Wednesday, November 30, 2005

back at 'er... soon...grasshopper...soon.

well, say things at night and sometimes the next day they come true...weird. anyhow. so got a call today from the head hocho-joel, and it looks as if we'll be going back to work soon...he starts on monday and i guess i'll be starting shortly thereafter... a week or so before xmas and then in the new year they shoot... good times. i'll let ya know the name of this baby as soon as i know more..i do know this, it's a sequel... i was contemplating going to LA for a couple art/toy shows, i'm such a fuckin' geek, and now i think i will... one last thing before the work starts again...we'll see... cleaned the dustbowl today-my apartment...mainly because i had to take some pictures of the dump. two reasons, for insurance and for don fuckin' bull, who wanted to see the toys and such because he never comes over here anymore... i've also decided there will be a couple top ten lists coming soon to end the year. albums, toys, you give a rat's ass but i'm going to do it anyways...

dude, where's my van?

or better yet..."hey you lazy yellow jacketed metermaids, why'd you tow my fuckin' van?"..."again"... so i thought i had this ticket thing under control when i went and got the commecial plated for the van. but i think they just hate me and the coolerator/lawn order van... they don't even look for the sticker. by law, with that sticker, i can park at any metered parking up until 10:30 am without getting towed or a ticket...well, today i went out at 10:15 am and it was gonzo... and it had been taken away at 9:50 am... fuckers. so i walked down to get my van and have to pay $85.00 to get it out... i then went to traffic court and ....well, it's a long story...boring as have a lot of tickets. $$$$$$$ lots. anyhow..i'm in the process of taking care of business. nuff said.. then i went to zulu and listened to some music...i was really bored today... i may need to go back to work soon... get my hands busy otherwise i may start commiting some crimes... i then went to topanga and ended up eating lunch with al, brian and corie...they, topanga, have been having trouble with their outdoor heater so i looked at it today and with the help of the other boys managed to fix it... good times.. i then was asked by judy, tom's wife, to fix the neon sign that wasn't working right..and it turned into one of those things where you try and do good...and then it ends up costing me money... and this was no different... on the way to the neon fixer of the tubes broke and the fix went from $$ to $$$$$...great. awesome. i had started my new painting the night before and decided to get back far it's a terrible painting... maybe it'll get better... probably not. then it was off to topanga cafe for dinner... double mexican...double the trouble. back to the gym tomorrow after a couple of days legs were feeling like shit... they still do but...the lord hates a whiner... or is it he hates a cowrad...? probably both.

Monday, November 28, 2005

lunch with floyd and glen...

not much to report here really...met floyd-my dad, and his brother, my uncle-glen, downtown today and went and had some japanese food with them... i think they think i'm nuts with the toys and tattoos and long winded stories of gerlach and whatever else...and maybe i am... i'm pretty sure i'm outta the will...the times they are a changin'.....

i feel your pain, man...i do...

i'm sure christian will hate me for this but it's kinda an 'ask garn' kind of thing...and i feel his pain. soemthing needs to be done about this...i have a couple of ideas at the end...

.................(below from an e/mail he sent me...)

I was going to make this an "Ask Garn!" but I don't think anyone else gives a shit. And I want my One Question to be a good one...
Knowing that your both a true fan of good coffee and a keen student of human nature, I present the following:
I have yet to find a good coffee shop (ie. makes good coffee) that has a decent system of controlling the flow of people waiting for their espresso drinks. Example: The new JJ Bean on Main, while a hell of swank joint and a great place to grab a cup, makes me feel like a caged leopard as I pace around that little holding area waiting for my capucinno. I can't take my place on the wall as that's where the cream 'n sugar happens (and there is no worse offense than loitering in the C&S area) and I'm far too polite to stick my ass in the face of the people sitting at the fireplace.
I don't mean to pick on JJ Bean (as I said, they pull a hell of shot), but I was there this morning and it reminded me why I don't go there more often; Artigiano on Hornby is also a disaster of social awkwardness with their half-assed little pen, again by the C&S.
Perhaps you could put your Coffee Shop designer's hat on and come up with some ideas? We also need someone to draft a Universal Declaration of Cream&Sugar Island Etiquette as there are a lot of savages that think this is the place to chat and fart around - sweeten that bitch and get the fuck outta the way! Or I could be a man and learn to like it straight-up, but...


