Sunday, April 29, 2007

sunday cuts, scoring at will and the weird round yellow thing in the sky.

less than twenty-four hours after our last bombers game we were back on the ice in north vancouver kicking ass in the duffer's league. we're not really duffer's but they call it that and we're going through the initial stages of this spring league playing a few games so they know where to seed us for the rest of the games - div. 1, div. 2, ??? anyhow....last night we won 8-0, and today 9-0. last night some kid wanted to fight me and made some weird fake cross-checking motion towards my head...pretty funny actually...we was ejected...idiot.
after the game corie and i went and grabbed a coffee and then after i got home i headed out to richmond to cut the dog's a good workout that one. the queen was driving by, literally, on the highway and stopped in and had a little visit before i got down to bidness...lots of danilions out there- and i just kill 'em all!
good times...

go ducks!

g. xo

and now..radom pics from sunday's action.

pete reflects on a well fought game.

the gibber takes it 'seriously'.

al's playoff'll be gone soon.

i had a sore finger and did some digging and this small plastic ball thing came out of it. weird. feels better now though. where does a small plastic round ball thing come from? and how does it get in your finger?

corie in action on the ice today.

i killed a lot of these today.

all star bomber noah.

what the fuck?!

i knew this but now i really know they now has a new formula that includes daily doses of shit.

Types of Coke

New Coke (renamed Coke II)
Diet Coke (also known as Coca-Cola Light)
Caffeine free Coca-Cola Classic
Caffeine free Diet Coke
Diet Coke Plus
Coca-Cola C2
Coca-Cola Zero
Coca-Cola Cherry Zero
Coca-Cola Cherry
Diet Coke Cherry
Coca-Cola with Lemon
Diet Coke with Lemon
Coca-Cola Vanilla
Diet Coca-Cola Vanilla
Coca-Cola with Lime
Diet Coke with Lime
Coca-Cola Raspberry
Diet Coke Raspberry
Coca-Cola Black Cherry Vanilla
Diet Coke Cherry Vanilla
Coca-Cola Blāk
TaB (original Diet Coke, still available in some countries)

Saturday, April 28, 2007

wake-up you lazy sacks of shit!

they decided to shut down robson street today between burrard and thurlow. nice. what will the fancy folks do?

because of the rain i have a backlog of lawns to get done-one of which belongs to that lazy longhair don bull. so this morning i snagged the mower and such and headed over to chateau bullski to give his lawn a haircut. sure it was only 8:20 am, sure people may have been sleeping - know what? i think it's a great way for him to get to know his new neighbours. after waking-up a few new friends i headed down to the west end to wake-up a few hipster dufus' on cardero street. one of the women who lives in another suite in lisa's building opened her blinds just before i started to trim the edges and all of a sudden this rat thing appeared in the window of her place. i figured out that it was a cat-i think, that had been trimmed and sheared to look like a poodle. about three pounds soaking wet. why do people do that to their animals? poor little fella. then another woman from a different suite came out to put her laundry in and looked like she had been up kinda late...and i guess while some people get their cats dolled-up, others get after market parts that are a little big for their britches-if ya know what i mean....yikes, i was a little scared, but like a car crash just had to look. ok...then it was off to capers for a muffin and then home to get ready for my hockey game at 11:30. more lawns this afternoon.

g. xo

some shots of the new gold in my head.

my new plaster casting of my teeth. now that's art.

Friday, April 27, 2007

a ray of sunshine.

i can be sometimes.

craig just sent me this and it made me smile.

thanks craig.

you're right.

g. xo

what did i do?

what did i do to deserve this shit? now i've lost/misplaced my battery charger for my digital camera...FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm gonna blow my brains out soon....

g. xo

happy days.

