Tuesday, April 29, 2008

the cold comes to our house...

yup...it came and hit us both. shauna was hit harder than i was, or have been, and she saw some good couch time over the weekend taking advantage of the tv and all its channels. she decided last night, after a second day on it, working yesterday instead from home and not paying as much attention to the tv, that she had had enough of the couch - for now. there's been a lot of kleenex and such consumed in our place the past few days. i did manage to cut a couple lawns but i left a few until i was more set to do them - that and the rain didn't help.
shauna broke her glasses this morning and had them taped together like the computer geek that she is...i kinda like that look...i helped her out and grabbed some super-duper glue from the shop and fixed them up...for now....
there was some hockey on the weekend as well...we, the bombers, have won all three of our games in div. 3 and may be getting moved up to div. 2..i kinda hope not...i like the pace of spring league. i need to find the groove again - i was getting more into it when i was playing more, some games during the week at eight rinks...trying to get in better shape...but i wonder sometimes if it's just plain old drive, that it's gone south a little. then, other times, i just get caught up comparing mayself to others and that's no good - i can only do what i can do, and i know i'm hard on myself...good times...we play again tomorrow night....then it may be up to div. 2...and my pal otis and the north shore rockets.
a couple home projects going on here, nothing of any real note, got may hair cut by the world's best chopper - k-win, and then went and walked around a bit. this cold is still holding on so another night in the red chair is what i'm gonna do...

ok. rock on.

g. xo

i just found this picture of blair from when we were in toronto...i'm not sure why he put the menu thingy on his head, but he did. i love that guy.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

they could use a little old school right now...

the habs aren't doing so well in their second round games vs. the flyers...don bull send me this picture of his canadians hockey cards...they could use some of those guys right now....

g. xo

Saturday, April 26, 2008

rockin' hard for scotty hard....

tonight was hardstock at the fabulous commodore ballroom, the benefit concert for scott harding who was injured a couple of months ago in NYC while returning home form work.
so many gave a lot to make it all happen and it felt good to go there and see the fruits of their labour. i know it sounds corny and such but, scott's got a lot of great friends who really have gone to bat for him in his time of need. and i was happy to be able to give a little myself but really, the way that people like dennis mills, nick jones and craig northey were able to bring together - with the help of many, many others, a great show of not only musical talent but of heart as well, is an amazing feat to say the least. i'm a little tired but just wanted to get these photos on the bloggeroo and then go to bed...good work each and everyone of you....and i know if i ever need you, you'll be there to buy me a burrito or pick me up when i need it....you're good friends.
ok, enough sappy bullshit...here are some photos from tonight...


all the musicians from last night really did a great job....and those i can remember really don't need a pat on the back but i'm gonna give them one....

barney bental, paul hyde, the hard rock miners, mike webster, craig northey, pat stewart, doug elliot, dave genn, brad merritt, neil osborne, dave ogilvie, taylor nelson-little, john mann, colin james, gord bidanic, roxanne, jim cummins, swank, ray mcguire, smitty, ....and all the sound dudes i knew there...blair, chris, the gibber, greg reely, byron....good work.

and to the house of blues, the commodore and dave fortune..thanks....

g. xo

the gibber ran a tight ship backstage.

if i keep this hoodie on no one will know i'm here.

mike webster and dennis mills talk rock,

all the boys who made the show sound tight...

noah meet coco, coco this is noah.

dave rave rocks out.

hey dr. rob...

it's barb and dr. rob...

get down sister.

the gibber and his 'friend'.

if i just keep this hoodie on rob....

hey coco...

hey craig...good show.

more rock action.

doug...settle down.

barb rocks out backstage.

blair after seeing barb rock out.

blair and pat...

craig gets in on the rock action.

blair and chris crud...

