Sunday, January 31, 2010

what if i say?

i've never been a foo fighters fan per se...but i do find myself happy they're around as a band. dave grohl, good stuff. seems like a good guy. i know people who know him, say he's alright. i say this as i watch a late night re-eun of austin city limits and they're performing some rock numbers like they do so well. i like it. they do a nice job fighting foo.
k-win and i went to refuel tonight for dinner - formerly fuel...and we ate like two people who hadn't eaten in weeks...really. spicey pork cheek thing on toast with a fried egg on top and sauce of some sort, squid with spicey goodness, i had the burger and k-win had the fried chicken...and for desert, creme brule and a peanut butter and chocolate and ice cream parfait lord.
i need to go to sleep now...oh - the tennis final's on....maybe just a little...

g. xo

Saturday, January 30, 2010


the watson twins have a new album coming out...just thought i'd tell ya. i was a big fan of the last watson offering, fire songs, and i am listening the new one as we speak and it's pretty good...upbeat action from the sisters. it's called talking to you, talking to me...keep and ear out for it. good stuff..
ok. so i was walking by the art gallery the other day, ore of an art museum really but...and they have this installation outside that looks a lot like the waxy paper you'd line drawers with, or sometimes old chrome furniture has patterns like this on it...i kinda like it. very bold and drape like. good color for the winter. i ate at topanga last night...the garbs called me up and he needed to eat - shocker - and once he was in the car there was no turning back. tammy and dez came in part way through our meal and joined us...nice. afterwards i drove the garbs to see the new east van sign at clarke and great northern way - after i had given him some background on it and such...i won't go into it here...long, boring, not important. i'll take a pic of the sign to show you at some's not original but i really like it.
ok...i'm off to hockey...

g. xo

Friday, January 29, 2010

out here. we're stones.

out there. see it. i'm gonna be out there. in fact, i may have been exactly where this picture was taken. as much as i love the city, i love it out in the middle of nowhere. i've slept in my car near gas stations just like this one. eaten at the counter the next morning. i love it. but like a lot of things i love, inanimate things - not people - , i have to keep moving along and looking and seeing and taking pictures and driving off on back roads and to truck stops and shitty diners and...
i came across this picture this morning and felt it. the photo is by william eggleston. great photo. the blog will be filled, as usual, but maybe more so this time, with photos of places and things and stuff and people and more stuff, when i head down to wherever the hell it is i'm going...

g. xo

Thursday, January 28, 2010

loose string

anna - the best cook at topanga - rocks out at the catamaran show at the biltmore...sure, i was there, i rocked out too...

wow...has it been since monday that i posted here? jeezus...slacker. we've been deep in wrap mode which means getting shit done so we can walk away from the shop feeling like we're in good shape and that means tying up all the loose ends etc...making sure nothing falls through the cracks can be a weird thing sometimes...but we're doing pretty well. we've been putting a lot of crap on craigslist in the free section...people will take's true...
but what the fuck else has been happening? hmmmm.. it's kinda like topanga week...sure, i eat there a lot but lately it's been once a week or so as i have been eating at home a lot but monday night shauna and i went there - she's off to spain for two months on sunday so i wanted to see her before she took off - i have to admit i can't remember what the hell happened tuesday - pathetic - , wed. i was at the topanga with jessica - we ate like champs (well, i did but she made off afterwards with so me lunch for today and tonight corie, katheryn, fawn and i made the scene...with don bull and his pla rob at the next table, 'he who can not be named on the blog' at another table with his nephew alex and ben - of ben and jessie - at another table with his super cool mom...i am not eating there tomorrow...
i wish i had more to report - my meals are really not blogworthy but it's all i have...sad but true...i think i'm heading over to victoria saturday - maybe just for the day, maybe overnight, maybe two nights...i dunno...more on this when i know more...i have a friend there and am going to visit...i haven't been there for a long time...sure, i've driven through, but not for a long time...years and it'll be an adventure to be sure.
have a great friday...

g. xo

**edit** not going to victoria now...long story....things, they can change in a second....more adventures await elsewhere...

