Thursday, September 30, 2010

bombers best dressed list, donuts a-plenty and more last days ahead.

last night after our game, a spirited affair that saw neither team play very well but we did well enough to win, we took our team pic for the year...good fun...we have spanking new sweaters/jerseys that are quite nice and wanted to show them off to the folks who are responsible for us having them - park place dental (for all your dental needs...) great bunch of guys, even better looking in our gear.

i mentioned a while back that ethical bean - very close to the shop - had bought a donut machine and were trying their hand at making a good product to sell there..well, that time has arrived. they hired a woman who has some degree of baking experience and she's turning out some fine death/fat bombs...a cake donut for those who care about such things...go there, have one. it's not gonna kill ya. well, not today.
today is my last day on the film i've been working on for the last four months or so...we just had a nice lunch down at me and julio's and i'm about ready to pack it in. it was a tough show, for everyone and i think we're all happy we made it through without killing each other. sure, there were arguments, pissing contests and such but. like any family, in the end we're all still here and have each others best interests in mind...until the next one when we want to kill each other once again at some point.
tomorrow's october and sees the last month of the lawn cutting season upon me once again. it has been a weird lawn order year, the hot weather killed me and the lawns with not much cutting for almost a month at one point. but i still had a great time cutting and will, still, for another month. so, if you need a final cut call me, if you owe me for cuts, pay me, if you just wanna say hi, call me.
have fun.

g. xo

Sunday, September 26, 2010

the scottish national...maybe....

'the twilight sad' have always sounded great to me on paper...know what i mean? you hear a band's name, you hear people talk about them, read a little about them, then hear a few songs and think, 'they're ok..." and that's that...well, i don't know about their new album but i sure like this new track, 'the wrong car'. it's epic and the video is just creepy enough. a little 'veils', a little 'the national'....and little...

check it out...

g. xo

Saturday, September 25, 2010

last days and pianos to the bible belt

a couple things are coming to an end in the next few days - the show we're currently working on and the tomatoes that have been growing on my deck the last few (many) months...
yup. the show - unnamed here - is a goner and all the film is in the box and it's all up to the editors now and we'll be expecting our invites to the crew screening and the oscars very soon. i think i'm outta there wed. of next week and then it's just the death throws of lawn order for the year and then....i dunno. i was thinking, as some of you may know, of going to mexico to take some intensive spanish lessons but am now rethinking that as...well, i just am and may be staying put. (i'm not happy about it, honestly, but life is what it is and sometimes that's that...) i may still go but....
the tomato plants met their end this morning and really, they owed me nothing. i got a great harvest and even as i write this am making more sauce to freeze and eat at a later date. garvie brought over some sauce she had made from some of my stock and it was great. while the count got muddled, as my neighbours grabbed a few from me, i grew over two hundred usable tomatoes and i think that's pretty great.
last night after work andrew and i went over to ailsa's ex's and picked-up a piano that she wanted moved as the place has been sold and the piano needed a new home...and it found one in abbotsford. andrew helped me load it on the cube van - thanks andrew - and then i went and got the garbs and we made the trek out to the bible belt to unload a piano. i think the worst park was seeing the garbs - all six foot six inches of him, crammed in the front seat of the cube van...he's a trooper.
it's a funny place, abbotsford, and i can't get into all that now, but it's kinda funny scary, funny religious, funny....not ha ha....
we ate dinner at me and ed's pizza, got dipped cones afterwards at dairy queen, and then hit the road
so a big thanks to the garbs and andrew and paul for lending me him cube van for a quick run...nice guys. good men.

ok. i have to finish this sauce and get to cutting grass....

g. xo

pics from the end.

the last harvest.

Friday, September 24, 2010

movin' on out...

my wicked tenants - they really are and have been awesome - have given me their notice as they're moving back to montreal. too bad. great couple. and nice enough to gve me lots of notice - six months notice.
so. i know it's a long way away but, if you know anyone who's looking for a place come march first 2011, let me know and i'll shoot you all the details.

g. xo

Thursday, September 23, 2010

great...just fuckin' great.

this from the official canadian government web site....and i'll say this, if i can't drive there, i may not go at all. driving is half the fun....i'm officially bummed.

"OFFICIAL WARNING: Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada advises against non-essential travel to the border areas between Mexico and the United States, due to continuously high levels of violence linked to drug trafficking in those areas.