i get it. maybe they should have an area of seats just for those waiting for coffee to go... or video monitors so you can watch cnn or porn or oprah...while you wait. because as you wait it becomes like being in an elevator. making idle chitchat with other losers waiting for thier coffee.. trying not to make eye contact... people smell... the easiest way is to just get drip or a tea and not sweeten and get the fuck out of there.. and come on, jj bean takes forever...good coffee though. they've got to work on those muffins though. there should be some entertainment perhaps as you wait for the coffee...dancing girls/guys...balloon animals...i'll be thinking more about this....

Sunday, November 27, 2005

pie, coffee and fatburgers...typical day for the garberator.

up early today and decided it was best to do some work on the coolerator... i should be getting larry back this week and then i can take the coolerator in and have a little love laid on him...he needs it. bought some pie today over at the savory island pie company and split it up amongst the kids..cherry pie. good times. if you've never had any pie from there...what the hell's wrong with you? picked up skippy tornack from the airport after his birthday weekend in calgary-not his but his step-father's 60th...go man go! i will point out that i bought no toys today. none. not one. nada. i'm learning, slowly, to control my habit. ate dinner at fatburger...double turkeyburger for me, single turkey burger for marcy and a king burger for garbs...nice day overall.. relaxing... i am a little tired though...but a good tired. i'm just trying to be a better person. my name is garn. i'm having lunch with my dad, floyd, and my uncle/his brother, glen tomorrow...there should be good pics there... g. xoxo

Saturday, November 26, 2005

garn aka john fuckin' law!

Garn's Day.
By Megan, as told to by Garn

Let's start with the beginning, Garn drove around in the Coolerator so it wouldn't get towed until his hockey game started at 2pm.
Lunch at Topanga - talked to Judy about her holiday cruise; bought 4 more toys - like he needs them; so now it's time for hockey at UBC with Nic Rust and his long haired hippie brother-in-law. Garn told me earlier tonight that he didn't play very well, but neither did anyone else. Hockey finished up around 4, followed by a trip to Mr. Lube - those guys are idiots, but Garn got an oil change there anyway. Garberator called - talking about a toy he thinks Garnet should buy, he's not buying it - saving up for the toy show in Pasadena - there are so many fucking toys around here already. Who's the super geek with all the dollys?
Now it's time for dinner, bbq some weenies and yams. Marcy came home, then went out to the Flower Factory Christmas Party. Then I called while Garn was watching the hockey game. Canucks were losing. I had no plans for the evening, and had spent the late afternoon/early evening with my Grandmother - she broke her hip 2 weeks ago so is now recovering comfortably at Lions Gate Hospital. She's a dainty 92 year old.
Neither of us had any plans for the evening, so I got in my car and picked up Mr. Harry and we went to Topanga for cake - yes that makes it a 2xTopanga day for Garnet. Before we had cake there were margaritas - his blended, mine on the rocks. Good cake.
And now for the excitement! On the way home, we noticed something funny going on at the corner of 4th & MacDonald. A jerk in a BMW SUV had a problem with a guy in a Land Rover - turns out the Land Rover had run out of gas. The drunk BMW jerk - who was driving - tried to start a fist fight with the Rover dude. Rover was not interested in fighting, however he did manage to mess up the jerk's face. Garn wanted to break it up, but I insisted that he just call the cops - he got out of the car in order to give the 911 operator the play-by-play. Eventually the jerk (and his friend) got back in their SUV and drove off. Moments later, the cops arrived, and we left - frustrated that the jerk seemed to be getting away. Behavior like that deserves to have consequences. A few blocks later we were happy to see a cop car speed past us seemingly in pursuit - low and behold there were 2 cop cars and a BMW SUV pulled over under the Granville Street Bridge. We felt good.
Currently we are watching sports highlights on the biggest TV in the world.

welcome taylor piet...and give me my nano you idiots!