all hard drives can go fuck themselves

for years i have put documents and files i deemed important onto external hard drives. i have been diligent about this. then, one of my drives began to screrw-up. i have no lost most of what was on that drive. memories, files, documents-gone. sure was worth it. and now, a new drive i bought to replace the old drive has fucked-up as well. so, i've now lost even more files and documents etc...why even fucking bother? i used to sit with barb, my therapist, and try and figure out when it was that i became a grumpy, depressed person and we could never quite pin it on any one thing or time in my life. well, i'm here to tell you it was when i first became involved in computers. from the time i first bought my first computer, life has become more and more shitty. computers have ruined my life. i'm not joking. much in the same way i hate vancouver as it gets bigger and less personal and more and more assholes move here and more and more people give a shit only about themselves and no one else, i am hating computers and my involvement with them more and more. pictures, movies i've made, big rookie inc. files, lawn order stuff, bills-all gone. like they never happened. i love it.

all this and the rain just keeps on coming. fuck this. i mean really, fuck this. i hate this place, i hate my computer shit, i hate this fucking crap i have been handed.

ok. i need to get out of the house-but i'll probably stay in...i mean, where the fuck am i going to go? to the movies?

fuck that.


it was SWELL

mishi shows off her new button ring.

last night was the grand opening or opening gala or, well, whatever the kids are calling it these days, of the SWELL show at the hong kong bank on georgia street. the propellor kids - nic, pam and tobe, are the curators for the show so i thought i should go by and lend some support.

mishi kicks it at the SWELL show last night.

above is a link if you'd like to get some more info. it's all about sustainability in design and all that hippie stuff...recycling, using and reusing specific materials, etc...granola, hemp, etc...(i'm just making fun...) there are some cool things there and i encourage you to drop by and have a look...lots of local designers with a common goal. good times.

cool stuff at as well.

g. xo


enough of the text messaging...i will no longer return text messages, well, i will to tell those who text me that i am stopping...

ok. i feel better.

g. xo

a bomber and a red wing

craig northey, a great musician and all round great guy, is also a bomber and maybe, now that he is a bomber, that fact should really be mentioned first from now on. i mean really, being a bomber is a pretty important thing to be able to add to your resume..anyhow...bomber vraig northey sent me a pic tonight of his buddy dave and him sitting in the red wings dressing room. if you look clsely he's sitting in brendan shanahan's spot and dave is in fedorov's spot...pretty cool. i'm also including a pic of craig in all his bomber, that's a nice fuckin' jersey pal...

see ya on the ice.

g. xo

Thursday, April 26, 2007

just because...

i love oregon and portland for no other reason than i just really like it there...

here's a couple of cool blogs you should check out of you like cool old pics, they just happen to be cool old pics of oregon and portland.

g. xo

what to do...what to do...

for reasons only i really know - although i really don't know the real reasons, i have mademany a bad decision in my life. that's the truth, but some were made because i actually thought i was doing the right thing. i knew early on i wanted to work in radio and spent years at the UBC radio station citr and then ten years at CBC plying my trade until certain little folks decided they had a better plan - one that included them getting ahead and the exclusion of me or ousting of me made that plan easier for them. truth, i'm glad i am no longer there as internet radio and satalite radio really is a joke and not to be taken seriously. and i have made more money working in film that i would have sticking around CBC to be sure. and to think of spending another year ahnging around loc dao or robert ouimet and a few others would have been death to me...andhoiw, that's not what this is's about getting out of film, moving on from the 'crack' that is film work. marcy calls it that and she's right. i have lived a life for the last ten years or so that is not a real's a living, i suppose, but it's not really much of a life. and now as it becomes more and more of a grind to get film work, and keep it consistant, i don't think i have it in me anymore. i just may not have it anymore. so...
i am curious now, what do i do now? get a job with the city holding a sign? garbageman? someone's got to be the garbageman right? not do bad all in all. regular hours, pension, holidays, etc...can't be that bad. or do i go back to school and get a trade? plumber? baker? electrician? maybe...could do. i'm not crazy about the options, that's also the truth but, i think the cool life may be over. time to turn into an adult and get ready for the rest of it. the retirement at 65 (ish), the moving to arizona, the real hate towards the young kids all around us/me. maybe i'll try bus driving...or take a trek to northern alberta and see what i can find there...and the other sad truth is, if i find work elsewhere, i'll take it. i have no bonds here now that would keep me from looking and possibly taking work in other provinces or towns...
and i know that if i do step away from film that my life, at least finacially, will change a great deal and that i will have to get used to that. less meals out, no more toys, probably get rid of the comet and motorcycle and less driving to get a burrito. i know all of this and i guess that's all part of it.
if anyone has an idea what i should do next, please let me know...

