Friday, November 30, 2007

we'll always have the snake river canyon

as a kid i watched evel knievel jump, and attempt to jump buses, canyons and fountains...he was the man...long before people started calling people, 'the man', he was the man. in his later years he battled various ailments and in the end was a frail man and a shell of his former self...but in my mind he was always the guy who tried to jump the snake river canyon in a rocket motorcycle great.
evel died today.

rest easy.

g. xo

read more at the new york times site.

Thursday, November 29, 2007


nice. i like it.

check it out.

g. xo

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

you're fuckin' kidding right?....

holy crap.

if the little fella and italo were here it would be mayhem. i'm not really sure what to say. the mascots for the vancouver 2010 games were unveiled yesterday....worse than anyone could have ever expected. really. wow. welcome the world to vancouver with those pukey little shits?....nice. we're such hicks.

good times.

g. xo

i used to wake-up grumpy

a co-worker today, this morning, said to me as i sat at my desk looking less than enthused to be there (tired, sleepy - not the same thing, hungry, congested...etc...), that she used to wake-up grumpy in the morning. she said this as she looked at me sitting there. perhaps grumpy, maybe just not ready for the day yet. she says she now wakes up, generally, pretty happy. i can only assume she thinks i need to find the key to waking up happy, and i do, when my cards are played right...saturday morning are great, i'm pretty happy saturday mornings. and sundays are pretty good too. i get my full meal deal of sleep and get to just lie there relaxing until i want to get up. nice. during the week, it's a little harder than that...i want to stay up and see people, or go to the gym, play hockey, hang out with shauna, eat a late dinner and before i know it, it's well past my bed time. and no matter how much i change the time i go to bed, the time i get up stays the same - it's a drag that way....and really (beware of pathetic love related line upcoming...) it's really hard to get out of bed in the morning at the best of times, but to have to get out when you (i) could just stay there and hug a beautiful woman instead of going to work makes it all that much harder. so there.
last night i, with the help of mr. tornack, got the new glass sheets home that will become the new wall in my upstairs loft. it's a laminated glass that's a translucent white so we get the best of both worlds. i get a barrier between the downstairs and shauna gets light coming through the glass as opposed to the wood wall that used to be there that cut off all the light. it's really great looking glass and looks good up there....trouble that i didn't measure both ends of the rail it goes into and it dips slightly at the far end which reduces the height by about 1/4" so as the garbs and i slid the glass down to that end all of a sudden it just stopped and would go no more...we tried a couple of things, i obsessed a little and then we gave up and had sausages and annie's box today i'll make some calls and figure iut how to shave glass down to size...should be interesting..

more as it develops.

g. xo

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


we ain't in kansas anymore. that's the truth billie. we're building us a high rise - some people spell that as one word but i like the way it sounds when you pull them apart and leave just a little space in your intonation, that's fancy speak talk shit, and say high...rise...get it. try it both ways and you'll see what i mean. outside shauna's new office window is a perfect view of the new shit going up at the woodward's site. go man go. from her third floor office you see right down the alley between hastings and cordova, sight of the jackie chan classic 'rumble in the bronx' that tornack worked on i believe, and to the right straight up cambie street. pretty good view of the goings on in the hood. i went down there today for a little bagette lunch with her and stella - a grape and brie bagette....nice snack.
back at the salt mine we're working away making shit happen and getting shit's kinda what we do.

more as it develops....

g. xo

Monday, November 26, 2007

like a giddy 14 year school girl...

i'm on facebook.
why?...i have no idea but through pressure, originally from my pal aisha, i signed-up and got that thing going. yes, i was on friendster ages ago, then moved to myspace when it seemed like the thing to do - again i have no idea why i needed to be there but i was, and now, facebook. and really, i don't have a problem with being on facebook as a means to keeping in touch - although anyone who knows me and is actually my friend knows how to get ahold of me etc. - but the little ad-ons and applications within facebook are the thing that drive me crazy. (if you're not on facebook not a lot of the following will make any sense to you - and god bless you stay off facebook...people who you don't like and those long gone from your memory will find you and wanna 'catch-up'...) but the so-and-so has 'poked you', 'you've received a zombie invitation', 'blah-blah has sent you a drink, and it goes on. i know i'm just being a grumpy old guy but come on....and so it will be one day that i just log-off facebook and on to something else, or nothing, which is kinda exciting now that i think about it. no on-line presence in that regard. no collecting of pals on the internet. sure, it's cool to see photos and see what's what but, i'm sure i'd see the photos i need to see when they're around - eventually. just the blog. which, i know, one day, will end as well - there's on so much i can write about and take pictures of that people will look at a nd pay any attention to...i mean i think today i'll delete my myspace account, no need for that anymore since i never ever look at it....and then we'll see what happens.

