Thursday, April 30, 2009

let's get it on...

tonight marks the start of the second round of the playoffs for the canuckleheads...what a poor bunch of sad sacks those blitering hayseeds are...i mean really...ok, they beat the blues...big fuckin' deal. (and really, who knows what will happen when they start tonight but i will say this...) GO HAWKS! take that sorry excuse for a superstar mats sundin and send him packin'. take the sisters and ...well...they're sisters you'll figure out something to do to them...GO HAWKS!

i'll be at home eating beans.

g. xo

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

i call bullshit

just because you can build it or do it, doesn't mean you have to or should.

this is bullshit.

g. xo

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

upper levels boogie

today at lunch i managed to - and without speeding (well, maybe a little but, really, not much...) drive to furthest west van, cut two lawns and be back at work just after the lunch bell rang to send us back to class. 70 minutes to be exact. not bad. so no real lunch for me today but i did find a cliff bar in my glove box and a flavored water thingy so i was all set-up...a snack would be good though...right about now.
a few fringe lawn people (those not on the usual trap line) called me today and all need their lawns brought up to snuff - i can do that. a busy week for the old lawn order. i love it.
in other news both cam and muc, my bomber brothers, won hockey bets this last week off me..or from me, or whatever. muc won himself a pound of dark roast coffee - soon to be delivered via the post, up to smither's b.c., and cam won the right to challenge me to a double or nothing on the next canuckelheads series with chicago - i feel pretty good about the chicago series, better than i did on the blues' games. that didn't go very well at all. go hawks! once again i am entertaining bets from all.
ok...back at it...

g. xo

oh, the burgers and this is good too...

i've been eating these costco/kirkland frozen hamburger patties mainly because i bought them...which i know is a bad reason to keep eating something that's not that good...but, i can be like that. i bought them one time when shauna and i went there recently and, they're bad. well, not bad tasting exactly but not great. i had had some kirkland burgers before at craig's place at the bomber bbq and thought these were them...nope. but ya know what? ya dress 'em up and watch hockey at the same time and they're ok.
this is ok too...that guy can sure write/print quickly.

have a great tuesday.

g. xo

Monday, April 27, 2009

shitty burgers and tax bills

what can i tell you?
the weather has stayed decent for what seems like days now. shocker. i've been back mowing and, frankly, there's nothing like it. i know it's hard to explain to those who've never needed a little bit of zen in their life, and maybe i don't really understand zen but, i sure love mowing. and maybe it could be anything...washing windows, laying carpet, paving stones, i dunno...but cutting grass is what does it for me. outside, exercise, the smell of cut grass, the sweat, the people who walk by and give me the knowing nod...the smell of gas in my car as i drive around...all of it. i may try and cut a lawn at lunch time tomorrow. just 'cause.
this looks cool. i'd like try it. the suits remind me of my friend chris crude who lives in an orange jumpsuit.
had to go and sign my personal taxes today - which is so wicked. i'm not sure how i made 1/3 of what i made the previous tax year and am paying twice as much in tax...i did forget, well not forget exactly, to buy any rrsps (due to the economic climate right now), but now i don't get the tax break and it's biting me in the ass....i saw some smart folks not buying this year and just kinda went along with it...oops.
not a great hockey weekend. beat 12-0 by a team that really shouldn't be in our league, or we shouldn't be in thiers or...anyhow...that was that. and then sunday we played one of our rivals, the vandals - who have one young fella who loves to stir it up...and then is always surprised when people want to deck him...he and i had a couple small 'issues' and then in the third period had another when i gave him a decent check along the boards. one he didn't like and made that point clear by punching me in the head...nice. well, old lyndon (or linda) cormack got kicked out of the game and is now suspended for three games...wicked.
as i write this the blackhawks are in the verge of knocking the flames out of the nhl playoffs and the giants are in kelowna looking to win game six and force a game seven..(ok..this took a while to write and the giants are out as are the flames....)
ok..i need some sleep...

g. xo

Friday, April 24, 2009

southern expansion interest....

