Thursday, November 11, 2010

one less room-mate

i love that tooth.

tonight, after i came home from dinner - negro mole con pollo (again...) - i went directly to the bathroom to see if mark (the name i gave my spider) had made it...sadly, no. the soap and water from his header into my sink did him in. sad really. until i came along he was probably a pretty happy sort. rest in peace buddy.

this morning the woman at la fonda i eat breakfast at decided i should have echilladas verde con huevos - and she was right. that and a coffee was mucho bueno. i really like her and she lets me fumble through my spanish as i order what i'd like and answers questions when i have them..i showed alex where it was so he could get a snack there as well - and in fact he did while we were there...he'll be back.

school was great today...some days are better than others, as in life, and today i felt good...i still don't feel like i can string together a fully functioning sentence but it's better...poco, poco, poco...

luiz and floresita at the sorbet shop

ice cream and sorbet is big here and made on hand and delicious so today luiz decided that we should go visit a friend of his who works at a sorbet shop near the zocalo on the pedestrian walk. and i'm here to say - and i've had ice cream/gelato and sorbets all over - europe, usa, canada, etc...and this shit was, maybe, the best i have ever had...and if not, who cares, it was excellent. the young woman, floresita hermosa, made me feel at home and was also very open to helping me with my spanish (and i helped her with her english) as we all talked. and while we talked she kept giving me sample after sample of sorbet. flavors like mezcal, peanut, licorice/prune (which was maybe my favorite as bad as it sounds), one had carrot in it, rose petals, blackberry, etc...if you ever come here - and you should - go to this place, Manolo Nieves, i don't know if they have a web page but holy crap...tomorrow night she's gonna come with luiz and me to a tapas bar for a beer - i'm gonna drag bill from wisconsin with me. (it was funny today in cooking class - where we made home made tamales - a garb's fav - as i was talking to bill, i asked him where he usually went for dinner. he said he had been eating light lately, a salad here and there, this and that, and then i told him i was going to eat with luiz. he immediately asked said, 'maybe i could come along' which i said, 'well, i was trying to get to the point where i asked you if you'd like to have dinner with me because i'd love to eat with you...' which he replied....'i've been trying to ask you the same thing....' anyhow...bill's gonna come for snacks tomorrow night and i couldn't be happier about that. i'm gonna show him the sorbet shop too...bill's wife is coming here in ten days and i'm looking forward to meeting her.
ok. i'm beat...each day here is big...and i need a little small right now...

g. xo

mishi and garbs saw the menu shots i took at la fonda i go to every morning and asked me to try a skimo. i wasn't sure what it was but knew it had milk...and it was flaovored and cold...and it was. it was a milkshake, kinda. more just cold milk, ice and flovor...a nice light after school drink.

i have been varying my walk to school and really like the different calles i can walk down on the way. rich colors and i have to admit it's far cleaner here than i remember.

today down at the zolcalo they were setting up an art installment that was made from food crates. one was quite a large set-up, almost like a huge box made from boxes...the others we various shapes all held together with zap straps.

some children dressed in traditional garb.

the young woman at the sorbet shop was wearing this cool necklace made from a type of bean that had all been colored.

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