On Wednesday November 23 at 1:40 pm my good friend andy and his amazing wife, julie-also a good pal had a taylor piet. a good looking baby boy. i've said this about other people-who also are very nice- but andy and julie are two of the greatest people and deserve this great kid... based on his lineage he'll be good lookin' and very smart... i'm happy for them and expect a cigar and dinner at topanga to celebrate.
on another note, and you'll have to try and keep up on this one...because telus are idiots..surprise! anyhow. i was getting sick and tired of driving around town and seeing billboards declaring that if i was to sign up for telus high speed internet i could have an ipod nano as a gift. and months befroe it was a sony digital camera. and before that 6 months of uber cheap internet. well kids, i had had enough. i had never received a 'gift' for being a great customer. ever. so i e/mailed those loads and told them so. i told them i spend far too much money each year with them- cell phone, internet, home phone, etc... and i wanted a nano. truth was a could care less about a nano, i want a 30 gig thingy so i can use it in the car and at work etc...but it was the deal i wanted. so i wrote a polite e/mail and waited. a message came by way of voicemail that sadi no. i wasn't getting a nano. and the reason was this. when 'everyone' signs up for high speed internet they get a 'gift' or a promotional thing of some sort. ok. that's cool. but i never had. ever. in fact i had been paying a premium for too long. and until i had complained about paying too much, only then did i get a reduction in my monthly charge. so no initial gift for garn. ever. i e/mailed them again and told them this and it was cool. no big deal. i didn't need a gift because, thank god there were lots of rogers, shaws and fidos around. came. the phone call. so now i have a nano on the way. i think i'm selling it but dn't know for sure yet...anyhow, if you are with telus, have never received a 'gift' or any sort of deal or promo, get them to give you a gift. they're idiots. they deserve to be called on this. i did.

Friday, November 25, 2005

fixin' seats, seeing rainbows, sellin' shit and kickin' ass...

so the day started off with me watching the old ebay auctions i had on the go... i did pretty well and all you kids, well, some of you will be getting a little gift at xmas... i hate xmas and refuse to buy presents anymore-so don't fuckin' expect anything! anyhow..the ebay thing went now all i have to do is wait for the cash... had some coffee at jj bean with the queen of the universe-who seems to have a lot of men who want her lately-lucky gal... then brent showed up and the queen split..was it something he said? he gave me a cord for the garberator who should really phone him and say thanks... thyen i went to pam and tobe's and looked for my battery and charger for my craftsman drill, i know ..really fuckin' interesting....if you lost your charger you'd be looking for it too... so if you see my charger give me a shout... then i went to granville island to get the garberator and drag him around town while i ran errands-which usually means me buying him lunch or something, him yelling out the windows at people and at some point coffee... no different today-except when i got to granville island they had go to the bathroom-and thought everyone should know....we decided today that the next meal he'll eat at topanga will be, three tacos-two chicken, one beef, a chili relenno, a enchilada with full rice and beans. he'll also eat a couple baskets of chipe and salsa and a pitcher of margs. then cake with whipped cream and sauce. it'll be great. ok..back to business.. later i fixed another one of the seats at the templeton...danielle was there and i thanked her for lunch the day before...good times. then it was time for dinner...which of course makes garbs we picked up marcy and away we went to all india sweets... and ate he did...i'm so proud of him... and for thosse keeping score at home..yes, i went to the gym... it's sucks but i have to do it..

Thursday, November 24, 2005

don't fuck with issy! happy birthday k-win!