Let me say this right out. I don’t care for carrot cake. I just don’t. I know in many ways it’s like a carrot muffin with raisins and a thick icing but…well, I don’t like carrot muffins either. It’s for this reason I cannot fully endorse the Topanga CafĂ© carrot cake…as much as I’d like to. However, I can tell you this, it’s a huge hit with others who have had it. Sebastian took a piece home the other night to Mishi – she loves it…Corie took some home to Katherine but I think he probably ate most of it…last night Jen with one N and Sara both seemed to enjoy it, as did Corie - again…I did eat some and it’s pretty good, I guess…I’m just not the guy to ask…but, just in case you’re in the mood for some bitchin’ carrot cake, Topanga may be the place to go. I’m still more of a pie guy.
Funny thing. I put an ad, as I do from time to time, on the old craigslist, advertising Lawn Order’s services. I usually get a couple of hits – some for estimates, some saying they just love the name, some to say they love the website, and some say just come and cut it – but it usually gets something. Today I received an e.mail from a guy in White Rock who says he’s been doing what I’ve been doing – just weedeating, cutting, period, for three years and he wants to become part of the Lawn Order family.

My name is Jeff …., I live in White Rock, I have a full time job but have been cutting lawns on the weekends and evenings in the White Rock/S.Surrey/Cloverdale Area for 3 years now.
I love your concept because I only cut and weedeat also, I would be very interested in talking to you about sharing your website, to promote and sell Lawn order in my area.

If interested please call me at xxx-888-xxxx.


Interesting but I think I’m gonna have to give it a pass…as much as I’d love to have the world serviced by Lawn Order, it’s gotta be mine and mine alone. Lawn order is my baby. Thanks jeff.

G. xo

Thursday, April 23, 2009

you can dress him up...

...but you may not want to go out with him...
sometimes, at work, corie likes to get dressed-up in a white painter's suit - aka sperm suits a la woody allen - and then put explosives on the back of his head, that are loaded with any number of things, - goo usually - and blow them up. he's good at it, likes it and who's gonna stop a man's fun? not me.

good times.

g. xo

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

our gal marcy - queen of the flower auction.

one part of marcy's job in the flower biz is attending the flower auctions three days (mornings) a's much more involved that i would have ever thought...a dude with a web show interviewed her the other day...check it out...the audio is kinda shitty but marcy looks like a super duper star!

g. xo

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

whoa dad!

corie brought this to my attention this morning...holy guacamole!


the wheels of justice turn slowly...

as i was putting my taxes together the other night i came across all sorts of paperwork that i must have just thrown into the mix to get it out of the way...for the moment. bills for things i could never, ever write-off, flyers and other crap..but one thing i did find that i found, somewhat, interesting was a notice i had received for jury duty that i never responded to. it was for some criminal case downtown and i was asked to report on a certain day or wrte a letter as to why i could not, i did neither. i hope it wasn't important. i also found a set of parking tickets i had decided to fight. why not? it's worth a try. i usually just pay them, in time, but had decided these ones were bullshit so...and that was before i lost my licence last year and i haven't heard a word. no court date. nothing. nice to see things move along cleanly and clearly at the old courthouse.
a bit of a brainburner yesterday in the salt mine. right in the middle of some hectic shit the cleaners showed-up and were cleaning my desk again, even though i have asked them, for years now, not to...but they just can't help themselves...and at one point the head honcho cleaner was talking to me and i know she was trying to tell me a joke of some sort, but, god bless her, i couldn't understand a word she was saying....i'm sure it was a funny joke...and she was trying to lighten the mood as i melted down just made me more crazy.
ok...back at it...

have fun today....

g. xo

Monday, April 20, 2009

oh my god, garnet henry...

that's how i was remembered yesterday on commercial drive.
mr. henry.
sure, keith, who i ran into, had not had a lot of sleep the night before - many just a few hours - and i hadn't seen him for a little bit, so maybe i shouldn't have been surprised, in that context, that he got my last name mixed-up but it was still a little alarming from someone i've known a solid 20 years or so...keith and i first met years ago when cordova street was the place to be - the block coffe bar, etc...i have gone through that nostalgia before so i won't again now, but it was a great time. keith now lives on denman island and has it pretty good i think...nice to see him...
yesterday was almost as busy as the last...except no lawn cutting. up early, as usual...went to home depot and rented a floor sander for mishi and the garbs so they could do the floors at the pickle, went and had some snacks and nice long walk afterwards with sara, ran into keith, walked some more, went back to the pickle and grabbed mishi and went and bought paint for the floor at the pickle, had a snack, made my way to tornack's and got him to go to bomber hockey - where i found out how easy it is to break a composite hockey stick on the boards - very - and then back to the pickle to pick-up the sander and the kids and take it back to the depot and the kids home....
then, to end my day...matt, senor bomber, had smuggled some bush's best baked beans across the border for me, so i cooked up a can of those for a late dinner...nice. thanks matt!
then it was sleepy time...