good times. have some.

g. xo

Sunday, November 25, 2007

trampoline and trapeze

it's been an obstacle course of sorts the last month or so with moving things out to issy's basement, moving shauna's stuff both to my place and some to issy's, painting and patching, building of two separate shelving units, moving of walls, etc...but this weekend saw the last load to issy's, the final moving of boxes from shauna's to my place - now our place, the moving of shauna's office from main and broadway area to hastings and cambie and the last boxes to be put away at the house...calm may come soon. sure, there are still a few things to do but nothing that needs to be addressed in any short order. the new glass for upstairs will come this week, the UV film for the windows soon after and a little more paint upstairs...soon it should be full steam ahead to sitting on the couch watching desperate housewives and not thinking about what needs to be done next...
last night we went and saw the new cohen brother's movie 'no country for old men' great return to the cohen brothers of 'blood simple' days...this is a great movie. i'd give a review and such but really, you need to see it. it moves along at a slow and deliberate pace and has one character, among several great characters, that if you saw him in real life you turn the other way and make your way away from him as quickly as possible...even though you know he's an actor and was just playing a role....
today was hell downtown with the santa parade basically shutting down all of downtown. it's kind of amazing how much one event can fuck-up this city completely. it seems the traffic authority - whoever the fuck that is exactly, have no idea how to keep things flowing at a reasonable rate while still having a parade..a parade in november that's for an event that doesn't happen until the end of december. hey kids.....there is no's your parents. get guy flies through the air, all around the world, all in one night. doesn't happen. can't happen. deal with it. oh, and there's no tooth fairy.

work tomorrow. they're shooting nights. should be fun.

g. xo

Saturday, November 24, 2007

holy christ....

you need this doncha?....

phone lines are open now.

g. xo

Friday, November 23, 2007

helpin' out, hangin' out

i'm not super handy but handy enough. i can fix a thing or two but making things is another story - actually that's not true, i can make things, i just try and go too fast and they end up not looking as i had imagined in my mind's eye..not always, i have made some good stuff, but i have made a few things that could have been a little more square. what i am kinda good at is helping others make things they have decided they need. i've installed a few shelves in my day that are still holding stuff and pictures and such that haven't fallen to the ground - yet. which brings me to our latest installment of 'ask garn' as marcy calls it. byron, her good lookin' and talented artist boyfriend, needed some help with a project he was doing for the culture crawl last weekend and asked me to help out. i did, and this isn't really about the helping out part, really, it's more about that byron had a good idea that he saw through, with a little help from a sandwich sealer and vinyl bags i lent/gave to him, and got himself and emma, his partner in this project, a nice complimentary write-up in the globe and mail about the clocks that they sealed inside the bags and had set to go off at 9 pm and every 9 o'clock after that.near the railroad tracks in strathcona...(i believe it was in last week's saturday edition of the globe...) i'm happy to have been able to help out....good times and good work byron.
speaking of art...the ever talented and beautiful emilie o'brien had an art opening her own self last night at eugene choo up on main street so after work last night i met-up with shauna and emilie at the cascade room on main st. and then headed up to the choo. kildare, eugene choo's main man, was there looking dapper and slightly rugged at the same time, as were a few other hipsters...flower factory gal rosanne and her man larry, cc and megan, ang and devon, and some others i avoided catching the eye of as i didn't want to have to engage myself in conversation with...i know that's bad but uncomfortable conversation ain't my deal anymore..why fake your way through a conversation with someone you don't care for or have nothing to say to when you can just nod, wave and carry-on...?'s the best way sometimes....there sure were a lot of pregnant women there last night as well...which reminds me, i gotta call dr. pollock. good work on the art emilie.
then it was home to do a few more home renos, eat a wrap thing shauna had picked-up for me, that's hey, and then to bed...i was out like a light last night...i had the night before started to develop a debra winger type voice and was hoping a cold or flu wasn't following it so i wanted to get a decent sleep last night...i slept like a rock, except for the parts where i had to get up and stumble downstairs to...ok, you don't need to know that i guess..anyhow...nice sleep.
ok...back to work...

g. xo

blurry gaile at eugene choo.

cc and her fancy glasses.