ok...that's it....

g. xo

i don't leave the house for much but...

i sure would like to have seen Interpol last night. i fucked-up. sure, i enjoyed playing hockey last night but, .... oh well. i had made arrangements to get tickets becasue it was sold out but then didn't hear back to know if i really had tickets and then i foregot about it, etc...i could give teo shits about seeing most bands live but Interpol seemed like one i would like to have seen...i've missed them a few times now...i am an idiot.

more news later as i figure out what to do with the rest of my life...

g. xo

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

grind what?

we went and saw Grindhouse last night at the paramount. it's dying badly in the theatres and i have to say, i can see why. what a piece of shit. many years ago after i saw oliver stone's U-Turn w/ sean penn, i swore i would never see another oliver stone movie-and haven't. i already hated tarantino before i saw Grindhouse but rodriguez i was willing to give another shot...well, they're both dead to me now. tarantino's a hack, in every sense. is he a good film maker? or a great copycat? or neither your money if you haven't gone yet.

ok. i'm off to the dentist for round two. yesterday it was $900.00 worth of new crowns (that's my portion after my coverage..) today a cleaning. so i'll be writing a nice cheque for a grand when it's all said and done. nice.

have fun today.

g. xo

go ducks!

Monday, April 23, 2007

bruna's back in action and bull gets trimmed

bruna, a woman over on east second ave just off commercial drive whose lawn i've been cutting for two years, had a stroke last year and has been recovering ever since (but i have not seen her soince the stroke...). i kept doing her lawn and laurie-her neighbour, was to keep paying me (he still owes me...) but i was happy to keep her place looking decent...this year as i got going i e.mailed laurie to ask him if he wanted me to cut his lawn again this year and he finally got back to me saying his house was being sold but that he would ask his neighbour if they wanted their's done...then no word...and still no money for the work last year-not a ton of cash but $145.00 is $145.00...get it...? anyhow, then bruna's son called me and asked if i could do her lawn problemo, so today i headed over and just as i got started, there came bruna along the sidewalk with a homecare nurse..she was using a walker and looked frail but i was happy to see her. she asked if she had to pay me today and i told her not to worry...thank god, bruna's back!
also today, don bull, new home owner don bull, callled and asked if he could use the weedeater to cut down the grass in his new place as it was almost a foot tall and needed a good whack...i told him i would give him a lawn cutting as a housewarming present...truth be told i asked for lemonaide in return....still a good deal for old bullski. and i was happy to make it look better...
alain, my little french canadian pal was home today when i got there to cut his lawn and was all dressed up as he's looking for a job..he just finished his MBA and now needs to get on with it...he seems like a good guy... i must say this, i have an interesting mix of people i cut lawns for...pretty good...except bull-he's a fucktard!
ok...go dallas go!

i'm gold crowns tomorrow.

g. xo

don's lawn with the don king hairdo look.

don gets down with the broom.

don wonders how the hell i became such a fuckin' great lawn cutter,

sunday lawn action, hockey goodness and sunday sopranos

the queen margs it up.

it was a busy sunday. i had four lawns to get done and was having a little weedeater problems-but not anything i couldn't handle ya know....i was doing a new lawn over near brent's place and had no idea how long it was gonna take...well, it took a long fuckin' time....but still a good time....a woman by the name of teri had given me a call and asked me to take care fo her unruly lawn, and it was that to be sure...but now it looks like a million, or at least, a few hundred bucks....then before i knew it, it was time to go to hockey but i was still in north vancouver and had to get home, get my gear, get corie and get back to north van-all in one hour....not happening. in the ned corie drove himself and we had another bomber blast in our new league in north's a good time with a great bunch of guys. i rang one off the post and managed a few other close calls but no bisquit in the week. bryan returned to the fold and i was happy to see him there tonight wearing the bomber blue...he's a good solid defenceman...and a good guy.
after the game i came home and the companion, mishi and i watched the third episode of the final series of sopranos shows...while it should, maybe, have ended a year ago for good, it's still a good watch....there was a great gunshot through the eye tonight...not so good. the garbs has passed on watching anymore because there hasn't been enough killing in the new shows-he would have liked it tonight. mishi also brought over buster bars from dairy queen. i love those babies. i'll pay later but damn, they's tastey little treats.
then to complete the evening it was a showing of desperate housewives-and now there's a guy in a freezer...i love that show....don't judge me!