Thursday, April 24, 2008

lawns and dogs....

stella and rosie get down.

stella came with me on the lawn order rounds today - which was only two lawns but very important work doncha know...we did lisa's and the last next door - so stella got to meet (kind of..) kojak the guard dog and the woman next to lisa's gave me twenty bux even thiugh i told he i didn't want to take it...i've heard she's a great baker but still haven't seen a pie come my way...or cake..or ....
we then headed-up to jessica's and while i was doing the outta rass i put stella in the backyard so she could do whatever it is she does in backyards. matt, jessica's husband, came home and let their dog, rosie, out to play with stella. rosie's dog that has a ton of energy...more than stella may have wanted to deal with but she played along...rosie doesn't really understand the mower concept and was running around in front of the mower as i did the grass and she nipped at my legs as well...good times. whirling blades and frisky dogs...nice combo.
later on stella got to watch me wash the car, load some of 'he who can not be named on the blog' s stuff into my car for delivery tomorrow and then a trip to bosa to get a sandwich for the garbs - which we took to granville island...the garbs loves the new bosa club panini. then it was home to do laundry and watch the wings/colorado game...nice.
now it's bbq time...more as it develops.

g. xo

come to my opening/party....it costs 11 bux.

i received an invite to an opening that took place last night. the invite was for me and a guest, and would i please RSVP. sure, i will, and i did. it said on the invite that additional guests would have to pay regular admission to the show. ok fine. as it turned out, so would i....and my guest.
so why the fucking invite? why would i RSVP to something i have to pay for?...so you know how much money you're gonna make that night? fuck you...and as much as i want to support my pals in this show...
besides...that idiot and all-round fucktard marc bricault is involved in the show so....you don't want to support that retard.

have a great thursday.

g. xo

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

shauna's new ride...

someone got a brand new silver bike today...and it looks great. good work shauna!


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

goin' green - it's easy - just walk there....

...then make sure you take a cab home the long way.
tonight shauna and i went to the swell show at the hong kong bank of canada on georgia street. the propellor kids have a hand in it and i like to support whatever it is that they have going so...it's a design show of sorts that focuses on sustainable products and material usage in these products....or something like that - you know, a kitchen table made from old inner tubes, bamboo chairs that will biodegradable over the next three years and then can be used as filler in your garden, that sort of thing. i ran into dr. rob kozak there and we discussed our book, "the longest cut", which both of us had thought the other had lost interest in...i sure haven't, and apparently, neither has he, so it's back on the burner. i'm taking pre-orders for this next best seller.
mishi was making her way outta there as we arrived and i only had about three words with her. she was with her brother, peter, and they were off to get some food...like pronto. no time to talk.
it's was really a who's who of the sustainable set. pam, tobe and nic from propellor, me, shauna (oh wait, we have three vehicles and i use gas mowers so i'm not really on that list....), artist cam andrews and his lovely wife and better artist jess, dr. rob, karen k., mark mushet and gudrun will of the vancouver review and mark mushet photography - who recently celebrated their 17th year together (holy ape shit...), glass artist robert studer, etc....corie tornack failed to make the play as i suspect he was watching his poor calgary flames get taken to the cleaners by the san jose sharks...maybe next year...maybe.
after shooting the breeze/shot with the kids, we headed over to get some snacks at joey tomatoes...huh? yup, we ended up at joey tomatoes...it made me think of joel. no reason, it just did.
ok...so it was a big night out...tomorrow night it's the movers and shapers show at the vancouver museum....maybe i'll run into that dick marc bricault there....or maybe larry...or both...could be entertaining.

g. xo

my old pal nicki made the snacks at the swell opening....she's good like that. she moved to scotland and fell in love and got married and now lives there...pretty exciting.

pam...looking great as usual...

tobe and robert studer chit chat...

cam's much better half jess. she does some wicked photos.

dr. rob and a chair made for him.

that nick is good lookin'.