globe and mail article regarding his art project.

shauna and megan at eugene choo.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

don't shake it, you could break it...

last night after work the garbs and i met-up with shauna and ang at her place and moved some stuff of shauna's out and into issy's basement. one piece, her boxspring, didn't actually fit into the van i had borrowed from paul, thanks paul, so it had to be strapped to the roof with bungee cords...nice. interesting, although it worked pretty well with the garbs looking every once in a while out the window to see if it was still attached to the roof. after a slow drive out there the garbs and i, after unloading, enjoyed some egg salad sandwiches issy had made for us. issy had done a little smuggling as well so it's all systems go on the third season of desperate housewives for shauna, after which i'll lend it to the queen so she can play catch-up as well.
it was another late(ish) night but good to get this shit done when we have the chance.

more as it develops.

g. xo

dinner at issy's.

garbs and issy.

garbs has a snack with the kitty.

garbs new ride.

need it, need it, need it, got it, need it...

here ya go....a film festival poster i picked-up in germany in 1986. you know you want's out at issy's place but i could get it for you pronto...more goods to come.

g. xo

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

poster anyone...?

hey kids..
now is your chance to own a hal hartley movie poster...i know, i know, the excitement...anyhow. if you're at all interested in this let me know and we'll figure out a way of getting it to you. mina gave this to me years ago and now i am passing it on to you...or someone. i/we have so many other wall worthy things that some just have to find other homes...speaking of which....hilton's anyone...?

more as it develops.

g. xo

giving it a go....

i now have a Gmail account. why?....i have no idea...
i guess because having,, just wasn't enough.

give it a go. if you feel like it.

one more way to send me shit.

garn xo

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

modern auto

i have been going through my external hard drive trying to make some sense of it....old this and that getting tossed away or put into the right place for future, etc. i have come across a few things i wrote years ago that i still like. i am going to post a few here for you to read. love 'em or hate 'em. here's the first of a few.

Modern Auto

today i put on my best shirt before heading to the bus stop to get the four which will take me downtown and to work. today i put on a clean set of pants, not that i wouldn't anyway but today i made sure. made sure they were extra clean, straight from the dry cleaner's, a clean press down the center of each pant leg, the cuffs solid and distinct. shaving, i held my head back making sure i got every stray hair above where my collar would sit, made the lines on my short sideburns just right and that they were even side to side by putting my hands up to either side of my head and measuring by sight with one eye closed. today i used just enough gel to hold my hair in place without getting the wet look i hate so much. today i was ready to meet her. i was ready to meet her and say hello and make my first impression stick like never before. as i stand here now waiting for the bus to come i know that i will make her love me, well, maybe like me at first, then who knows. my hands feel like steel as i grip my briefcase waiting for the four which will take me downtown to the office. they feel heavy and solid as if i don't even own them anymore. bringing up my left hand to my face i see the lines that make this hand my own, the veins running through it, the blue lines that feed back to my heart, the skin that has been scarred so many times. cuts requiring stitches, from fights, sports, self-inflicted wounds from pounding the walls late at night as it rained outside. hands bruised from hitting the pavement late at night, falling out of bars at closing time. mine are the hands of a man. the hands of someone ready to go. the hands of someone loving, secure, strong and careful. these hands are the hands of a man ready to give out his love. today i'll meet her and she'll see these hands. and she'll know from them more than my face could ever say. i've stood next to her before and have wanted to tell her how beautiful she was. just to tell her. nothing more. there have been many i've wanted to tell, just to tell them. how they've made my day by just being there. the smell of them. tell them and then just walk away, expecting nothing. today i'll make her love me. today i put on my best shirt. today i know she'll notice me. today's the day she falls in love with me.

and for post #1001 - a heads up.

go out and get yourself some Udder Guys ice cream. now.

this is the good shit.