Canadians should avoid crossing Mexico’s northern border by land, as shootouts, attacks, and illegal roadblocks may occur at any time. Criminals especially target SUVs and full-size pickup trucks for theft and carjacking along highways of the states of Nuevo León, Tamaulipas, Baja California, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Durango, Sonora, and Sinaloa. Travellers are advised to reconsider their need to travel by land to or through these border states and should do so only if it is absolutely necessary, and after making appropriate arrangements to ensure their personal safety."

g. xo

Monday, September 20, 2010

rage against the (new) machine

that was a weekend for sure...lawns, hockey, bbq, movie, laundromat, etc...
i bought a new trimmer - weed eater - on friday and gave it a test run on the weekend...what a fuckin' disaster. it made me hate the guy who stole mine last saturday even more...fucker. and while i bought a super duper pro. model shindiawa, it's a learning curve to be sure. i have always used a bent shaft machine - pardon? and this new one is a straight shaft and it's messing with my brain. i'll get it eventually, but as i told corie in a fit of rage and over-worked sweatiness - it's hard learning a new tool while cutting people's lawns for money...they don't expect me to be using their lawns as outdoor classrooms...lots of swearing, more learning. it'll be fine...just not yet.
cracked my head on the ice during our bombers win saturday night. it hurt. i had my feet taken out from under me and the next thing i knew my back hit the ground, then my elbow and then, finally, my head snapped back and hit the ice...good times. all's well now - well, some soreness to be sure but i can work and cut some grass yesterday so it's not so bad, but the muscles in my neck hurt today and the elbow is fuckin' sore when i touch in on anything...but, as i saw this morning, i wasn't the only one to get dinged on the weekend. corie has a pretty decent wipe out while running with some sandwiches in hand near meinhardt. (hopefully some pics soon...) oh, and i also walked into a trailer hitch on the back of a pathfinder on sunday - shin first. that smarts.
garvie and i had a great weekend, after all my falls and scrapes. went and saw 'the american' staring teen heart throb george clooney sunday afternoon... was it good? um, maybe. i think so. sure. then we had a little rainy day bbq action at the house doing up some salmon fillets and a great beet salad thingy. nice relaxing sunday night.
my pal tammy, who lives not far from my dad over in victoria/sannich, is now the proud owner of the lawn order hoodie i had on her last week...nice to see her smiling face and the lawn order hoodie making its way to her...wear it with pride!

ok. back at it.

g. xo

tammy and her new hoodie!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

happy birthday senor tornack.

yes, the man with the fanciest mountain bike in town, is having a birthday today...we, katherine, corie and i, went out last night for a very casual birthday dinner at topanga complete with our own bottle of tequila - that we really didn't take advantage of but it was very nice of andrew to being it to us...and then the staff came over and sang happy birthday to him...nice.

have a great day mr. tornack.

g. xo

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

probably not on issy's playlist

i just came across this...and i sent the link to the garbs and then thought i should put it here...wowza.

check it out...and stay until the end. and then check this for more...

nice work.

g. xo

main st. metal man

g. xo

lip reading

this is awesome....

g. xo

Monday, September 13, 2010

workin' it out

tolbert. his name is mike tolbert and he's 5' 9" tall and he weighs in at 243 lbs. they call him the bowling ball. he plays for the san diego chargers and since 'he who can not be named on the blog' and i decided we'd follow nfl football this season - he picking the green bay packers as his team and me taking the colts (or at least we're saying we're following it so that we have something to talk about monday mornings) - i have chosen tolbert, even though he's not on 'my team', as my player of the year. the one i'm gonna watch. he plays it like he means it. i like that.
garvie went back to work today after a nice long vacation and i know it's gonna be tough getting back into the swing of things but it'll all work out... i tried my best to make her first day back at school just a little bit bearable...she knows what's what and is very good at her job, makes me proud just to be in her presence doncha know...
tonight, for the first time since moving in here, i went down the hall - after throwing my dinner in the oven to heat-up - and used my gym...well, the building's gym. pretty good, i'm not entirely sure why i haven't before today. and when i was all done the left over pulled pork i made the other night was good to go and wicked potato salad that ailsa had made for us was a perfect little dinner...the headphones i have though are gonna have to be exchanged for something a little better or i'll have to go tuneless....
the last gasps of this show we're on are happening now, and they're big gasps...a lot of changes in the final days...six more days after today...all over and then the crying...