she'll kick your ass... it's the truth. yesterday was a bit of a test brought to you by the good folks at 'FUCK YOU' industries. i've had a transmission fluid leak in the coolerator and yesterday morning as i got ready to go and move larry-the comet-to norht vancouver, i saw a large puddle of fluid in fron of the van. nice. all of it all over cordova street. i had fixed this problem, or so i had thought. the coolerator wouldn't even go into gear. so i had to leave it there. good times. luckily the meter was busted and shows 'fail' so i didn;t have to pay. so onto the loser cruiser i went out to burnanby. of course when i got there the comet wouldn't start because the battery was dead. after some convincing with a charger i got it going and away i went. i was trying to get the car over there and left with chris and have enough time to get home and have lunch with danielle. i should point out that during the coolerator transmission part of this story i was snappy to marcy and i'd like to publicly say "i'm sorry about that...i'm a dick."..ok. so io got on the bus, then the seabus and made it home alright-except for the shin splints i now have from a little too much workout action at the gym... good times. i fix the van and get it all working nicely and find in my mailbox a cd from willy of the fine rock and roll band richmond fontaine. a remastered version of their album 'lost son' with bonus trackes etc. actual good times now. and off i go to meet danielle for lunch...well, no. it's a long one but suffice to say that girl is going to be the one making the lunch plans from now on... around 3:00 i give up on lunch happening and grab a muffin and a juice and head out to tsawwassen where issy has smuggled yet more toys for me from point robrets... she's awesome. the new kaws toys suffer from poor production values and the fit and finish are/is(?) not great but one is nice enought that i'll keep it but the other is going on ebay pronto. so home i go...then off to the gym...then, because we were suppose to go to topanga for lunch, i went to topanga for dinner like the loser i am all by myself...then as was driving hime, and actually to the shop to do a little clean-up now that the car was out of there, the transmission started acting up again...nice.. so at the shop i found another leak, hopefully fixed it too..and then made another spinning chair part on the lathe for the templeton restaurant, where danielle works... where i'll go today and tell her she's buyin'. all that and it was also k-win's birhtday yesterday...quentina to those of you not in the know... i gave her a shirt with the a swear word on the front of it and a couple kozik smorkin' labbits... i love that girl..

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

just ask garn

a woman from vancouver. b.c. asks,

Dear Garnet,

Where can I find a really sexy pair of brown knee high boots? Heels need to be at least 3.5 inches high.


well F,
i'd have to say, against my better judgement because i think the woman who owns the store is a tyrant and control freak but, gravity pope may be your best bet. they're on fourth ave near capers. another fine store, run by the ever presentable stephanie, is umeboshi on main street just up from the flower factory and anona-who have the best fuckin' lemonaide in town and brownies. plus other stuff too... B2 on robson have great shoes but also a lot of freaky shoes no one should wear, and sometimes the staff freak me out. they have brownes etc.. i hope this helps. i sense that you are a beautiful woman who deserves nice new boots. go girl...get yourself some new shitkickers.


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

workin' it girl...

so no new pics today except the one of me doing my step class at fitness world. yup...if there had actually been a camera there you'd be peeing your pants right now. i used to do step classes years ago..i sure did, and i was fuckin' good. now, not so good. i did my first step class in many years tonight and good god i sucked...sweated like a 14 year old stealing a hustler from the corner store but...i guess that's the best part..the sweating. i had fun...then i ran into miko hoffman... former vancouver rocker in the vancouver band gaze...she was getting ready to do some heavy lifting of her own at the gym. i don't see miko that often but it's always nice when i do. i ran into her last week as well at voltage..i was trying to get her to buy toys... start her in on a bad habit.
most of the day was spent with the garberator picking up supplies for his wallets and such. he makes nice should check it out if you haven't...he's in like flynn now at hammered and pickled on granville island... tell him garn sent ya. i'm tired..and still no "ask garn" submissions... no one reads this drivel...

Monday, November 21, 2005 line-up and toys lost in transit.

today was a shiteater. i went to get coffee at jj bean and there was a huge lin-up, a line that included my pals corie, rae and i decided it was best that i left-because as much as i ove the jj bean coffee...a line that long would require some doing..i could have been there for up to the jj bean on main i went...and there ws no parking there to be up to bean around the world next to the flower factory, where there was a long line-up but i did get parking...the coffee there sucks but i like the cranberry/apple coffee thing they have. then i went out to point roberts to pick-up some new Kaws toys that were suppose to be there-but they weren't. so back i came..but not before drowning my sorrows in a filet-o-fish and mcckicken..utter shit but i loved it today...
last night marcy and i went to see breant and his band, the esistential angst party, play at the western front. years ago i was totally into that whole western front thing. john giorno, glen branca, william burroughs..all that crap...karen findley...performance art, etc..and then i realized i just like the was really good. brent and his bandmates rolled through some crazy shit...which included some crazy talking to the dolphins throat singing...all that and a levee breaks drum break too... i was kinda proud of my pal and thankful that i had such a great friend such as him and that he is a talented soul. i love him. i'm lucky. the blurry pictures today were taken by another guy i love, marc, brent's twin brother. good times at the western front...i hate cats but this cat in the photo, hurricane, loved me...