more lawns tomorrow and maybe even more than that. i ran into a guy at the transfer station who asked if i wanted more lawns....yup, bring 'em on, we'll se if the phone rings....


night. night.

g. xo

penelope and corie have a few drinks at topanga.

eric and raine drove by today when i was cutting the new lawn.

three huge bags of grass taken away from this place today.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

sometimes it's not always clear

while i like a clear image, in pictures, paintings, etc., i also have a love for the blurry. i really like the blurry. in fact, i'm thinking is should have a photography show called, "holy fuck that's a blurry picture..."...and why not? there are worse ideas out there...and i've seen some of them.

so tonight. some of the latest blurry piucs from last night drivign home from richmond.

these are for you.

g. xo

gambling, boozecans, painting and the cops...must be friday.

so after a little sleep we headed back out to richmond to paint some more flats. so now, a little clarifcation for some asking questions. tobe and pam, the kids from propellor, called me up and asked if wanted to help paint some 'flats' - which are-as you can see in the pictures, large canvas' basically, some two sided, that will be used in a show of some sort in toronto. it's some sort of background thing. sixty of these things, some two-sided, some one color, some two different colors. yesterday we painted for many hours getting home after midnight and today painted for far too long again.
what was interesting today was that at one pont i asked if anyone had been upstairs. (it's a warehouse with an upstairs that we had heard was occupied by a tenant..) no one had been upstairs so i decided to go have a look....and what did i find? a whole lots of used booze bottle and a big old mess...yup, it was/is a booze can...and a dirty one at that. shit everywhere, the rugs burned with hundreds of cigarettes, crappy speakers, a crappy stereo, tons of garbage, etc...neat. i told the kids and they had a look as well....
shrotyly after we had come back from havinf some lunch at que pasa-god bless you tom and joe, we had a visit form the local RCMP. they asked if we had called the police...i said nope. they then came in and headed upstairs..when they came down i told them i had been up there and then they asked a bunch of questions i couldn't really answer, the bets being who i was working for..truth was/is-i don't really know. kinda pam and tobe but really some other company. anyhow...they took a bunch of the booze away and then as they were asking me some quesions they had a call involving a gun so they took off..good.
later on after qwe had finally finished the flats and we all packed up and loading penelope's car a few dudes in fancy hopped-up import cars atarted showing up. it was weird, there we were laoding shit into her car and they were about to go upstairs-we think, and see that a bunch of their stuff was missing...i really wanted to get the hell outta there....and we we had been up there minuted before they showed-up and had taken a couple garbage bags and old ratty cds to listen to..also the garbs ahd found some bags of peanuts that he liberated from the could have been tense if we had been up there when they showed up....
anyhow...home now and i don't think we were followed...i think..

bed time...lawn cutting most of saturday and a cowboys playoff game...night night...


garbs fuels up for more painting.

more painting.

the flats.

penelope loves painting.

the demon crabs.

hey flats.

hey more flats.

garbs flats.

booze can anyone?

ladies and gentlemen-welcome john law.

Friday, April 20, 2007

workin' like a chain gang runner

here are a few pics that will make no sense at all.
corie was clearing out some brush from the front of his place, nikki keeps self-tanning lotion in her car (she gave me a ride from north van today after i dropped off my car for service...after working late...) the garbs gets down painting the flats in richmond....and we're back at it, the companion and garbis.
oh, and a big congrats. to the garbs who made his first wholedsale order yesterday to voltage...the angry ice cream cones go legit! coming soon, the t-shirts, the movie and the video game.

ok. back to painting.

g. xo