Monday, November 08, 2010

hola. mi nombre es garnet. donde esta el bano?

the first day of formal classes is over - i still have my cooking class/instruction/workshop to go (yes, under pressure they brought it back....) - and then i'll be going home to study and think about what happened...
today after class alex and i went and had lunch at a place not far from the school. we both had the mole con pollo that came with soup and tortillas. it was great....and at the end when i picked-up my bag to leave a huge cockroach fell off my bag and onto the table...we pointed it out to the woman who was clearing our table - we weren't fussed by it but more just wanted her to know that it was there - and when she saw it she grabbed the sugar container and crushed it and pushed it off the table.
fuckin' awesome. i loved it. i'm going back there for sure.
now a little relax before the cooking...

g. xo

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