Sunday, November 29, 2009

t-shirt 2009 action.

well, that happened.
congrats to corie on the success of his t-shirt show at the I-BAG gallery last night - big thanks to jim cummins for hosting the event and of course cam for helping out so much..
a good time was had by all and while i could go on and on about it i'll let a few of the pics i took last night do the talking...

g. xo

Saturday, November 28, 2009

hey...i do live at 1680 after all...

so telus has finally come on board and admitted that i do, indeed, live at 1680 west fourth. nice. sure, the internet can't be switched until the 8th of december, but, that's ok at least they know where i live. the phone will be up and running shortly before that. i was gonna get rid of my home phone since i don't use it but i have to keep it for the alarm company so the monitoring be it.
in other news. some cutting of walls and cabinets will be taking place very soon as my stereo receiver is too deep for the wall unit - that's not removable - and there's no way around it. i sat there last night after i had put most everything else away and looked at it for a while trying to think of other options, but none came to mind so...if you're handy with a jigsaw come on over. it'll be fine in the end, i hope, oh i know, but this new place has thrown a few things at me i wasn't expecting. all good. no problem.
funny too. or as well. i sold my old psb speakers to paul - great speakers but a little too big for the new place - and bought a new pair of smaller psb's...but asked the store - commercial electronics - if i could leave them there and pick them up later. sure, no problem. well, when i called there two days ago to ask them another speaker related question, they told me my speakers would be in the store in about five days. huh? where were the ones i bought? that were suppose to be sitting downstairs? waiting for me to pick them up? um...well, we don't know. oh. ok. so now i have no speakers. nice. but that's ok. i have a receiver that won't fit anyways.
in other news.

corie's t-shirt show is tonight and you really should be there. i'll be there. i think. it has all the signs of being a huge deal now with lots of folks attending. and i love lots of people around me art art shows'll be great...i just may have to go home and re-group before everyone else. i also have to be on the first ferry over to naniamo tomorrow as i'm going to floyd's for dinner...i fuckin' love the ferry.

ok. shit to do.

g. xo

Friday, November 27, 2009

the best thing to start doing at 9:00 p.m. is...

...assembling your new platform bed.
yup. it's possibly the best thing you can do. sure, you try and tell yourself to just go to bed. that you should just leave it until tomorrow, but the boxes are calling your name..'open us. have look. you know you want to..'
and before you know it.
so there i was in my bedroom - already barely keeping inside it what i've already put there with don bull's help - assembling a platform thingy that weighed a ton. really. not like an ikea hollow frame thingy. solid. heavy. cumbersome. slightly dangerous in such small surroundings. you kinda had to be there. my partially black and blue and blood under the finger nail index fingers tells more of the tale.
and in the end, i have even less room than i had before. you don't get a lot of bedroom for the money these days.
it's kinda embarassing really. but's just where you lie down.

g. xo

Thursday, November 26, 2009

new action.

well..i saw my t-shirt show shirts and they look pretty fuckin' good...i also got an e.mail from rethink, a t-shirt company, and ordered up a shirt i wanted from them before but they didn't have the size i that's cool too. mine are orange as well...

and speaking of should come to the t-shirt show saturday. i'll be there.

g. xo

people. they's whack.

i tell you what. having people parade through my place on a nightly basis - or so it seems - looking at my place to see if they want to rent it, is an interesting exercise. it's a bit like dating. i think. a lot of 'i'll call you'. 'i love it...let's talk to tomorrow...'...and then, nothing. i'm beginning to feel cheap. i've had two couples look at the place over the last two nights and both loved it - the couple last night wanted me to say yes right then and there...i told them we'd talk in the morning but that i could see no reason why i wouldn't rent to them. and i would. i will. but now, total silence on their end.
all good. they can decide not to take it. not to want it. no problem. i have others who want to have a look so maybe one of them wants to rent it...but the not calling or responding to calls or e.mails is bullshit.
onward and upward.

g. xo

bed frame anyone?

i have this EQ3 metal and wood slat bed frame thingy...anyone need one. at EQ3 it would be 150 plus tax...

for you...much cheaper.

g. xo

for sport.

