...and a nice to day to have lunch bought for me....thanks ailsa!

with a little gusseting these babies will hold up and one of my drunk and full of ribs pals...

after lunch i headed off to propellor to visit the kids there and have a look at the cedar i had cut a few days ago that will become the benches on my deck to go with the table i made...a table that needs to be redone...oh'll be fine...i hadn't thought i would actually put the wood together but once i got there...soon they were together. now i just have to convince corie to weld up some nice alum. bits i need to complete them...

these were good...really good.

as i was riding home i happened by la taqueria on west hastings - a place people have been telling me to go and try (cam has been there and told me so, richardo...etc...) so today seemed like as good a day as any...and i'm here to tell you i give it as full thumbs up for taste and goodness...sure, the salsa bar is kinda lacking and i think the tacos should be 2 bucks not 2.50 but the bbq pork and carne asada tacos i had were great...they use all free range meats so you can feel good about that...i guess...i'm going back...hell, i'll take you there...
i also went by the DMV today because i have to get a new license and want to get the enhanced version that has all your info encoded on/in when you cross the border in your car you don't need to carry your passport just the new thingy as it has everything...but it turns out you have to go in for an interview to get one...what the fuck are they gonna ask me now?
now it's the mighty wings playing phoenix...i don't care that much...but in my heart i still love the wings - even if that fucktard bertuzzi's a wing.. (because he's not really a wing...)

g. xo

your new weekend getaway

my father, floyd and his gal pal, janine, have listed their place in nanoose bay - just outside naniamo and, when sold, are moving to beverly...or victoria...probably victoria. have a little look-see at their place - i think there's one of them virtual tours...good stuff.
good luck kids...

g. xo

please leave a message after the tone

i'm not one to get all worked up over the little things...ok, that's a lie, i am, or can be...and there are things to get pissed about and others you may as well let slide because there's no changing it...or a person or...but i will say this - i hate calling the service call centre for almost any of my utilities...and seconds ago i got off the phone with the telus' little helpers located somewhere in the philippines or buttfuckestan or ...and god bless 'em, they try but it's not the same as having someone on the line who is familiar with the area, or at least the country....and that's all i'll say because i know it's the way of the future - and no, it's not my first time chatting with the fine folks overseas, i just had to do it now and what a fucking nightmare...if i didn't need a landline i'd gas my telus phone...
and along the same vein. the other day i was in home depot - ok so i should know better - and was trying to match some paint i needed for my place. i had the paint code, the formula, etc...but they had no idea what to do. really. and then the woman who was helping (?) me asked me if i could bring in a chip of the paint? from the wall? or maybe the baseboard? huh? yes, a chip - maybe i could go home and take a knife - her words - and cut out a little of the paint off the wall....then they could match it.
excuse me? you want me to go home and fuck up my wall or baseboard so you can match my in the end i have even more to repair...? that makes perfect sense to me.
more later.

g. xo

still wanna sell your mototrcycle?

this morning while i was still in a deep-ish slumber, that's the text message i received - did i still want to sell my motorcycle?...
wow. last summer, when i was thinking about buying the place i now sit in, i was thinking of, and actively peddling, my 1968 bmw /2...and i had a couple of guys very interested in it. i thought that the extra money would help me get into this place, make it a little easier, etc., and it would have. but those deals fell through and i had forgotten about it all once i got in here. now it's back.
for those who don't know the history, it's brief but, i have had this bike for just short of 20 years and i love it. it's a beautiful bike, stylish, rides great, looks great, one of not many around anymore, etc...but the truth is, in recent years, i haven't ridden it as much as i have in the past. and, i could, sell it and buy another bike i have always had a thing for - a 1972 bmw /5 with a toaster tank...and still have money left over, lots of money...

a '72 /5 toaster..i'd like mine in red please....

so i's about change, i think...maybe this is one of them.

g. xo

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

miss marcy fan-tastic

i had some shit to do today but seemed to be stalling a little this morning...i had a new lawn lined-up (more on that later as it's a good story...) but the rain put a stop to that so i had to re-jig my day. marcy's cooler fan at her place of employ - florist supply - had packed it in a few weeks ago so she had asked me if i could help them out...after a few e.mails and with the help of the good folks up at regal controls - great guys - a new motor for the fan was shipped in...and today became the day that i removed the old motor, wired up the new one and installed it...shit simple but a good job done. one more thing off the list - tomorrow corie and i are going to the gastown shack and fixing my leaky dishwasher....good times.

i've been giving away the plants that were here when i moved in...fawn took some lavender, her pal donna's gonna come by for some and nevada and a pal of hers have been by twice to grab stuff - lavender and other plants that i don't want....nice. i'm happy to give them away rather than have them end-up in the garbage. and nevada's friend is re-doing her entire garden so she's stoked...good for me, good for her.

ok...more later.

g. xo