have a great monday.

g. xo

keith lives the dram on commercial drive.

these guys live the dream at the giants game saturday night.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

grass, fucked up sandwiches and old pals...

doozie. it was a doozie. this day. as is my way on many a saturday, i was up at 6:30 a.m. and ready to get going...a lot of times i don't have a lot to get to but today was not one of those days. as the first big day of mowing i had to get an early start to make sure i finished them today as it may rain sunday and that would fuck it after some coffee i was off to west van to start in the first of seven lawns i wanted to get done..and so it was...two in west van, one in the west end, one in kits, two in east van and the dog lawn in richmond...i was beat and only having had a 'power muffin' and 'big yummy' from caper's i was in need of some snacks...big snacks. i phoned megan and we met at 'the cheese cave' on commercial and were set on some great sandwiches...alas, they were outta bread (?) and we had to make do with what remnants they had - which were kinda poor - and i have to admit, i found it hard to hide my disappointment...but we moved ahead and ordered our stuff...but i have to say, in the end, it wasn't a sandwich to write home about, as some of la grotto's sandwiches are, but...sure, it had lots of great stuff on it but it was just too much stuff for the bread provided...but i needed food and it hit the spot..kinda, while it fell apart.
as we were sitting outside we ran into sue angle and her man to be, jay scott...i've known the two of them for what seems like forever - jay from my days at citr radio at UBC (we first met in the mid 80's i believe) and sue and i met through the kids i knew while i was working at the railway club...good kids they are..and now they're getting married...nice.
then it was time to go home, shower-up, make my way to the shop, drop off my lawn gear and head to the giants game with 'he who can not be named in the blog'. and then, after the game, head to the north shore and play in the first bombers spring league game....the giants lost, we - the bombers - lost and now it's time for bed....more business tomorrow...

night night.

g. xo

that's one fucked-up sandwich.

jay and in love.

Friday, April 17, 2009

hot dogs and taxes...oh, and some art...

sara and the garbs love the art...

i'm tired...i don't mind sayin' it. it's been a while since i had a real, deep sleep all the way through a night. senor toss and turn and/or mr. check the clock...the allergies are hard this year but, well, maybe that's the main reason, i dunno. maybe tonight i'll get a decent sleep...fingers crossed...
it was the end of another week at the salt mine and they're going quickly...i said that already didn't i? well, they are...i feel badly for the on-set boys as their days start later and later every day - the call time today wasn't until 5:30 p.m....nasty...they're still at work right now. and i'm about to head to bed...geezer.
last night sara, the garbs and i went and saw the 'how soon is now show' at the VAG. i had been trying to get to that show for a while but always seemed to be too busy, too tired or...but last night it finally happened. and i'm not sure i'm sold on felt disjointed and slap-together...sure, there was so good stuff but...a pal of mine has a piece in it but, well, i couldn't find it...* i should say that there are a few pieces that are represented by group names or collective names so...i don't know, maybe he is one of these...the show almost felt as if it was being it was kind of over. i'm still glad i went though...
then it was time to meet up with senor tornack at topanga cafe for some snacks. while we were eating our plates of cal-mex goodness in came a familiar face...well, two familiar faces...but the one i was most interested in was ang...ang had, until recently, been in the hospital with a little tummy it was great to see her looking all fresh faced and smiling...welcome back to the topanga ang! welcome back.
i was suppose to have dinner tonight with marcy but she had to cancel at the last minute so i took that as a sign that i should get some shit tonight was tax night...i love it. seemingly millions of pieces of paper with random numbers written on them...all of which had to be put in piles, categorized, added-up and put in envelopes for my great. a great friday night activity.
tomorrow morning it's banking, then off to cut lawns...yes, the first real full day of cutting this season...i'm pretty stoked. sure, last week i had a taste but, this'll be the real deal...a couple in west van, a couple in vancouver, one in great. see ya on the lawn.

g. xo

Thursday, April 16, 2009

hey film geeks!

your new on-set bag has arrived....or for those of you who just want a good, cheap carry-all bag....

g. xo

how can it be....?

brent and tai hang out on the front step..we park in front of their place for the giants games. tai keeps an eye on them and makes sure nobody breaks into them or steals them. thanks tai.