sleep well.

g. xo

** 164 tomatoes...and counting...**

Sunday, September 12, 2010

my man wilson...

i gave the super pest a t-shirt today that i had thought his son wilson would like. i bought it in tuscon the last time i was down there...
looks like he likes it...



down with the count...

for those keeping score at home....

laurie mercer is still an asshole (just in case anyone was wondering what his status is...) rick priske aka rick rock is, also, still an asshole...

and the tomato count is 146...and still many more to pick. i made some pulled pork yesterday and used some of my tomatoes in it and i felt pretty good about that i have to say...

get ready for monday - remember to wash behind your ears.

g. xo

Saturday, September 11, 2010

if you see...

...some douchebag asshole fucktard walking around with a very used gas weed eater - grab it and beat him with it...he stole it from me today - when i was cutting grass and no more than 30 ft. away from it....

so awesome.

fucking asshole. thanks.

g. xo

Thursday, September 09, 2010

bombers go for the green

a sleepy corie models the new bomber green

last night saw the unveiling of the new bomber hockey sweaters - and 'sweat' is right as they're made of a heavier material (quite nice) than the original bombers blues and you know it - and i think they were well received and look great. we managed to win in our debut of the green and dedicated our first game in green to bomber brother pete w. who has just had his third hernia surgery. nice.


g. xo

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

heads-up...old school lawn order re-print.

ok. so i opened a whole can of worms and now am thinking of re-printing the original lawn order shirt - the one with the man on the back cutting with a three-wheeled lawn mower. the original with the slogan mishi came up with on the back, 'stealing jobs from kids since 2005'.

if i do this it will be in the next week or so. the shirts will be men's cuts - i'm sorry but it's hard to deal with the mix of men's and women's when i do short runs...they're gonna be 12 bux each. hoodies could be done as well but contact me and we can talk about it. if you want one..or two...

dan sports the new style

craig sports the rare kelly green number...not the green the new reprint will be...lighter.

g. xo

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

hearts bionic

issy sent me this link and in the interest of keeping all of you alive - only 'cause i love you - check it out and, maybe, one day, be a super champ and save someone's life.

that would be worth a burger.

g. xo


cam added this tid bit to the cpr post...thanks...

Monday, September 06, 2010

anyone going to victoria

hey there.
my dad had me do an exchange for him at ikea - when the were over he bought a bunch of stuff for their place since victoria has no ikea...yet - and they bought a couple carpets that ended-up too big...
ANYWAY....i did the exchange and want to get the small carpets to their place...sure, i can drop them on the greyhound but thought if anyone was heading to the island, i could drop them in your car...

let me know...

g. xo

Sunday, September 05, 2010

a couple of classics...

as i said the other day, there was, maybe, going to be a old school (design) lawn order hoodie up for grabs...or trade or...whatever...well, here it is. it's a men's small and is a beautiful light blue...first come first served...

also, a very nice luchador shirt i picked-up in tucson that is also a men's's a beaut. again, first come first served.

g. xo

ambleside action

yesterday afternoon ailsa, fiona and i hopped in larry and drove over to ambleside to have a little beach blanket bingo. we ate like champs, they made a sand castle - i watched - and we had a little relax in the sun. fiona went non-stop and was pretty tuckered out by the end of was i. it's hard doing nothing. i don't relax well but did pretty well yesterday. after the beach we headed over to ambleside brewing to see blair and ji - fiona was not impressed by the smell of mash and barley...then we dropped by savary island pie company and grabbed some pie for after dinner.
nice day....
lawns today and some errand action...oh, and i picked 18 more tomatoes bring it up to a sunday total of 101 deck tomatoes.

have fun....

g. xo

fiona and ailsa get working on a sand castle.

nice work.

some of the snack action.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

late season harvest

while it's not truly a late harvest, it is getting close to end of my harvest time for the tomatoes....and frankly, i've got more than i can use now...i picked another 38 tomatoes this morning to add to the total of 45 from before - and that was a conservative estimate really, it could have been over 50 before today's total - bringing the deck total to 83...more blanching and freezing this morning for use later in the year.
i was up early this morning as shauna and devon had asked me if i would be a good fella and give them a life, with their bikes and devon's man, john, to the ferry in tsawwassen..sure, no problema...they're going over for a friend's wedding on galliano and will come back monday sometime.
after i dropped them off i went and met with issy at the local white spot and had breakfast with her....issy's a killer and a great breakfast companion. she always let's you know what's what - sometimes using the 'f' word which is always a treat...
ok...back to my harvest - i'm gonna make some more ketchup since i sent jess and cam home with the last batch...

have a wicked saturday...

g. xo

still many more to come...

look at that!...nice...

please come and take some...