g. xo

Sunday, November 18, 2007

one thousand and counting

for those of you scoring at home, this is post number 1000. wierd. it seems like just yesterday that it was post number one, well, actually, it was quite a while ago. i feel like throwing a little party. ok, maybe not. but welcome to post number 1000 and i thank you for being a part of it. good times.
the weekend had flown by once again and while it's not completely gone, there is that sense of the impending work week just ahead that makes it feel like bedtime.
friday night saw ang, shauna and i grabbing some food at some chopsticks place in yaletown. pretty good...well, the food was pretty good but the service was a little lacking, not enough to make a big deal about but enough to notice. lots of wacky japanese food and of course the usual yelling of the same thing over and over again....but not as bad as at guu or king yo....good food with a couple of fabulous babes.
saturday saw me take two trips to issy's to store more crap in her basement, the moving of some more of shauna's stuff to the yard, us picking up the red leather vintagey chair from kenneth, an attempt to go to point roberts to mail a couple of packages and pick up the desperate housewives dvd we had ordered but the border guards had other ideas....after sitting in the office for 45 minutes or so i was then escorted back to canada with my, now opened parcels, in my hand. nice. and it wasn't because i lied or told a slight white lie or tried to pull a fast one, i had told them i was mailing some parcels to some friends....long story not worth telling, short story - they're dicks, they're basically protecting a part of the US that no one cares about, and they're so fuckin' scared since 911 that it's fairly amusing. amusing until they open your parcels with pocket knives, then ask you what the toys do, and try and pull the toys apart to see if there are drugs or bombs inside them....idiots.
so it was back to issy's to re-wrap the packages and have issy weave her usual magic- she's such a champ.
shauna went out with the girls last night to a party of some regard while i made a second trip out to issy's....i don't think i could have muscled-up enough in the conversation dept. to not have looked like a complete dud of a boyfriend so i thought it better i stay home and have a little relax....
this morning we met up with a friend of shauna's from gibson's for breakfast at the reef up on main street....some pretty good grub. the we went off to run some errands and them met up with her again down on granville island where we also saw mishi and the garbs...we also saw lindsay and chris down at the jj bean where i grabbed some of the christian coffee they're throwing down. then it was off to fourth ave to look for new shorts...a little tougher than ususl being that it's november, but i did manage to find a couple pairs. nice.
anyhow...such is the excitement of my weekend....but it was good to just get out and go truckin' around getting shit done. we knocked off a few errands and that's cool....
maybe a movie later. just so ya know.

more later.

i love you.

g. xo

chopsticks's not really called chopsticks, well, partially it is, i just can't remember the other part of it's name.

huh...i did dress up for dinner.

lindsay serves up the coffee christian syle.

shauna found a new winter hat.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

maybe, maybe not

i bought these paris hilton paintings/pieces last year and now may be letting them loose out into the world....maybe. there are three of them, they measure 3' x 3' and have a heavy resin finish on them. they are/were made by an artist from portland, OR by the name of jamie smith - who i believe is also a professional snowboarder. if you have any interest in them please give me a dingle....maybe we can work something out....i would also consider lending them if you needed something to spruce up your place for a while...

g. xo

i have to confess....

yesterday someone said to me, "i have to confess, i read your blog..." had to confess. i love it. and it's not the first time someone has said this to me in regards to the blog. that it's interesting that anyone would want to read about someone else's life, a grown man's life that reads like a diary of sorts. i understand. but people do and i'm thankful they do but it is kinda odd. 'he who can not be named on the blog' is adamant that he has never read the blog. ever. i'm not sure i believe him but maybe it's true. maybe. but some seem to get a gulity pleasure out of keeping up with the blog and i think, it may be, i dunno, more that there's shit going on in it that has nothing to do with me but gives them some insight, often, to those around me - the kids, shauna, ang, devon, corie, issy, marcy, garbs, k-win, fawn, mishi, pam, tobe, scott, etc...oh, don bull...them kids. and all those i haven't mentioned...there's a way some can keep track of those people through the blog...kind of. maybe that makes no sense but i try and include those around me that make the biggest difference in my life. and they can all see what they're all up to and when they see each other they often say, "i saw you on the blog...."....kinda cool. and then there are the times i let it out. revealing thoughts and such that may not be as well suited for public consumption but, by design, that was what the blog was intended for. a release or an outlet for me to say what's what, as unpopular or personally revealing that may be. so there. confess all you want, you're not alone.
i need to play more hockey and get on the dry land training. just a thought.

more action around the house today. more later.

g. xo

Thursday, November 15, 2007

ain't gonna be no lovin' when you're gone

super duper.

i love this.

barry bonds finally gets his due.

g. xo

red leather goodness

i think i just bought this.

i like it.

g. xo

me and stephen shore...pals.

I fight with things constantly. Not big things. Little nagging bits and pieces. I have had ideas that I have thought were pretty good ideas and have not acted on them and later, not always, regret at least not trying them. I’m trying, now, to change some of that…things that will never, probably, make me a million dollars but things that could be fun and take my brain to a different place for at least a small amount of time. I hope.