Monday, January 25, 2010

it's here!

i was at the set-dec sale for this show we're just finishing and saw a big box of blankets...and thought, "i'm gonna make me some big rookie blankets for the boys..." well, there's actually not enough to go around but a few lucky (?) guys here are getting a new beach/camping blanket...i'm so proud. and a very special thanks to mishi for coming up with the slogan for the blankets..."big rookie inc. bringing sandwiches to the picnic since 1964" nice.

g. xo

Saturday, January 23, 2010

go figure.

it's been a couple of days alright.
we're wrapping this show up and have been busy trying to getting everything in its place and keep our brains from getting too far ahead of in cars heading south and eating burritos in parts beyond...oh, maybe that's just me. also, getting the hell outta here before all the IOC blockades go up and the police start to really tell you what the fuck you can and can not i sound bitter? i hope so. and while 'he who can not be named on the blog' has some good points about the games going well for our sake - tourism later on etc.... - there's still a part of me that's chuckling inside, and fuck and outside, about the lack of snow and the warm weather and a guy who snowboarded at cypress mtn. for many years i was very surprised when it was named an olympic venue. really? the place with the sheets of ice for runs? ok, that makes sense. and now with the lack of snow - something that's happened there as well many, many's pretty entertaining. and now the plan to bolster it up with hay bales and great. and don't think it's not on the radar of the foreign press, it is. i love it. anyhow, if it snows, great....but it won't be enough.
ok, that's my olympic report.
in other news. in a recent bomber game one of the other teams players found my limit or acceptance and then crossed it. sure, i know there's gonna be stickwork, and slashing and such...and i can dish it out or back...but when some guy jams his stick between my legs and rams his stick up into my nuts a couple times as hard as he can...i kinda take exception to that. i won't go into details but i 'took matters into my own hands' and made sure he made contact with the ice quickly and his face made contact with my fist. .....well...'nuff said, except to say he denied doing it and was extra lippy once the refs were in between us. good times. and for my trouble i got a one game suspension...bummer. but i have to say, if it happened again like that, i'd do the same thing.
ok..last night was pizza at coloseum pizza in north van. i don't eat a lot of pizza but that place is great...not a think crust place, so you can't eat that all the time but...tasty. the garbs, mishi, corie and i grabbed larry and drove up there and ate like pizza would have been good, two was even better, but the third made it complete. have a look at their menu, they have some great stuff...i know 'the pest' doesn't live far from there and probably knows the place.
speaking of the pest. our man craig has done the music for the new kids in the hall show, 'death comes to town' (cbc tuesday nights) and you should give it a look...i've seen the first two episodes and love it. if you like the kids, you'll like this. good work craig!
right. i need to go get a new fan belt for larry as he was making some rather embarassing sounds last night...have fun today.

g. xo

Thursday, January 21, 2010

la roca...and rolla

spike sent me this link today for a restaurant right across the border from nogales, AZ, in nogales, mexico. nogales is a tough town - don't be hanging out there late at night or you may end up hanging..(i'm not kidding....there have been more than a few shootings there in the last little while. like the old west right in the centre of town...) but hell, i'm gonna go there, again - been there before - for some grub at la roca.
interesting day yesterday.
got my car hit in the parking lot of the ethical bean by a courier who doesn't know how to look both way. stewart clark netherton is his for pdx couriers...good work stew.
went for dinner last night with a couple of the kids from ethical bean - jessica and tammy, along with tammy's man-friend des. good times..they're good eggs those three...well, i know tammy and jessica are but des could be a serial killer as i've only talked with himma few times but he seems ok...we ate like champs and then i went home and crashed hard...
today is the beginning of the end. things are being returned, replaced, fixed, sorted and generally put away so we can get outta here and go eat burritos, drive aimlessly and fall in love with truck stop waitress'. well, that's what i'll be doing...
ok...back at it.

i love you.