Sunday, November 20, 2005

whoa..culture crawl and chit chat...

i have to admit the idea of going around and looking in artist's studios and buying arts and crafts doesn't appeal to me...such is the eastside culture crawl here in the 'couv. i usually steer clear of such things as it usually means running into assholes you thought and hoped you'd never have to see ever again, making idle chit chat, "i love you work" when actually it's pure shit. but today i was forced, by way of doing a favor for leeanne who had bought a print from a guy i've known forever-david bircham. she couldn't pick it up so i did for her...get a car! i actually didn't mind a bit getting for her. so there i was roaming around seeing other culture crawlers looking for arts and crap. i hadn't seen david for many years and was pleased to see he looked great, youthful and making his he should be. he's a graphic artist who makes collage art print things. check it out. so while i was out i decided i really should check in on my old pal and one of vancouver's finer looking men, ken diamond. ken works in the life sucking film industry, like myself, but went to school years ago for upholstry but now makes cool leather goods...different from the garberator... belts, cuffs, sandals, buckles...lots of hipster dufus stuff.. i like it. and he's just so damn cute too... he was showing his stuff at the work spaces on railway street. he wasn't in his studio but instead had shacked up for the weekend in his friend's studio so he wouldn't be lonely... his pal, janna, has a company called astrosatchel, and makes bags, totes, purse type things..all very cool. she was good enough to give me a drink of juice, the way to my heart to be sure, and was also willing-although i guess she had no choice-to listen to my long winded storeis of gerlach, nevada and pancho villa burritos... then off to jj bean for coffee, with erin, where i ran into, almost literally, my old pal diane thompson, who used to make clothes-under the names dresscode and maleman. i was the model and sizing dummy for her xl jackets and vests many, many years ago. her sister has to put up with me when i go to san francisco in search of toys and burritos...all in all a big day out... i need a little down time now...i may go out tonight and see brent's band tonight...if i can get it together...

ASK GARN...'s the deal. i was talking to brady at zulu records and he figures there should be an "ask garn" section to this thing. well, there's not going to be a section but there will be an "ask garn" portion. if you have a question for me, i'll asnwer it. no problemo. any subject. just like burns, i'll answer it to the best of my ability. just e/mail me the questions and i'll answer and post them. easy.
e.mail me at:
have fun. i'll be waiting. don't be shy.

garn xo

holy bidini..garn goes a visitin'

i decided yesterday to get out on my bike and see what's i parked the coolerator up at the park and headed up to main strreet, because that's where the hipsters are. first stop was voltage where i can't seem to go into without spending money. damn them. and for those who care , there's one mr. bunny left should buy it. i bought a new action figure(?) ...i'm retarded. then i held court at eugene choo. i'm pretty sure i bored the pants of kildare telling him stories of gerlach and driving around the desert. i didn't make it far after that either as i saw jenn and marilyn and their good lookin' men...i only know reg, the other guy? i have no idea... good lookin' guys though. them chicks is lucky! then, after a lemonaide at anona i was off to zulu...and then the fuckin' fog rolled in making it really fuckin' cold. my poor hands were hurtin' for certain by the time i rolled into zulu.... and then for some reason i started telling erin and josh about how some of my pals had become kinda famous and that meant they no longer had to return my e/mails, phone calls, etc...and then, out of nowhere comes dave bidini...a man i love like a brother. whom i hadn't seen for a long, long time...and he reminded me that i hadn't called either... for those who don't know, dave bidini is in the great canadian rock and roll sensation the rheostatics. it was great to see him and talk and hug and cry...ok..we didn't cry. so after some top ten of the year talk i had to get the hell out of there...not before, however, grant-owner of zulu, thatnksed me for doing work around the old zulu...i was happy to help...i don't think he actually has any idea what i've done..but he's happy.. a short stop at headquarter and then the templeton to give danielle shit about not calling me for lunch and i was off home... and now it was really fuckin' cold....i think i'll go to another movie today...i have such great faith after seeing WALK THE LINE. have fun...i love you all....