I have always enjoyed and gotten something, not sure what exactly, out of taking pictures. I was lucky enough, by way of a friend, display some of my photos this year at Bean Around the World. And while not hugely successful, it was a good thing for me to have done. I’m glad I did. And I thank Byron for the opportunity.
That said I have a bit of a Jones right now to take some more photos. It’s funny how things happen. I’ll be out in the desert again in December with Shauna and will have the opportunity to take a few more while I’m out there. In Arizona I took some photos, that I didn’t show, of streets in Tucson and in Santa Cruz that were plain in scope but still very interesting, at least to me. Shortly after I had taken these photos, and some like them, I was looking at some photos by Stephen Shore, a famous photographer who has for a great part of his career done exactly what I have started doing. And a part of me feels like it’s been done so why should I continue but I still get something out of it so I’m gonna continue. So there.

I’ve also decided to try and write a book based on my experience cutting grass. Why I do it, the Zen aspect – not that I’m a Buddhist or anything…I wouldn’t know where to start…. but I think it’s been good for me, even on the bad days cutting when the mower dies in the middle of a lawn or I run out of gas, etc…I still love it. A bad day cutting grass is better than the best day working on a film. That’s the truth. You can write that down and save it for a rainy day. My pal Dr. Rob, a professor dude at UBC is on board to help me write it so it may actually get done…if not the process should be rewarding anyways. It has a title; it just needs some filler – pictures, tips, tales of cut grass. I smell best seller.

The Yard - a nickname that never stuck when I fist moved into the loft on Cordova street (I named it and no one hooked onto the idea…), is almost done in terms of the recent renos. There’s clean up to be done, things to be put back on the walls, and a few more saws to be broken out to change a closet or two but it’s getting better…. I’ll invite you over to see it when it’s done…

More later.

g. xo

ps.. a quicktime movie you may like....

get yer ya-ya's out

today live on the hit music station WMBR fm out of cambridge, mass. in the US of A, the world famous Heartbreak Scene will perform at 4:30 pacific time.
if you're interested in having a listen go to WMBR.ORG on your computer box and then follow the links to listen live to their broadcast.
i believe the live performance is coming straight outta strathcona and beamed to the east caost - how the kids do that sort of thing i have no - what will they think of next?.....

more later...i may have a report....

g. xo

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

maybe it's just me....

hey kids...

welcome to tuesday.

it seems i don't have that much to report on these days...wet hockey equipment, me cutting the dog lawn, pretty riviting stuff - not that this was supose to be anything more than that..and sometimes a little more. but maybe it's meant to be more of a thing that gets updated once a week or so or when something actually happens. i dunno. it's become a thing, the old blog, but i'm finding it tough to fill. we'll see. i just wanted to let you know i'm thinking of you but today there's no report. except this report on the lack of anything to report on the blog.

there you have it.

have a great tuesday.

see ya on the rails.

g. xo

Monday, November 12, 2007

nothing like a wet bag

if you leave your hockey equipmet bag out on the deck to air ut and it rains....

yesterday's dog lawn was a bit of a test and a treat....after we did a run out to issy's to drop off some boxes and have some egg salad sandwiches, we headed to the shop and grabbed the mower and i headed back out to richmond to give the dog lawn a the lawn order shirt says, it's all about weedeating, lawn cutting, period...well, yesterday there were a few leaves to deal with as well and i did manage to get most if them but it was a bit of a drag having to empty the bag over and biggie. what was a drag was when the cable that acts as the safety shut-off decided to break and make it so the lawn mower wouldn't start anymore....and i still had half the lawn to do and the sun was going down - fast. i managed to get it rigged-up and jingused so it would just stay on regardless if i was holding the safety or not. i did have the thought of how it would be kinda funny, not in a good way, that if had cut off my hand or foot due to the safety being disabled and not being able to get help because no one was around and bleeding to death, and i was actually cutting the grass at a hopstial. neat.
another trip to issy's later on today, more loading of toys on ebay, selling some crap on craigslist and some paint action around here. it's looking pretty good.
might rain today,,and there may be a few heavy gusts of wind. could be. welcome to winter my friends. get out your happy lights and plug 'em in.

g. xo

Sunday, November 11, 2007

hey christmas is coming....get yer c@$ksucker shirts now....

fire sale before know you need one. you know you want one. limited sizes in men's large and x-large..also one men's medium i think and a women's large...i think....i dunno....

$17.00 and it's yours...