my man wilson

part of yesterday that didn't go as planned was hockey at GM place - and really for no other reason than that i was very tired from two games the previous two nights and three lawns earlier in the day (one of which was the dog lawn...) i really need to keep snacks in the car...i start to lose it from a lack of food and then it's too late.
back to the hockey.
because the canucks - ha ha ha ha - didn't make the playoffs there's time available for rent at GM place. so dave 'killer' fortune arranged through his work and GM place a time for us to slap on the blades and play some shinny.
i got out there and was so tired and when one of the goalies had forgotten half his gear it became clear we were only gonna have one goalie, and i hate that...and the play was sloppy and much like being on a frozen lake and i just couldn't find the gears...so at half time, i made my way to the showers and then home. i just needed to sit down.
the one great thing though at the hockey was that craig northey had brought his son wilson out to play with us. all craig's kids are excellent and you'd wish if you ever were to have kids you get some like his - but i wouldn't...i'd get the bratty shit disturbers so...no kids here...
wilson was great out there with people not only twice or three times as old and he but also twice to three times as big. and there he was stealing pucks. good player that wilson. and better yet, a good guy.
ok. i'm gonna get some shit done.

more as it develops.

g. xo

Monday, April 21, 2008

good god

from the time i left the house today...to the very end of my day....it has sucked.

i hope tomorrow's better.

g. xo

and on the eighth day...

good god. it's like a vision.


g. xo

Saturday, April 19, 2008

cuttin' lawns and running errands with stella...

shauna's taking a sommelier course today at robson square so it was just me and stella...i wanted to get the toppings/bull lawn taken care of so after i dropped off shauna on robson, and after i did drop-by at mishi and garbs' to get some help wrapping a couple of t-shirts i needed to mail to seattle, stella and i headed to a dog park on comox st., before heading off to get my mower, to let her do some visiting with some other pooches...truth is though, stella's not to interested in other dogs....she looks around, maybe runs after or away from another do but, generally, just kinda wanders around peeing on as many spots as she can. it was a little tense at one point when one dog, a terrier i think of some sort, decided he wanted to make another dog - a nice little french bull dog - his personal chew toy. it was kinda insane and disturbing as the one dog latched onto the other's neck and had his way with him as his owner tried to release his dog's teeth and jaw from the poor little fella's neck...you kinda had to be there...but stella and i decided it was time to go...
we went to the shop and then made our way to bull's where, after i had cut the lawn, 'he who can not be named on the blog' showed-up and threw a few zingers bull's way just for good measure. i love that guy...
then a quick stop-in at topanga to collect some cash, a drop-by at corie's to pick-up his skates to take them to get sharpened before our game today at 5 pm, then to the dog store to get stella some fancy dog food, back to the shop to drop off the mower and get my hockey equipment, then over the bridge to the hockey rink to drop off our skates and a little walk through the woods with stella and now home to have a little snack before i have to head out to pick-up corie, cam and byron for our first bomber spring league game...kinda exciting...
i need a little rest....

good times.

g. xo

mishi always seems to have good hair....

stella wondering when the dog fights are gonna start.

hey, it's snowing! that's cool!

no. that's bullshit.

last night megan, shauna and i headed over to commercial drive for dinner - i know, weird, me and the hippies. we tried to get into me and julio's but it was packed so we headed over and had a snack at clove - which was better than i thought - kinda indian stuff...
by the time we got outta there it was snowing quite hard...snowing...it's fucking april! nice. anyhow...it was great to hang out with megan...she's off to mexico next week to tan her buns and have a few margs...nice.
more as it develops.

g. xo

Friday, April 18, 2008

another honda, a new rhonda...marcy gets new wheels.

today was the big day.
marcy bought herself a new car, her second honda in the last few years. she had a great red civic a couple years ago - rhonda the honda, when she was going to school and now has a nice little silver number. good work.
i went over there and test drove it last week and then after some back and forth on the cost, "let me go talk to my manager...."...blah, blah, blah....marcy nailed herself a pretty sweet deal. i went over today and actually drove it home to her place because marcy hasn't driven a stick for a while and it was rush hour so ....better safe than sorry. she'll get back in that standard saddle in no time...like riding a bike.
so happy honda marcy....it's a whole new rhonda.

g. xo

our man edward...car salesman guy.

the new rhonda. nice.