Saturday, November 19, 2005

i laughed, i cried, i had a big plate of shwarma...

there are more than a few days where all i want to do is go and see a movie but....i either don't-simple, do something else, or just figure that the movoie i'll go see will be a big piece of shit like most of the movies put out these days. yesterday, however, i made a point of making time to see the Johnny Cash Biopic 'WALK THE LINE'... but not before, of course i had a big plate of shwarma....not what i actually ordered's what i got... it's exactly what you should eat before going to a movie...i will say this about the's excellent. and for some reason i had a little well-up during certain portions of it...for no reason i was all a tremble..well, no trembling...but i did have a little emotional moment. the scene in vegas when he's singing Stripes is amazing. cancel all your plans and see this movie.
i also found, on my way to the movie, another one of the little graffiti guys i like near the balmoral. the hood is lookin' good these days... good times...good times...
and just iun case you're keeping score at home... i went to the gym four times last week and also played a little hockey... i am a machine...still fat but a machine...

Friday, November 18, 2005

like martha..these are good things...

actually she seems like a bit of a tyrant and a big old bitch but...she's gotten rich being that way so....good on her.
i just wanted to lay a couple of things on ya. good things. things to consider as you raom around town looking for mr. goodbar or whatever it is you're looking for. or nothing.
i've mentioned the lemonaide at anona on main but it deserves a mention again as do the brownies and pumpkin tarts. tornack almost had a meltdown when he ate the brownie there.
the new silver jews cd is excellent if you don't listen too closely or maybe even better that way. i really like it and listen to it almost every day. as do i the new greg dulli album. the former afghan whigs and current twilight singers frontman delivers a new album, amber headlights, that are actually songs he shelved a while back. he had a rough period there, friends dying, drinking, drugs and ...shit, it sounds like some of my friends' lives..maybe they should put out albums. anyhow, the opening track is a killer. the death from above 1979 remix album is sure to make you happy as well...and for those of you in a retro mood you can always check out the new wilco live album. i say retro because a double live album just spells 70's...
the eggs florentine at the grove on denman is always a good choice for those of you who dig eggs and lots of sauce. i was thinking of the grove yesterday because xmas is coming and i have breakfast there every xmas morning, feel free to join me. mark it on your day planner now...
i have to say i hate the coffee at the bean around the world but, the tuna diablo at the main street location is a tastey treat and when you're finished there you can pop across the street to the flower factory and buy someone you like a bunch...or two.
the flower factory is incidently, the home of my first ever art display. i put one of my aluminum blockheads in the window there during a show thing they had there. it generated no interest but it was there. so there.
ok..that's enough for now...

soon...the all new "ask garn" portion of this blog...
details to follow.

bbq chicken, whole foods and shitola

ok... mishi, who for those of you who don;t know, is a silversmith with a shop on granville island. well, every once in a while she convinces me that i really want to drive her over to north vancouver and go to capilano rock and gem to buy some supplies. i really do love it. so after being in the store for a few minutes and seeing all the gem and rock freaks i had to go out and listen to the radio or else i was gonna pass out. the shop where my comet was painted is around the corner so i did manage to figure out, by cornering chris, when i could bring larry in to get the doors fit and paint pixed up and finalized... it's all good...i think. then we headed to whole foods where they have my favorite soda, 365's good. and i was hungry so i had this huge bbq sandwich on a bread that was like a pretzl.. good was garberator sized too...i needed a nap after that... it was a nice day today... whatever.. not many of these around.. oh...and i spotted this women.. i can't say what i was thinking or what mishi said... i will say this though... too much of anything ain;t so good....