Saturday, November 10, 2007

hey it's me....i'm back

i'm not sure what to tell you. i've been busy. with work, renovating my place - shauna and i have been patching and painting, putting up the big shelf, tearing down the old kitchen shelf and installing a new one i made the other night, and shitola like that..and this job i'm on is a killer....and i'm not afraid to say that, while i'm keeping it together, there are days that just kick my ass and sometimes i don't think i'm gonna make it through, but somehow i do. lots of headaches and pulling hair but i make it. i have been grumpy - that's the truth, and more than just my usual loveable grumpiness...and to anyone who has had to deal with that extra goodness of grumpiness - sorry...there's a light at the end of the renovation tunnel that should afford me a chance at more sleep and just relaxing. good times.
today was devon's birthday and a bunch of us went to don king for some dim was better than i remember dim sum being and it was nice to see some of the kids and meet devon's sister and her sister's boyfriend. devon was very generous and picked-up the tab for the whole lot of us...her birthday present to all of us. thanks devon.
afterwards i had to head home for a few minutes but then met-up back up with the kids down on granville island for a few drinks and to see the garbs and mishi. i gave them the bike that had been hanging from my ceiling for the last ten years from cables...the garbs put some air in the tires and gave it a good dust off and away he went for a ride. looking good. snfu had found the bike in an alley in edmonton while on tour and had brought it back to my place in kits when i was living with brent and dave. it lived there for a while and then it came with me to gastown and up in the air it went. thanks god he went to a new home that loves him. nice to see the kids too.
tomorrow there's a bunch of crap to go to issy's basement and things to pick-up for our man steve janz that issy was good enough to smuggle for him....the house is pretty much back in order and i'm happy about still need to be put back up and a bit of glass to be bought and installed....all in good time.
oh, and i'm suppose to cut the doglawn tomorrow too...maybe monday....

g. xo

the girls have a laugh on the deck of bridges.

garbs kicks it on gaary.

devon and ryan.

devon and shauna at bridges.

emilie and the leather lady....see lady on person so great.

emilie at bridges.

more garbs and gaary.

Monday, November 05, 2007

ch-ch-changes and somebody up there likes me...maybe

without being too cryptic - which is actually impossible, someone did me a favor today - i think. i'm not sure, but they did. they know who they are and i think i know who they are but whether or not i'm right doesn't matter. i appreciate the heads up.

ok. thanks.

yesterday was spent painting and patching, or is it patching and painting?...anyhow. walls became different colors in my place, pictures and art got moved around, lights were added, walls subtracted and hooks made things just that much better. there was pizza eaten that's making today interesting, and a hockey game that was not played especially well but still good despite the poor reffing. (and i'm not much of a complainer - well, in hockey in regards to the refs but one of the guys we had yesterday was a complete maroon....) we won 6-5 and are now 9-0 for the season..pretty good. i'm doing my best to hold up my end but really need some dryland training and/or more skating...

mopre as it develops....but suffice to say it was a hard day at the old salt mine but i think we've made it through....more tomorrow.

g. xo

Saturday, November 03, 2007

where's my piece of the pie?....

last november, i think, jojo called me up (at 5 bux a minute....) while i was in tucson with spike, to ask me for some advice on a painting she was thinking of buying, i knew the piece as i had also seen the show she was at and said, while i wasn't a huge fan (although i don't remember if i told her or not that i wasn't a fan...anyhow...) i did say that the piece was cool and at the very least she would get her money back, probably a little more, should she decide to sell it later on if she didn't like it anymore or needed the money. well, fast forward basically one year and now this collective's work - known as FAILE, has now become the latest big deal with canvas' like hers selling for upwards of 40,000 dollars. nice. i sent her a link to an auction that had just happened of thier work and she has now contacted sothaby's and will be adding her piece to the next auction in feb. it's estimated that it will go for between 12 and 16 thousand pounds sterling. you can't get that kind of return in rrsp's. goodwork network. now, about my commision of the advice.....
the weekend is here and i'm heading out to point bob to mail some ebay crap and also to issy's to drop off a couple of things and grab a peanut butter sandwich.

more later...

g. xo

and i managed to rip my shorts once again. it seems i rip and ruin more shorts that don't really fit me (see big...), than ones that do fit me....

Friday, November 02, 2007

thanks kaws - thanks alot.

here he goes again. i've passed on the last few but i may pick these up. why not?...they're inexpensive, small and i can hide them from anyone who think si should be selling more of toys rather than buying more....shit, i hope they don't read this blog.

g. xo