Sunday, October 31, 2010

the weekend in three parts...

part one...(no pictures to prove it but it did happen...)

ailsa and i headed over to my dad and janine's saturday morning to see them before i headed off on my mexican adventure and to run some wires for his stereo through the crawlspace...(where i re-discovered my claustrophobia...good times.) it was good. we got the wiring done, floyd and janine have music now, ailsa got to do a little relaxing, i made my famous pulled pork and it seemed to go over well and there were bunnies running around the back yard - i really could have just made rabbit stew instead...nice to see them before i took off, to hang with garvie and nice to ride the ferry back to vancouver sunday morning with a hundreds of face-painted cfl football fans...weird. oh, i had the sunshine breakfast - or whatever they're calling it now - as well...not so good.

part two..(i have the pictures but wasn't part of it...)

the bombers game was a special affair saturday night with all the boys sporting glue-on moustaches and such...nice work boys...i'm very proud of you!

part and all...

tonight was fiona's big halloween night, complete with a second incarnation of her corpse bride costume and a fireworks display at a park nearby her and ailsa's house - it seemed like the whole neighbourhood showed-up to watch some of the men from the hood put on a pretty good display. we started the night at ailsa's pals, rob and paula's - where we ate a wicked meal prepared by paula - and then, after it got dark, we rallied the troops and headed-out to let the kids, fiona along with paula and rob's kids cohen and nathan, and paula's parents - nancy and frank, pillage the neighbourhood. (frank and nancy did no pillaging...) their 'hood was packed with kids and their parents and many of the homes were decorated and some of the homeowners dressed up as well for the occasion. good fun.

fiona with her sparkler.

some of the decorations.

rob wore a classic costume.

paula's dad donned the horns.

paula and ailsa were happy for another successful halloween.

the neighbours had some great costumes.

fiona and nathan out collecting candy.

cohen had some vision issues from time to time.

fiona pre-outing.


nathan gets in on the candy.

fiona and cohen survey the bounty.

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