g. xo

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

set this dance alight

funny. how something that starts out as a joke - and everyone knows it's a joke...turns into something else. ever so slightly. even. not that i care, not really. 'nuf of that.
i was listening to saturday's alright for fighting by elton john in my car on the way home last night and was surprised at how much i was diggin' it. a few years ago, well, many years ago, i put together a band of misfits and we collectively formed a band called pepe deluxe. pepe deluxe was borne from the idea that most rock shows were boring, and they were and mostly still are. pepe deluxe was made up of members of snfu, doa, the roswells, the hard rock miners and me..we wanted to bring back the fun in music, to have something happen that you could go home and tell your friends that you saw this great band...a band that not only played well, rocked out and knew their shit but that brought fun back into it. our gag was that pepe deluxe - which was me - had written many of the world's most popular rock and roll songs, but due to contract problems and not being credited on songs he never got the credit he deserved and sadly none of the money. the people he wrote songs for became rich while he toiled away in mexico with his brothers. then one day he decided he wanted the world to hear the songs the way they were meant to be heard and he assembled his brothers, my band, and they went out on the road and played them. their songs. his songs. their way. along with the music margaritas were made on stage by our man dan devloo and dave fortune...a big wheel now in the world of rock and roll promotion in this town. the drinks were given out to members of the audience. we also shaved heads on stage to anyone who felt they needed it. one time when we played the medicine ball - a charity event put on by bob rock - i challenged bruce allen to come up and get his head shaved for charity...he declined.
i loved that band. we were good. maybe too good to be called a true fuck band. the songs were great too...lovin' touchin' squeezin', cheap is how i feel, call me, start all over, some bob seger, etc...and saturday night's alright for fightin'...that song is so great. i know it's classic rock but...listen to it. the lyrics alone kill it.

"A couple of the sounds that I really like
Are the sounds of a switchblade and a motorbike
I'm a juvenile product of the working class
Whose best friend floats in the bottom of a glass"

you should dial it up and really listen to it, the phrasing, the guitar sound, all of it. goodness.

ok. they're wrapping it up on set. the last day, the final shots, the end of production of this thing we've been sweating over since june or so. the corks will be flying soon and hands will be shook, kisses made and taken, and that'll be it. all over but the cryin'...and i'm sure there will be some of that too.
i wanna thank the kids at the office - jerry, nicole, natty, jenn, carmen and leona as they helped me along the most on this thing...there are too many others to name that helped as thanks. my boys here, of course, were great!

g. xo

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

looking forward.

i'm looking forward to this. very soon. eating breakfast on the tailgate of my element.

good times.

g. xo


i'm not sure what prompted it but yesterday i was thinking about a song i used to love - not that unusual i suppose, thinking of a song. but, the song - and i'm sure it's still awesome - or not - was one i listened to a lot as a kid, at least during one period of time. and, truth be told, i have tried to find the song on-line since and have had no luck and am not going to start asking around for it from my pals because....well, just because. the song is 'room to breathe' by hall and oates. i know, i know. but it was good, as i remember it.
i remember i was living in prince rupert with my parents and we had just built, not me but collectively us, a new room onto our place, a rec room with a platform bed with walls around it and an opening to get into it, hard to describe but pretty fucking cool in 1977 or '78. it was also the year i first pierced my ear - something my mother did not see until a long time later as i was wearing my hair long and hair farmer-like at the time. she was not impressed. the rec room was wicked. i had a small stereo in there that i would use to crank up the kiss, steve miller and foghat records i had standing by. my parents would stomp on the ceiling when it was time to come up for dinner or if there was a phone call or...the rug was short pile with a geometric pattern of some sort, brown and orange as i remember. beautiful.
there were two windows that were long and narrow and they looked out to the backyard - which was really just brush and offered no view of anything really. these windows were also perfect, at night, for performing air guitar. i could see my refelction in the window and i thought it was pretty cool to rock out and pretend i was a member or kiss or that i was frampton or steve miller. or hall and oates. sad but true. i loved that song.
i think as i was talking with a friend yesterday on the interweb, we were talking of past things and loves and likes and ...well, i guess something lia said made me think of my life in the rec room and my life, to a degree in prince rupert and me moving through my early teens. a time of discovery - to be sure - and lessons and learning those lessons that hard way often times. a fighting, blood fueled, foosball, eightball, rep. hockey, pot smoking kind of time.
i loved those years.