the days slide by here and, frankly, i don't even notice. scratch that, i do notice this - that all of a sudden it's thursday, payday, and i wonder where the other three days of the work week have gone. and i also get phone calls and letter and e.mails asking me, "how can i get on with my day without my garnville fix?" it's the truth. one came in just seconds ago. maybe i'm still reeling from the death of fidrych or the loss of the thursday lunches - a thing that may come back with time but for now has been shelved. i'm not sure what it is, well it could be that we've been quite busy here, getting shit done and making movie magic - a true oscar winner, i can smell it. like a bad gas of some sort.
so what's been happening?
'he who can not be named on the blog' and i attended a couple of the giants playoff games - one that went seven periods and had our new giants playoff viewer, sara, thrown into what can happen in the playoffs - playing until someone scores - ...none of that shootout bullshit. play until they drop. i think she was surprised by this but hung in there like a trooper and loved it. what's not to love? it's a bit like a circus sideshow - people with small heads, fat men, bearded ladies, fast food and all for a low cost ticket...nice.
the pace here has been fast and frantic - schedule changes do that. but we're keeping up, i think.
have a great thursday...

i love you.

g. xo

Monday, April 13, 2009

heros. mine.

as a kid i had a few heros. gus - a man who lived across the street from my granny's place in port alberni who taught me how to paint a fence and hammer a nail was one. kip, who, amongst other things, taught me how to be a decent young man, appreciate girls and how to excell as an athlete and, maybe, show a little too much emotion at times (read: get worked up and rant and rave a little...) was another. tom snyder, whose death a few years ago affected me more than i ever would have imagined it ever would have for someone i never met. although we did exchange a few very brief e/mails late in his career that i wished i had now to read even though the words were few they meant a lot to me. too was one. tom - who made me feel okay with who i had become and let me know that in no way were suits important to every day life. tom's death, as many know, kicked the shit outta me for a while but, as he would have wanted it, i/we moved forward eating burritos and living our lives with a piece of him still in it.
today, as i was about to turn off the tv, a short, end of the newscast story, came on telling of the death today of one of my all-time heros, mark "the bird" fidrych. mark was rookie of the year in the AL in 1976 and made his mark in baseball with the detroit tigers. his story is one of greatness and casualness at same time. a guy just so happy to be a part of baseball, to be paid for something he'd be doing for free anyways. or pumping gas. he'd be happy doing either. from grooming the mound betwen pitches, talking to the ball, running out and shaking hands with a team mate for a well played ball, he made baseball the game it was in the 70's. a more character driven game. long before free agency and the million dollar contrats, there was mark fidrych. a blonde curly haired pitcher with a huge heart and no internal editor. as a kid i was i awe of him. kip introduced him to me. tim robbins character in bull durham was based on mark. his was a tragic story as well. a story too long to tell here but it was one of injury and a, now very, untimely death.
mark was found under his truck monday. it appears there was an accident while he was working on it. he was a good man, from what i saw and read of him. the world is a little less great today without him.

g. xo

Saturday, April 11, 2009

ticket stubs

i was driving home tonight from dinner and a song by 'grant lee buffalo' came on which got me thinking, for what reason i don't know really, about some of the great shows i have seen over my life time...get ready, a top ? list is on it's way....

i first heard grant lee buffalo on the old jon stewart late night show and saw them perform 'mockingbirds" that night. i was a little stunned i have to say. years later i finally got to see them perform at the starfish room and remember having a conversation with, then, entertainment writer for the globe and mail, chris defoe, and him saying he had no idea they were so good...they were.

i saw wendy o. and the plasmatics a the gardens at the pne with my pal barry while were still in high school. the show was wicked and what made it even better was the conversation i had with joey shithead, who we ran into there, about the state of rock and roll in general while he fillled his mouth over and over again with sunflower seeds and kinda spat them out as he spoke with us.

don bull and i made the scene in 1981 or so for a at the old laundromat on richards street, now called richards on richards, for hardcore 81. we may have gone both nights but the night i remember best was a bill that had doa, seven seconds, black flag, bludgeoned pigs and um..someone girlfriend at the time, karen, wasn't as impressed as we were.

in 198? guido and i were in LA hanging out and doing whatever it was we should be doing in LA and eneded up at a show in anaheim that featured the vocal stylings of ice-t, NWA and someone else...halfway, or so, through ice-t's set a riot, literally, broke out and it was time to was one to the craziest scenes i've ever seen...or know you just gotta get outta there right fucking now..

