Tuesday, November 16, 2010

hookie or more 'hola, me nombre es..'

i'm tired.
really tired.
between the crappy bed, the poor water situation, the language meltdowns..i'm tired. today after classes i didn't know if i could go and hang with luiz but he said we should go for a walk and just hang out and talk...and i, sadly, got a little frustrated - not at him but at 'things'. whatever they were, but i kept it cool. but inside i was freakin' out. he said we should go to the ice cream shop and just sit and talk and we would do some spanish - which i had no interest in. then. but after a while we talked and i made made up sentences that made at least a little sense but i had this fuckin' headache that wouldn't go away. yes, i was drinking and have been drinking enough water. i think i'm just fried. i have decided that this is a great school but i need more conversation between us - the students - every day. we just read, and write and read and write. the morning session is three hours of classroom study and then we go out onto the grounds and do more - but the other classes - the more advanced kids - they don't do any more writing during this time, they talk to each other. now, i know my conversation with a classmate may be broken, but it's taking some of what we've learned and using it practically. i think i need that.
what i don't need is any more of this tile game where we spell words based on questions she asks us...that maybe cool as a one on one teaching tool, but when three sets of hands are trying to go in at once and all spell the same word (there are two teams trying to make the word first, three on each team..) it's mayhem. and i don't think i'm learning anything from it.
and i was thinking of playing hookie tomorrow but may go to school - i haven't decided yet - and will decide in the morning. my neighbours richard and patty have just told me that they have rented a car and that they'd love to have me take the day off and go with them to a village they're visiting....i'd love to go but am feeling guilty about skipping school this early on. i just had a long chat with them and they're awesome - i've been very lucky in meeting cool and interesting people down here...

more tomorrow..

g. xo

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