Thursday, November 04, 2010

big smile - mexican sidewalk taco style

so, for all my (lovable) gumpiness from time to time, i am, really, fairly easily satisfied and there are a couple things that bring an instant smile to my face...(and before i say what they are i want to say that this short list does not include people who make me happy and bring a smile to my face...) in-n-out burgers, baseball in any park but especially wrigley field and any spring training park, driving through the desert and, as of last year sometime, modelo especial beer and, of course, tacos - they've always been on the list.
tonight i had two of those things.
i walked over to ricardo's store, headquarter, and saw eric - a great guy that used to work at the headquarter in vancouver and had a chat with him. he told me richardo would be in around 6:30 pm but his meeting ran late so he may come by here later on. i hope to see him before i leave tomorrow so we can make some sort of plan for when i come back. so on my way back here i stopped at a taqueria not far from my hotel - that now i'm hoping is open late because i may have to go back...i had a el pastor con queso (with cheese) taco (pork meat that is cooked on a spit not unlike a donair but they also put a light basting on it and have a pineapple on the top of the spit that drips down on the pork as it cooks...jesus) and a modelo especial beer. good lord i had a smile happening. it was really great. four tacos and a beer for 7 dollars. (what a rip....)
i'm gonna look into the bus schedule now and see what's what...

more. later.

g. xo

el pastor con queso tacos.

made here.

ricardo's store. the bottom of the store is actually a skate shop and his upstairs.

i left my runners at home so i went out looking for new ones and came across this great uniform store. wicked.

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