g. xo

Sunday, January 17, 2010

chops, gnomes and table troubles

it was a weekend alright...
saturday found me at tireland, a tire place i have been using an endorse highly for years now, getting new rubber on the element. i had been running on the tires it came with for over 130 kms was time...a little later in the day my dad's ladyfriend, janine, was in town seeing her daughter and came by to see the new garnville island...i think she gave it a thumbs up. nice to see her...
i had decided i was gonna try and bbq up some double-cut (thick cut) pork chops on the new bbq saturday night so i went to tenderland meats, another place i endorse highly, on granville island and grabbed a couple nice looking slabs of pork. i wanted to try chops because i know they're kinda hard to get right...because they're low in fat they can go from great to dry in a minute too much on the bbq...i made a nice yam/potato mash and grilled up some leeks and mushrooms and threw the chops on..nancy had called and wondered what was up and i told her if she wanted she could come over and watch hockey, drink beer and eat chops...she thought that sounded ok...i think in the end it all tuned out ok...i tried a bbq recipe from one of my books that worked ok but i prefer a more bbq like sauce marinate...still tasty.
i hit the hay early, because i'm a geezer, but was woken up by someone calling me on the intercom 5 a.m...a couple of times. so wicked. i kinda think it was simon...
oh...i don't want to make too big a thing about it yet but...i think my paralam table may be having some issues with water..i did what i was told to do by people who know more than me about such things but...well, there could be water penetration issues...more as it develops...or doesn't...
today was football/hockey and couch time..i don't watch a lot of football but was feeling a little out of sorts and needed to just be at one with the tv an couch...i roamed around a little, ran into 'he who can not be named on the blog', saw muna - the woman who works for mac marketing who i did my negotiations with for this place (i invited her over for dinner ages ago..) she was with her mom in capers...her mom is wicked...than i came home and boiled up a few veggie wieners and watched the housewives...that's a sunday for ya.
three more days of shooting on this show...then the countdown to tucson begins...

just so you know. i love you.

g. xo

hard to se her, and i'm gonna take a better pic to show you but...the garbs and mishi bought me a garden gnome and gave it to me saturday...i fucking love it!!!! thanks!!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

more. cool friday stuff.

if you're at all like mishi, you like lettering and letters and type and signs and...well, she likes that do i...if you do..look here...

g. xo

cool hand for friday

this is good. and good is great.

g. xo

gotta sit on something...

ok. as you know i try my best when it comes to recycling and such, but garn ain't green...not really. i do what i can but i'm no hippie. but, i do like these chairs. a fully recyclable, made from recycled polyethylene plastic adirondack chair. pretty nice,...problem is it's 455.00 usd. and shipping. but, if i bought a wooden one for 150 bux of something and had to re-stain it every year and ...blah, blah, makes more sense to buy the plastic. and i like that the back isn't the clamshell style but instead straight back. i'm thinking about it...look pretty fuckin' good on the old deck...have a look here at them...

should i?

g. xo

Thursday, January 14, 2010

and say i.

i'm not gonna lie. i been drinkin'.