Friday, September 03, 2010

number one in your program, number one in your heart...

it's the latest addition to the warhurst and bomber family - jakob.
as i mentioned yesterday or whenever, matt and his wife megan, who were practicing making babies for a while, actually made one and the little fella is now with them and us. megan is doing well and matt's all a flutter.
congrats kids!

g. xo

Thursday, September 02, 2010

over and out.

so yesterday was a bit of a shiteater but today started off much better....and then...i decided to go for lunch to la taqueria.
it's over.
well, for lunch anyways. the joint has become a victim of its own success - which is a good and bad thing. good for them, bad for me. i can no longer go there on a work day and have lunch. this bums me out. it's just too busy there now. and like i said, good for them. so today i ended-up having an over-priced reuben sandwich instead. i won't say where because some good pals love it and i don't want to bring neg. press to a place well loved by others i love. good sandwich. too much money for it.
oh well.
and now, as a guy who rarely ever gets called to set to work anymore..well, tomorrow now i may have to. tomorrow, the one day in probably the last three shows where i was about to ask to leave early so i could go to a birthday party with garvie. fuck.
this afternoon is a bummer...

g. xo


ok. so the last picture i had on here of my new fabulous luchador ring didn't really show the scale that well....hopefully this new one does.
you really should get yourself one.
i really need a taco...
oh...bomber brother matt warhurst and his much better half, megan, are now the proud parents of a bouncing baby boy - jakob i believe is the little fella's name. they live near issy so maybe a tomato pie is in their future as a congrats. pics here yet at the old blog but when i get one...

g. xo

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

i think this could be awesome...

or sad...but really, it could be just what the doctor ordered. a documentary about teen star tiffany and a couple of obsessed fans. i saw her once at the pne....awesome.

do you ever get that feeling like you know what's going to happen well before it does? i do...shit, i'm having it right now. in fact, all day today and yesterday. trust your gut i've said before. the winds of change and all that shitola. i won't be welcoming this change if it comes but sometimes there's no stopping it.

hockey with the bombers this week and soon the regular season starts and away we go...hopefully to a winning, or at the very least a highly entertaining, fun-filled season. i suspect i'll be playing some games with the cowboys as well but we'll see what happens there.

in local news: there's trouble at la taqueria - and i've waited to report on this - but one of the owners is, maybe, being deported. why? i dunno but i am trying to find out what's what...get your tacos now, there could be trouble brewing.

ailsa suggested, and it was and is a good idea, that i keep a running total of the tomatoes i have picked off the plants on the deck. so, here ya go: 45 as of today. some of which have been eaten, some cooked and frozen, some given away and some made into ketchup like sauces and one bbq type sauce. nice.

i'm thinking about buying a natural gas heater for the deck to extend the summer a, a good one of those is a few bucks...but it'll be worth it i think.

more as it develops.

g. xo

out like a lion, in like a lamb

welcome to september. really. welcome.
we could have had one of the driest august's on record but because of the 56 mm of rain yesterday, it was one of the wettest. blame it all on one day.
september holds the end of this current show we're on - one that saw our man don-hoven come on board for a little here and there. the boys like him so, hopefully, after this show, he'll be back. him and his maniacal laugh.
august's hold on the growth of lawns has been released, hopefully - again with the hope - and i'll get back at some grass i have been letting do it thing in the sun. september has always been a time to get back at lawns let go but this last august was the worst august in lawn order's six year history. i loved the sun but my lawns hated it.
speaking of hope, i'm trying to have some...i'll stop now because i always get accused of being i believe in faith. and karma. and other such things but god, not so much god - he has alluded me. i'm playing the agnostic card for now - until i'm in a boat taking on water in the middle of the ocean and then...
i just had a thought and then the phone rang and now it's gone...
anyways...oh, i know...there may be a lawn order hoodie in blue available's size small...the original front design with the dude on the back with the three wheeled lawn mower. hold tight i'll let ya know.
i'm tired. my brain hurts a little and i need to just relax...

i love you.

g. xo