Friday, August 31, 2007


g. xo

Thursday, August 30, 2007

she's the one

There are certain things that once a certain distance has been made from them; they start to take on an entirely different light. Things once thought of as stale or overdone become ok again, maybe. Not always but more often that not a little time away can be a great thing. In high school I was never a fan of Led Zeppelin but now can listen to them/it and feel just fine about it. Maybe not livin’ lovin’ maid so much but d’yer maker without too much trouble, and others. Yesterday, after work, as I drove around lawn ordering, it’s now a real honest to goodness term for what I do after work, I was listening to Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen and lovin’ it. Track after track of New Jersey goodness and I have to admit I was a little surprised by how good it felt. My only complaint is that the saxophone really hasn’t stood the test of time but I won’t dump on Clarence here. ‘She’s the one’ was a complete gem last night as I cruised down Kerr Street towards 62nd and alian’s place to cut his terrible lawn.

Someone decided, near Alain’s that setting out a TV on the lawn was the best way they could think of to get rid of their old tube TV – maybe it is.
The light was great on Main Street last night as well when I met up with Shauna and Stella to go get some dinner and do some shopping in Richmond – don’t ask…
So here it is Thursday and a long weekend is peeking around the corner and I have no real plans for it – perfect. Lawns of course, but not much else. Nice.

More as it develops.

g. xo

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

maybe that was a tad harsh.

maybe. just maybe. (see previous post.) we'll see what happens tomorrow but for now, sleep country has some goodness to make up. for now though, there's a bed in my place that i really don't like and one i do like on a truck in richmond that should have been delivered today. 'nuff said - for now.

i had a busy one today and am feeling it...i need a hug.

g. xo

hey sleep country! go fuck yourself!

more details later on.

they can go fuck themselves.

g. xoxo

jam dried up in there

Last night shauna went out for dinner with a friend so I took the opportunity to go and knock-off a few photos I had been meaning to take. Funny, I have driven by Nanaimo and first ave a million times and always thought that the diner and barber shop there would make a good photo…I’m not sure if they do or not now that I’ve taken them but you get to see it anyways…I then headed over to Vancouver General to take a picture of a building there. I seem to have a thing about lights lately. The orange metal halide kinda gets me going I have to say. Shots at night too.
I have no report really right now…maybe later.

Remember to breathe.

g. xoxo

Monday, August 27, 2007

framing party

Just a few pics from the opus framing extravaganza yerterday. Thanks again to suzanne and shauna for helping out while I sweated like a freak – I always sweat it up in that place. Good times. The frames and mats should be ready wed. or thurs. and I’ll go down next Sunday and put the dzama’s in there for good…book now for your exclusive private showing.


g. xo

Sunday, August 26, 2007

floyd, ang-time and weekend goodness

i feel like the weekend just flew by me...yesterday shauna and i met-up with floyd at horseshoe bay for a little breakfast at troll's...nice to see floyd but that breakfast stayed with me, and shauna too i think, for a little longer than it should have. after breakfast we all went and stood out on the pier and chatted and stella checked out the boats.
afterwards shauna and i took stella down to whytecliffe park and let her runaround and be just a little less than a city dog for a little while...good times.
then it was off to the doglawn and then, while in richmond a trip to linens and things seemed in order - of course. that's kind of a crazy place..there seems to be more 'things' than linens. you don't need to go there unless you need to go there...but you don't. then it was time for a nap.
last night we rounded-up ang and headed out to attend a couple of bbq's...we didn't make it to either but instead ended-up at habit - a hipster doofus joint on main street and had some snacks. i was as happy to do that as anything else...and i needed some ang-time so it all worked out well.
today we went down to granville island and saw the garbs at the pickle - who gave shauna a nice new change purse (i also gave her a small treat that i think she likes quite a bit....), and then suzanna at opus to get the dzama painting/drawings framed up pro-style...i think they're gonna look great. thanks to shauna and suzanne for helping out picking the mats and frames...then it was off to cut lisa's lawn in the west end and then to the shop to dump off the mowers and wash the elephant...
oh...i should mention, to anyone who may care at all...i was driving by bean around the world and noticed that my photos were no longer up so....if you wanted one i will, soon, have them at my place and i can get you the one you'd don't go there lookin' for my photos anymore....if you were thinkin' of it...they ain't there...
after i washed the elephant and did a few more little things we rounded up ang again and headed off to noth van and a sushi joint i like over was great....they have these tuna shooter things there that are great...then it was off to whole foods to see what was what...we had to get there before 9 pm because that's when they roll-up the streets in west van...
so now it's time to get ready for work tomorrow....i am a little sleepy....

have fun....

g. xoxo

here are a few random pics from the weekend....

old mowers go to die in back alleys.

me and floyd.


main street last night.


shauna and stella.

hey, a light. in the alley.

ang and shauna at sushi tonight.

floyd and shauna.

