Friday, November 19, 2010

as well.

as you may remember i went on a tour, hosted by En Via, last saturday out in teotitlan that was excellent. and if you're coming here or wanting to do something great from someone and have a few bucks - no this is not an info-mercial, i believe in should give a little. mishi and i have decided to give some money to one of the women i met so she can get her sewing machine fixed. and i don't say that for any other reason than to help illustrate how easy it is to give directly to someone in this program and help them - sometimes the money you give to charity goes places you don't want it to go or you have no idea where it goes.
anyhow..just sayin'.

En Via

garn. xo

ps. there is also a link now on the right hand side of the blog that you can click and have a little look-see.

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