Saturday, November 06, 2010

bummer, good, bummer, good.

this morning i got a taxi from james and antonio's and made my way to the apartment i have rented for the month and into december. i didn't get a chance to look at it when i first got here but am here now and it's great - though i do hope the birds outside my window in the cage know when bed time is so i don't have to shoot them. since i've arrived, after going for a long walk and getting to the bank, etc. the woman in the apartment next to me has chatted non-stop on the old internet and i may as well be in the same room with her as i can hear both sides of the conversation. hopefully she doesn't talk into the night or i may have to kill her as well. she's some sort of eco/government worker/writer/student form the convo i've been hearing...
the apartment is huge, or at least far more than i expected. it'll be a good place to come and chill and just be. nice. i have my own kitchen, bathroom, internet, three rooms to use...i'm gonna go and get some staples later so i can have some stuff to eat here.
i had an orientation this morning, along with some other students - ranging in age from 22 to 60 - so i'm not the geezer in the class. the classes are from 9 am until 1 pm, monday to friday and after school there things you can sign-up to do that are taught/instructed in spanish so you get a real hands on kind of thing. trouble is, the one i wanted to take they're not offering right now - the cooking class. a lot of the students are bummed by this and are trying to get them to get the class added again. i know that one of the major reasons i came here was to learn to cook after the classes. i'll get along just fine but i can't lie and say i'm not disappointed. onward and upward.
i came back here and realized i had been wearing my name tag from the school for the entire time i was out walking around and looking in stores and going to the bank. nice. hey touristo.

ok. i need some food...

g. xo

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