Friday, August 24, 2007

oh and....

Lost Weekend by The Book Of Lists is my new over and over again song.....thanks brady.

just so you know.


this, that and some other thing.

things slip past me sometimes. i don't notice - and not because i don't care, i just don't notice - and i'd like to think i'm a guy who pays attention, but, not always. it's worse when i'm working. i have so much on my plate at work that i often forget the everyday things i should do. phone calls to people about dinners that i was suppose to go to, cheques that should have been sent to pay fines, overdue bills and taxes. at work if that shit doesn't get done, it's shitty, in my personal life it amounts to late fees and missed dinners. still shitty but not as threatening as losing my job. i'm trying to be better and have been paying more attention to these things. actually had, more by accident than anything, dinner with 'he who can not be named' the other night at topanga with shauna and corie, pure fluke but nice. i admit to being distracted by my personal life as well (a good thing doing the distracting). trying to fit it - my personal life as a whole - in along with my long hours at work thus my hours of sleep have been cut back due to staying up late and hoping the alarm clock actually wakes me up when it goes off in the morning. there have been some close calls but with the aid of jj bean in the morning i've managed to make it on time, coffee in hand. sometimes a muffin too. usually not. i've lost the focus of this entry but i don't care to right it on the rails any more than i do cutting a lawn in the pouring rain so fuck it.
another week on the major motion picture sensation that will be is over and no one got killed or injured so it this has to be viewed as a success. corie seems to have contracted some sort of cold/flu thing that will, maybe, keep him at home for at least tonight and maybe longer. there has been a lot of smoke action in the shop - testing of this and that and he work above it so he gets to breath in its sweet smell alot of the day. as do i but not as directly. i think he's been having a few late nights as well and maybe needs a nudge in the morning to get him going.
i'm meeting up woth floyd tomorrow morning at troll's in west vancouver, more specifically horseshoe bay, where we'll discuss the finer points of getting ready for my retirement. maybe be a short talk. i'll be cutting the dog lawn as well this weekend and, i think, attending a few bbq's and store birthday thingys....i can't be too sure.
more details later.

i have to do some laundry.

g. xoxo

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

good-bye gene

my man stewart.

Hero to zero in just a few short…seconds? Maybe it takes hours sometimes. Bill Cosby used to host a show called ‘kids say the darndesN things’ but adults say as much, if not more. To each other, to people they don’t know, to people they used to involved with, to total strangers. The source. You always have to consider the source. Nothing else really matters until you do that. Today the source was kinda shitty to me. But I know where the source is coming from. I’ve been where the source is. This too will pass.
I don’t have much of a report today. Had a little trip over to the walk-in clinic in North Vancouver at lunchtime (where I ran into a former film co-worker…) – don’t worry it’s all good….more details later on. All the loose ends will be tied-up soon and I’ll be able to say what’s what. I would have gone to my own doctor but I recently found out, as I haven’t been there in a while, that he had a heart attack, which required a triple by-pass so not too much doctoring for Desmond in the next little while. Take care Des.
And on a sad note, my man Gene at Viking Alexander is no longer with us. I seem to remember someone, maybe, saying something about this but I didn’t remember when I told someone here at work today to call him and ask him about some key clamps – something he’s an expert in, or was. Gene used to make wooden barrels as a young man and load them on freight trains down near the docks in Vancouver. Gene also had this incredible penmanship. So neat, tidy and graceful for a man with rather large fingers. Often dressed as if he had just rolled out of bed after an all night bender Gene, sadly, wasn’t a handsome man but instead imparted to you stories of growing up in Vancouver, school then, and if he knew you liked baseball would tell you all he knew about it and how it has changed and who the thought the best player in baseball was right at that moment. In recent years he spoke of Albert Pujols of the St. Louis cards as the best player. He’s right. I think. Right now. I’ll miss seeing him in Viking Alexander when I go in to buy some shit we need for a movie application. His thick bubbles-esque glasses, his janitor sense of style, his beat-up baseball hats, his great nature. See ya gene.

g. xo

stew's stomach tattoo...i love it

tim before the fan got turned on.

tim after.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


After watching its progress on the internet – tracking it from LA to here through the mail – the Marcel Dzama pieces came yesterday. And I have to say I’m impressed and happy with my purchases. The pictures I saw on the net really don’t do them justice nor will the pictures on this here blog but….once they’re framed up I’ll invite you over to see them. I promise.