not much. a little here and there, i'll say, and i kinda like it. never enough to get a load on but, damn, them dos equis lagers is delicious. and while i know this is a family show and everything, i've also been smoking some pot. again, not a lot but, it sure does help with the sleep. like a freakin' baby. problem is there's never enough food in the house when i do have a little of the evil weed. i could eat a couple bowls of cereal, some toast, a few handfuls of peanuts and wonder where the next treat's coming from...not so good. so my fear of becoming five hundred pounds keeps my pot intake in check.
i have to admit i'm losing interest here, on the big's been a good show, lots of great people on it, good pace, etc..but man, i feel done. i'm getting it all done, the work, each and every day but, i need a burrito...from somewhere other than topanga and salsa and agave. i need the real el presidente. or the grilled pork in santa cruz. or the mess of a meal that is nico's tacos in tucson. i need to be sleeping in the car. making the scene at the truckstop in the morning. i need my coffee black at the counter along with my eggs. i need to get away from the girls i have crushes on. i need the late night radio. i need a double double at in-n-out burger. shit. i'll have two of those. i wanna swim in pools i'm not staying at. i wanna see spike. i want the mystery dinner at little poca cosa. i wanna wake-up in santa cruz.
i'm tired. and a few other things i won't mention here. but i am. that i am. lately my brain's been in overdrive. here we go.

g. xo

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

i remember

working as a bartender at the railway club, home of the career drunk, and as was usual. closing the bar down many nights by myself - often with no more than a couple people still there nursing drinks.
i remember one night, a sunday night, chatting with a guy at the bar whom i had never seen before and he seemed like a guy from out of town - an interesting guy. we spoke a lot about nothing in particular and it was a conversation full of questions, mainly directed at me (what do you do besides work here? what time do you close? are you gay? huh?). at one point he looked outside and made mention of a car that was parked out on the street in front of the bar. the only car, in fact, out there. he said how much he loved that car - a 1961 ford falcon sedan delivery- and that in toronto, where he lived, there were no cars like that there. he then looked at me and said, "is that your car?" i told him that it was. "i need you to take me for a ride in that car" i told him if he waited i'd give him a ride back to his hotel, if he liked.
i cleaned the bar and, as i remember, we all piled into my car - me, him and stan the doorman - and away we went. i dropped stan off at his place and then daniel and i drove around a little and then i dropped him off at his hotel. then as i was heading the other way - i had to go around the block to get going in the direction i needed to go to get to my place in kits - i saw him walking back up the street the way we had just come. he hadn't gone into his hotel at all and was just walking away from it. i kept driving.
i found out later, as i had a friend who had heard about the late night drive i had had with her friend, as he had told her about it, that he just liked walking around late at night and he wasn't ready to turn in when i had dropped him off. she told me that he was thrilled by the ride in the old car, and that he had thought i was very nice...oops..i may have been getting hit on and not even known it...or maybe i did...she told me his name was, and still is i assume, daniel macivor. neat. a toronto based writer/actor/playwrite. pretty cool. good guy.
i'm not sure what made me think of this but. there you go.

one day

i have no report as of yet...
i just wanted to post a couple things i found that i like...

more as it develops.

g. xo

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

settling in

a few people have asked how the new place is coming along...well, it's getting better for sure...and as i've added my own little touches to it, put up some art, changed some of the lighting,'s better. here are a few pics of the place...

g. xo

like a deer in the headlights

the rain.
the fucking rain. i know that by now - 45 plus years of it, i should be used to it but jeezus's a lot to take in...especially after buying a new place with a great deck that should be used for bbqing and hanging out and sleeping's not. but the table still looks good out there.
sunday was a good one.
marcy, mishi, issy and i went and had a very nice meal at habit on main st. i decided, in my head, that the three of them hadn't seen each other enough in recent times and i love seeing them all together as well. so. dinner it was. issy and mishi had a little salmon with some goodness as sides, marcy had some pork tenderloin and i had some beef brisket. that along with our starters of bean and chick pea humus, perogies stuffed with carrot and brie and cod cakes...we were set...and that should have been enough but then we saw the dessert report and had to have a couple extra things...a little creme brulee and chocolate brownie and ice cream with caramel sauce...nice. it was a nice dinner and i was happy to see everyone at the table all an added bonus, our man pat ho was at the table behind us enjoying a nice dinner his own self with a companion...issy leaned over and said, at one point, that man is very handsome...he sure is.
we're down to the short and curlies on this action packed show with only a few days of shooting left...then it'll be the wrap and that's that....another show in the can for all of you to enjoy in a few months...well, maybe a little more...after that i'll be packing up the elephant and heading south. where? well, i think it'll the usual drive to santa cruz by way of seattle, portland and SF...then down the coast to phoenix and tucson - to see spike - and then...i have no idea. i am making provisions to maybe grab a flight somewhere along the line if i get bored or really want to fly somewhere instead of drive...i dunno. there is even a loose thought about going south through mexico to my pal's terry and sheryl's to visit them. they have a great place near the water in a small town called can check out their web site here...
so i have long as i'm nowhere near the games i'll be happy..
have fun today.

