Saturday, November 20, 2010


after i dropped-off the shoes to garret, which seem like they may work, i had a drink with tyler, cassie, garret and alex in the zocalo. you really do see it all go by there - the world. we parted ways as i need to get some clothes washed and my back is really fucked today but then - as i'm one to see something shiny and go in that direction - i ended-up walking much farther than i had planed and i think i may have discovered where all the locals go to shop and eat and sleep on the ground. (see photo above and below.) and before i knew it i was deep down near the second class bus station and talking with locals and having a good time...then my back really went south. and now it was a long walk back here. uphill.
good times.
so here i am, after lying on the floor for a bit, thinking that i better get my laundry to the women down the way so i have clean clothes next week...she's closed sunday so...

ok. enjoy.

g. xo

nap time.

miss. telcel tries to sell a few phones in her hot blue and white jumpsuit.

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