on a beautiful sunny baseball kinda day, i headed to seattle after working for tony at pacwest in the morning and had a perfect sport/rock and roll day. i made my way to safeco field and watched the royals play the mariners and then headed over to the sit and spin and watched wheat, a band who - to this day - made what i feel is one of the greatest albums ever, mederios. i had a nice conversation with scott form wheat and made my way home, satisfied. i had another simliar day where i saw the mariners and then went to see shudder to great.

the subhumans did a show at the old roxy movie theatre on hastings when i was still in high school....they showed the night of the living dead first and then the subhumans played...and some guy took off his clothes and danced around and on stage a little too i one seemed to concerned. it was good fun.

i had seen nirvana a few times before i saw them at the ok hotel in seattle but...this show was shortly before nevermind came out and everyone knew this was it, that something big was on its way and nirvana would never be the same...they were right and we got to hear smells like tenn spriit for the first time ever....kinda cool.

tom petty and the heartbreakers boxing day 1979 or '80 at the gardens at the pne with the fabulous poodles opening....pretty cool. the police at the gardens with the specials opening was pretty good too.. my head is running too many shows through....but some highlights....

babes in toyland, freedy johnstone, uncle tupelo, tad, nation of ulysses and ween with just a boom box for backing all at the cruel elephant...that was a great place...

bobby bare jr. at the tractor tavern in seattle...a mishi approved show...

pj harvey at the commodore - both times...stunning.

queens of the stone age at richards on richards with dave grohl on drums...a corie approved show.

the jesus lizard at the commodore on halloween night with vocalist david yow dressed in nothing more than fishnets and high heels. several years earlier the best halloween show was nick cave and the bad seeds at the town pump....

ok there's a million more...but nevermind...(thanks for putting up with my trip down memory lane....)

g. xo

Thursday, April 09, 2009

parting shots...

just a couple of shots from here in the coal mine. two good lookin' guys enjoying themselves.

have a great weekend.

g. xo

joel enjoys some deer pepperoni.
corie enjoys the new suit.

and new hair.

the weekend never lies.

Random notes

The Whigs song “right hand on my heart” …pretty good. You should give it a listen…louder than you would a regular rock number.
I was going to cut tomorrow but think I may have to hold off until the next nice day but am also thinking of cutting in the rain – sometimes I actually like that feeling. At the end there’s a feeling I get as I look at the wet cut grass and am a little soaked – I can’t explain it.
I’ve also had thoughts of heading to Seattle for nothing more, no better reason than getting a burrito at Bimbos. Last night the garbs told he liked the burritos at Mama’s better, down on First and Bell, but I think it’s a volume issue not quality, not that Mama’s is bad, but Bimbos serves up the quality and yet still sizeable. It’s all goodness anyway you slice it.
I like sitting in the window at Stumptown coffee as well on Pine.
The Thursday meals have ceased, for now, as it became a little stressful for me. I’m not good at asking for things, in general, and asking for cash to help fund the meals proved an anxiety filled exercise so..I think I’ll make meals every once in a while, because I love to, but will feed all comers and will not ask for money but will have a ‘kitty’ of sorts, that people can throw into. Soon the bbq will fire-up – the one we still have to buy – and I’ll be on that firing up something.
The chocolate bunny comes up this weekend and has a little look around and if he sees Don Bull we get another six weeks of rain. If he sees the Garbs we get an early summer.
This weekend will also see me drain my motorcycle gas tank and fill it with fresh fuel and see if that makes a difference, hard to see how it couldn’t. I’m getting a little tired of the repeated kicks that produce nothing but a sweaty t-shirt.
The Garbs hates the new blog look…and I may be with him on that…I’ll have to see how it weighs on me in a day or two, I can always switch it back.
The Garbs, last night, had a Topanga combo not heard of before, and really off the menu – a chilli relleno and burger combo. And while it seemed like a ton of food during the ordering, when it showed up it seemed very reasonable, for the Garbs. As Corie said, it was like eating a cheese wheel and a burger with a little rice on the side for good measure.
It’s raining. Nice.
The hockey playoffs are coming-up and while I don’t care that much, I am taking bets on when the Canucks will be eliminated. I’m saying it will happen, hopefully, in the first round – bets being taken right now.

Have a great Friday.

I love you.
I really do.

g. xo

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

wicked fan action...

i do love the fans....and this one is one i may try and track down. in the words of banis, "it's a beaut..."

g. xo

in case you care...