g. xo

Sunday, January 10, 2010

table action's finally here. and it looks pretty good out there...sure, it's big and takes up a bit of space but i think it'll be a great thing once the sun starts to shine again - in a few months. or more. i still have to make benches and get a couple more seating options but, it's coming together. i did find some Adirondack chairs that are made out of recycled plastic today - but they're 400 clams...nice but...whoa. i also saw a couple of bar stools that may make the grade but...oh, i dunno.
dinner tonight with mishi, marcy and issy at habit...nice. more details on that later...

have fun.

g. xo

Friday, January 08, 2010

Thursday, January 07, 2010

some shit.

i'm not much of a re-poster are a couple things i've found in the past couple of days that i kinda like...
the stuff i really like i can't show you...

g. xo

while in idaho

...make sure you get your picture taken with a statue of did.

g. xo

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

happy birthday megan

i'd be remiss if i didn't mention that today is our gal megan's old? well, let's say it's a milestone that ends in zero.

go girl.

happy birthday.

g. xo

Tuesday, January 05, 2010


last night i had some pause for thought...does that sound right at all? i stopped and thought for a second, or two. sometimes i have these moments in my head that seem to last for much longer than they actually last - i'm sure of that. seconds is really all they take but, you know when you see someone who's looking off into nothing and they look lost or dazed or...i feel like that after, i know it's happened and that som etimes people notice, or i think they do, but...well, maybe it's just me. maybe i'm the only one who notices. anyhow...i had a moment last night like that...but it was about something i had been thinking about for some time, off and ever look at someone and try and think and figure out what they're thinking? i do. i did. it didn't work. i don't think.
i've started in again on 'cancer show'. well, i wrote today a little. i'm not sure what it is i'm writing or really where it's going but i do enjoy it. i've created a little 'stand by me' place but with more shoplifting and smoking and fighting. and kids who don't care. or something. 20 pages in and many more in my head...a novel idea that may well end up a long short story about living in a small town, wondering about life in that small town. i tried a couple of years ago to really get a move on this, i know, i know, 20 pages garn, but really, it's been a tough 20 and pages have been written and re-written and re-written (and i left it alone for over a year at one point...if you're not feelin' it)...i went to tucson with the idea of really getting down to it but i had a girl in my head and far too many distractions that i really made no headway...i still have a few of those distractions but i feel like i need to write, something. so i am. and don't think i'm a slacker. i have also been writing another thing called 'penny' and well....other things.
i feel better.

g. xo

i used to know a guy...

..who knew a guy.

this morning when i was taking the picture of the car wash vacuums i took a picture of terminal as well that i like. i like how it turned out. and that's my story.

g. xo

if you ever need a vacuum.

i know where there are a few you can use.


back at it

yesterday was the first day back after the holidays and it was good to get back at it...this week is a little lower key than usual, kinda - still busy but in a very different way. we have a slightly reduced crew as it's getting close to the end and i'm starting to get my head in 'hitting the road' gear...while i have no real plan yet, it looks as if i'll be heading south in the elephant and that's as solid and planned as it's gotten so far.

more later. have a great tuesday.

g. xo

Monday, January 04, 2010

lone ranger or robin hood or hodlum...

whatever he is..i like his style. so i bought one of his t-shirts, well, one of the t-shirts bearing his can get one too.

go colton.