Thursday, November 17, 2005

night neon in crazydale and a trip to costco with garbs.

continuing on with the 'things i saw and wanted to take a picture of' series..i had seen this neon sign in kerrisdale, near brian's place... or as he calls it crazydale.. they drive a little slow up there... the coffee is good at bean bros. but there are a lot of ladies doing lunch there who look at me like the hired help... tonight the garberator ordered a tuna sandwich there and they hid the tip jar when he was nearby and only put it back out after he had gone away from the counter... after the photos and sandwich we headed to costco for some goods. while i was getting big packs of sausages and chicken garbs found a large xmas wreath and some kids toys that had obviously been hit by something that had once been in a kid's mouth...we think...hard to say really...but i do know this, costco ain't gonna be selling those toys for nothin'.
somehow i also managed to go to the gym again too... i'm a fuckin' machine...according to tornack. i will say this though..if i don't get an ipod or walkman or two tape decks taped to my head or...i'm gonna kill someone at the gym...the music sucks..irene cara? jeezzus christ! and those gym rats talking shit to each other...i could kill a guy soon enough. i can look at those people but i don't need to hear them... and no doubt they think i'm a rod it's all fair and square.

good times.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

keep it like a secret... pics, chicken legs and coffee...

there are things around town that i drive by every day (or so) that i think, "i should take a picture of that...", but i never do, and then i drive by it again..and again. so today i decided to take a couple of pics of things i see all the time because i really like them. street art, stickers, etc...good stuff. i wanna thank whoever made them for making if nick smit would get back to painting...
i also found out today that i'm not details on this one... hhhmmmm
my union (which sucks hard) had taken off too much cash from my paycheques for a while years and rebate cheques have been starting to arrive at members homes..i got mine today...while i shouldn't be excited to get it because it is my money afterall, i am kind of stoked. it helps to pay for the comet paint job...good times.
now if i can get my fat ass to the gym for a second consecutive day i'll be golden...
i'm just trying to be a better name is garn.

hey you! fat kid... lay off the smarties!

so i've been playing some hockey, not enough to regain any sort of skill, but still enough to not be completley embarassed. it's tough getting old though i'll tell ya, things don;t heal like they used to. i've gone from quick and reasonably skilled to slowish and crafty...much more important now to see the whole ice and show those young speedsters a thing or two...or not. that happens as well.. i have also been thinking about going to the gym again, i am a lazy guy who always has an excuse for not doing so. i do have a lot of errands every day, coffee to drink, toys to find, etc. the gym is secondary...and thus my gut grows...although my size has been the same for a while, i just feel softer...oh last night i went to the gym and everything was going great until i spotted myself in one for the windows of the gym... i'm going tonight as well...and probably tomorrow...the only thing that makes it ok is the 30 guys who were fatter than me who were there last night as well...and hey, isn't just about feeling good for you...right. good times. and hell, my pants still fit, for now...i've just got a little more to love...
i made another toy purchase...i sold a guy, good guy, a kaws companion last year when i made the big, accidental, score. i gave him a great deal and he, in return, gave me a pretty good deal on a MOD gary baseman's the black one in the pal dean grabbed the red version in s.f. for me a month've got to have the set....duh! thanks kelly, thanks dean...'s the view from my balcony..nice... cloudy, grey, turning leaves, a view of science world and up quebec street...up that way there are coffee shops and hipsters... i think i'll head up to jj bean..right now.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

long term work release program...our man donald

so what started out as a pitstop after hockey on monday nights-late mondays nights around 1:30 am, technically tuesday morning-became over time a ritual. brent and i would stop, and still do, at the burger king on hastings near slocan and have BK Veggie burgers... they can be a bit like leather but when they're good. they're great. that with a coke and maybe some fries or rings and you had a great late night snack. we did notice that it was always the same guy working there at that time of the night. donald. and he never ever seems to remember us. whether we're in the coolerator or larry. he seems to have a little spicoli in him but he also has been given a little history from us, because we have no idea baout him except what we see. we believe he started out woring there as part of some sort of work release program and then decided it was best if he just stayed there and worked it all out. and recently it seems l,ike he runs the whole show. there's never anyone else there. he takes the orders, makes the food, takes the cash, doles out the drinks, he's a one man wrecking crew. we tried to get a picture but he moves to fuckin' fast. go donald.