..and i'm pretty sure you don't, but...if you ever want to eat the entire topanga menu it will cost you approx. $847.25.

i'm a retard.

i went full retard.

g. xo

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

i'm all for paying for good shit...

but are you fucking high?

g. xo


hhmm...i just passed the 1600 post mark...wierd. but on another note, this is good...loved them then, love them still. a band that has stuck to its guns for a long time...


g. xo

i dunno...

if you see ads on the blog...i'm working on moving them but it's a bit of a pain...bear with them..or click 'em if they interest you...

g. xo

happy birthday louis

Yesterday Shauna messaged me and asked if I was interested in seeing a string quartet play some music composed by Louis Andriessen….was I? It was like a dream come true…okay, maybe not…but I am a fan, surprising to you I’m sure, of the violin. Yup. I like it. And after saying yes, that I’d love to go, I read some on-line banter about the quartet that was playing his pieces, the Rusquartet, from Moscow, and thought to myself, “that could be kinda cool…” there’s a festival on right now that’s celebrating the music of Louis and who am I not to be a part of it…and I was, last night at the Hertitage hall on main street. As I was reading the show’s program I also noticed, or read, that he had done work with Hal Hartley and Peter Greenaway…two guys whose movies I have enjoyed – Hartley more than Greenaway but still pretty cool. If you want more info, because I do know you love the culture, check out this web site built by the talented folks at hey shauna web design
Shortly before leaving for the show, I decided that I would give the old motorbike another kick, so to speak, but after a few too many kicks and failure to get even a mutter or sputter of goodness, I – all sweaty and slightly pissed-off – decided to forgo the bike ride up main and take the element…these new kicks were with a fresh battery and should have done the trick…I am now moving onto the bad gas theory and am going to drain the tank and start fresh there as well. Wish me luck.
Ok…back to it. More later as it develops.

g. xo

Monday, April 06, 2009

new battery...

ok...i have a new battery for the bike...i'm feeling a better now.

g. xo

Sunday, April 05, 2009

i love it...i fucking hate it.

so after i cleaned my bike today i started it and all seemed fine....i then went and got insurance. now it won't start.
i fucking hate that fucking motorcycle.

g. makes me want to kill myself.


some pics of some of the shit outta issy's basement...more where that came from...

g. xo

Saturday, April 04, 2009

tostada hangover

well, i think after the big finale at topanga i must have gone into a blog coma...last post wed. and now i'm just checkin' in...not that you were worried i'm sure...and i'm sure i could go a week or more before you'd think something was up or not up or...anyhow...i've been suffering hard on the alergy set...some days i feel ok and then like a smack to the head i'm fucked. sure, i'm back taking the pills and such but wow, this year is a doozy. i know corie has been getting hit hard as well...nice team we are.
ended-up at issy's today with the garbs...he wanted to put some stuff into issy's long term basement storage and i was looking to purge a little...i went through a bunch of boxes and without looking too hard got rid of a bunch of stuff i haven't looked at in many years....i came back into town with some old orange crush wooden crates i'm gonne get rid of, a blue tupperwear full of 'stuff' - that i will show on here when i find my camera's card and take a few pics...maybe there's some stuff you want...i gave away my turntable to a guy at jj bean....soon i'll have some picture frames to get rid of, once i get the pictures out of them... a huge munich film fest poster - framed, a cow silkscreen....don't ask...a whole load of 'no fun' feels good to liberate this stuff...
while we we out in the 'hood, i stopped by matt's place and gave him a present...he'll see it when he gets home, i think....maybe he'll like it, maybe he won't...a little lovin' from lawn order....
ok..i need to get my shit together...i have a hockey game at 9 pm and need a snack before hand...

have fun....

g. xo

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

further along...

g. xo

international time wasters

more internet goodness courtesy of megan. (winnebago man...oh my..)

g. xo

post tostada nap

it's done. all over. what started sept. 11.08 is now but a dream. a dream one man had (me) of eating everything on the topanga menu. a dream not easily completed and seen to its end. a little fatter, a little more dairy filled and a little proud, i'm done. tom would be proud...i think. or maybe not. but it's done. i can now go back to eating nice regular sized meals made to my exacting standards. "i'll have a half chicken, black bean burito, wet, non dairy, with guac on top. rice no beans and make it el presidente...." now that's a burrito.

i love you all.

g. xo

(thanks to mishi for documenting the big double tostada day...)

getting ready...

i'll have the double tostada dinner...

simon delivers the goods.


i'm in trouble.

corie makes sure i'm not cheating.

tough go.

one more bite.