Here’s a quick look.

g. xo

Monday, August 20, 2007

knockin' em down, throwin' 'em out - bbq style.

The good times just keep on rolling along. And I have to admit that I’m having a pretty good time my own self…I know that’s poor grammar but fuck it. Sure, I had a little meltdown in a store in Gastown on Saturday but other than that, all good. All signs point to yes. Others are having a good time as well but they’ll have to come up for air before we/I know any more than that. Cryptic? Sure…but it’s all I have to go on. So far.
Sunday was a lazy one initially but ramped-up as it went along. It’s a little easier to get out of a bed that really sucks than one that feels good and keeps you there. The new one should be here soon, but not soon enough. After a slow start if was off to knock-off a few lawns. The Dog lawn took just a quick clean up while the others took the full brunt of the whirling blade…good one. So Sunday was lawns from Richmond to West van. This week sees only a couple needing attention which will allow me to focus my attention elsewhere. Nice.
I think that Black Shuck by the Darkness may be one of the great rock numbers of the last five to ten years. In case you care.
After the lawns Shauna and I hit Granville island to see Mishi and the Garbs and see what was what. We were gonna bbq so I asked them if they wanted to join us. After the happily agreed to come on over Shauna and I headed over to the market and proceeded to buy too much food – buffalo smokies, beef burgers, salmon, leeks, potatoes, snap peas, corn, etc….pretty good…
We had invited a couple other folks but they didn’t seem to be able to make it to a phone so they weren’t in attendance. Too bad for them.
Afterwards we drove down to Mum’s gelato on Denman where Mishi bought us all ice cream. It was kinda fun sitting on Denman at night eating ice cream as it began to pour rain. This has been the best November ever.

Ok. Back at it. Monday.

More later. As it develops.

g. xo

various shitola from the last day or so...

mishi gives the thumbs up on the bbq action.


having a laugh over ice cream.

the garbs bread display.

the garbs shows off his new lawn order shirt. happily.

mishi's making some macaroni inspired silver hooha...

Sunday, August 19, 2007

pillowtops, lawns and leftovers.

i did something last night that i'm not sure i've ever done beofre - i'll have to think about it a bit more but i think it may be true. but before that...
yesterday morning k-win - vancouver's greatest hair dresser/cutter/stylist - took the scissors to me and did her best to make me not look like a complete doofus...she cuts a good head of hair that kid does...then it was off to see about getting a better bed. if you've been playing along at home you'd know i bought a new bed after trying out a few at the old sleep country. it came last sunday and it's been a bit of disaster. a little too soft. so yesterday we went back and tried out a few more floor models. they're pretty cool there really. letting you lie around on thier beds, and see what's what. in the end another bed with be delivered to my place in just over a week. a firmer baby. nice. hopefully it'll be better.
then it was off to cut lisa's lawn in the west end and while we were down there, go see the fabulous ang at caper's. what a delight that girl is. so great. she was looking hot yesterday so i told her so.
after the lawn action in the west end we headed over to kits to see about going to BED, a store that deals in just bedding, and it turned out it was HIPPIE DAZE in kits...holy crap! more tie-dyed bullshit than you've ever seen. after a quick walkaround we had to get the fuck outta there...oh, while we were in the area we dropped by don bull's and while i cut his lawn - happy birthday don bull - he gave shauna a tour of his new place. she says it's a very nice place...good work bullski.
it was all a little much for us so we decided that it would be better if we went back to my place and took a load off and just watched a fuzz it was. we had both heard good things about the hot so good. in fact, shitola. the less said about it the better.
the only good thing about that movie was that it got us up to dinner time which, it was decided , was going to be topanga with devon. so we rounded her up and headed over for a little snack. so here's where i did something i don't know i've ever done before...i couldn't finish my meal and ended-up taking the remains home in a takeout container....i believe it's a first. maybe i am becoming a true geezer. i did order a full meal deal with all the trimmings - dairy and all, and ate too many chips but, that's no excuse...
after dinner i dropped shauna and devon off at some disco dance party over near commercial drive. the woman having the party is a good friend of my friend lael sleep. lael's father and my dad used to work together years ago in education in delta. lael's sister is also a very good friend of mine - but of course as we all get all and turn into geezers, have children etc, i never see her or her husband frank them.
i saw lael later in the evening...she's been living in china teaching english and has been there for a was a party to send her off again....

more lawns today....if the weather holds even a little....

have fun.

g. xo

various pics for the last couple days....

parking is enforced until 11 pm in white rock...fuckers!

s. at topanga.

we went out to a renewing of vows ceremony on friday night on the beach in white rock. wierd.

me and devon.

me and lael...

hippie bullshit.