i've never been one to drink as a result of stress or in troubled times as i don't, or didn't see it as a means to anything, in the end. i, however, in the past week or so, have taken to having a few beverages purely for sport. ok. fine. to calm my worried mind. or something. not more than a couple of drinks - well, saturday corie, neil and i had more than two each but, that's an exception to be sure. the other night, as i moved, yet, another load of stuff to the new place, i stopped in at topanga for a quick meal as i still didn't have any food at my place, and found myself with a margarita and beer in front of me. thanks goodness. that and the taco and enchilada made everything ok. my drinking, drinking days are well behind me, many years behind, but i still do love a good margarita and that dos equis ain't so bad either.
the boxes have given way to art work yet to go up - although the majority of art has found a place and new home on the walls of the new place. it's feeling better there. still a ways to go - stuff finding a home in a closet or cupboard, a desk to be made, books to be put on shelves that don't exist yet, a bbq to be bought (damn, they's expensive for a decent unit...but well worth it...), a table for outside to be made - paralam and aluminum..., a bed frame to be put together, etc...but soon, very soon, a housewarming thingy/open house will be happening soon - i'm hoping that this will happen before xmas...complete with floyd's world famous baked beans, garn's pulled pork sandwiches and sonoran hot some veggies for the weak of heart...or those wanting to save their heart.
oh. shaw finally figured out that i do, indeed, live at 1680 not that's good...telus, on the other hand, is having a problem with this...still. more as this develops. it's pretty good though.

have a great thursday.

g. xo

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

may be true...

this is getting bad.
according to my pal anita - who works at shaw and is a great gal....the building was to have been changed to 1698 from 1680 on sept. 28/09. and she gave me the name of the woman at my developer that/who changed it.
if this is true it opens a whole can of worms. i've already changed my address with the post office, telus, fido, etc...and all my mortgage papers say 1680.
i sense a big bag of shit is about to smack me in the head.

i'm trying to remain calm.

g. xo

Monday, November 23, 2009


according to shaw cable, specifically a woman by the name of fabiola, my new address isn’t 1680 w. 4th but instead, 1698 w. 4th. sure it is. how could I be so stupid? all those documents i signed that had 1680 all over them were, indeed, wrong. they’ll move my cable to 1698 but can’t move it to 1680. and another guy at shaw suggested i bring down my papers to prove that’s where I live. pardon?

funny stuff.

i had no problem moving my hydro or telus thus far. the postal re-direct has seemingly gone through but old fabiola seems to be an idiot. and it’s not that she just misguided, which could be the only thing wrong here, because she could be getting some bad info…it’s the tone. the condescension that she uses…that i don’t know where i live.

i’ve made a few calls.

g. xo

Sunday, November 22, 2009

constructionist sherman give away.

hey there kids!
i do love both of these items but, alas, they are not going to make the trip west. i went to both of these shows in nyc and brought home the prints as momentos, had them framed but now they can be yours.

let me know if you'd like them...if not on to craigslist they go.

g. xo

upside down, upside right

moving out....

moving in...

did as much as i could by myself yesterday...then corie stepped-in and helped me more my couch (along with some help from lacrosse tough guy neil..) so now all that's of the big stuff is my bed - which we're gonna try and fit in to his truck later today.
i'm a little tuckered out i must say...up late after a great break from some drinks and food at topanga...but it's all coming together. more today.
i'm gonna move lary over now...

more later.

g. xo

Saturday, November 21, 2009

lost and found.

more and more boxes are and have made their way over to east/west fourth. yesterday morning, before work, i took some over and again last night. it's a sea of boxes over there now instead of here but soon that will change as i have been putting away a little each time i have been there. i'm gonna try and move some of the bigger items today - whatever will fit in the element and may take a load in larry and then leave him there in his new parking spot. lucky fella.
the parade of possible renters continues tomorrow as it did last night as well. i had two perspective sets of renters here last night looking around and two different sets of people you've never seen in one room. well, sure you have but, not in this place. the first guy was a very nice, polite, shoes off at the door, fella who was so pleasant and great i would have given it to him on the spot except in all fairness to the other couple that showed-up shortly after him, i had to hold off. they were nice as well, well, she was but her boyfriend was a bit of a wad. very, very cool - or so he thought, aloof, a rebel, spoke to me as if he was kinda doing me a favor by being there....she was nice and asked the right questions and all i could think was, "dump that fucking loser..." even though i have some others coming tomorrow, if mr. polite can provide references and such, he's the man. he loves it here and wants in - or so he said. good guy and he's a pastry chef so...
and to those people who called and e.mailed and didn't show-up...go fuck yourself...
as i was talking to him, senor pastry chef, i looked down and saw my glasses underneath my coffee not only is he a good guy, he's a lucky now i don't have to go and buy new you can all stop looking now...nice. we go.

have a great saturday.

g. xo

Friday, November 20, 2009

hat action.

cam sent me this blog link. this guy makes custom hats...pretty good stuff.

some nice action that came his way by way of senor craig northey.


g. xo