g. xo

as i'm a stickler

before anyone pipes up.
in reference to the decade issue i brought up in the previous post...of course it all depends on when you start counting...fine. no one has grilled me on it but suffice to say, i get it. but generally...


g. xo

Sunday, January 03, 2010

bombers and bbq's

today was somewhat lazy day...that's ok...
i helped andrew get his new 50" plasma back to his house - exciting...and very when his gal gets back from toronto she'll be suitably horrified but, a guy needs what he needs...i endorse that. good work andrew...
today was also a little bomber hockey and while the competition wasn't great, i still think we played pretty well...i thought our line was in sync today working well and getting shit was a fun win with jerry wang taking home the lucky luc award today, and while he played a great game, it was mainly because of one end to end rush that was so super duper...that ended with kappy putting in the rebound for a goal...loved it. i love jerry...

tonight was the first running of the new bbq as well. i stopped by the island on the way home and grabbed some lamb sausage from tenderland meats and away i went..some butternut squash grilled up as well...nice. oh, i had some carrots and beets as well..rounded it out. lovely.

back to work tomorrow...oh...and by the way. 2010 is not the start of a new decade. not mathematically. at the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011, that is the beginning of a new decade...just in case you're keeping track at home. remember when everyone thought that when it went from 1999 and turned into 2000...and that that was a new decade....nope...the beginning of 2001 was the start....i can explain it in person if you don't believe me...2000 to 2001 is one year, 2001 to 2002 is two years...i only say this because i keep hearing about end of the decade best of lists and more year more year.
i'm such a stickler..or hard ass...whichever.

i love you.

g. xo

Friday, January 01, 2010

time spent wisely.

i just finished a plate of bacon and eggs and figure i couldn't have had a better meal to start this new year. a meal i hardly ever have any more. even out. i do love bacon - of course a gateway meat to any vegetarian who may be on the verge of converting - and will love more bacon as the year moves along but, i hardly ever have bacon and eggs for breakfast anymore. wierd. 'cause i love that stuff.
last night megan and i headed out to delta to spend some time with fawn and dave at their new place. while i don't give much credence to new year's eve or new years day, i wanted to be out at fawn's for her first skip from one year to the other - even though, truthfully, i was home before midnight...i have a long standing tradition of being home before midnight unless i have been working nye.
it was great to be out there and to meet her neighbours who had come over with their kids in tow. fawn kept saying how surprised how long i stayed - as i'm not known as a guy who hang around too long....i sat with the kids and watched some twilight, ate some cheese and meat, had a beer - hell, it was a big night out....thanks fawn. thanks dave. (and to the woman, who's name i have forgotten, i'm coming over for super bowl if you have seven layer dip...)
as a side note...fawn, earlier in the day yesterday, was asking me what was up and that there had had been no blog updates and if everything was ok..sure. all good. but. and i have mentioned this before and i will readers digest it now for those who may have missed it before...i find this time of year tough. very. while i have given up on presents and gift giving in general, i do feel the season and feel tension surrounding it and certain family issues that rear their heads this time of's hard. i miss certain people and wish they were around. i find it a season of introspection. it makes me think more than i do already, about life, love, things i need to do, things i haven't done, maybe things i need to say, things i'll leave unsaid as it's better, sometimes, to leave some things alone and to let sleeping dogs lie. my brain works overtime during these times. it's these times where i'm happy for work - like helping at the topanga or playing mr. fix-it at someone's place. idle hands are not my pal during the holidays.
anyhow...all good.
it's raining. shocker. i have a few things to glue gun down today and then i may go see a movie later...or watch one i have here...
have a great new day in a new year.
i miss you.

g. xo

great start to a new year.

last night, when i got home, i checked my e.mail just minutes before midnight. judy, tom's wife, had sent me an e.mail that really made me pause and think was just one of the nicest e.mails i've gotten in a long time...


Happy New Year. Marv and Victoria are here on the coast with me to celebrate the new year, but I am thinking of you because Tom loved you and well I guess I do to.
Judy Z



happy new year everyone.

g. xo

new year. new you.