Sunday, November 07, 2010

say hey! say asada!

tonight i met the kids - alex and wendy - down at the zocalo and we had a nice dinner as our last before we became students at the institute. all very exciting and nerve wracking and...and i don't know if i mentioned this already or not but, last night when i was studying i realized that i had lost all knowledge i previously had of nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, conjunctive prepositions, articles, definite articles, etc...i mean by this that i know what they are but i haven't thought in that vein for many years - and really school wasn't really taught like that when i was being taught in the 70's and 80's...verb and noun, sure ok...but that other stuff was there but not there. so when i was reading one of my many books it described things as 'when you take the definite article and use the conjunctive verb or adverb it becomes a preposition except when the word ends in 'X' then all bets are off.' ok. got it. next. very humbling and so great that i have the internet to set me back on the straight and narrow. nothing like feelin' like a big dummy. ya big dummy!
so we had a nice dinner. alex a torta, wendy a chili relleno and me the large flat carne asada with a nice side of mole negro in a tortilla and some black beans. i know how senor tornack loves the mole and i want him to know i'll be bringing home the goods to make us all a little mole action. good stuff.

(i wish the folks upstairs would stop walking around...sit down ya dummies!)
and so. i sit here with a nice glass of water after dinner having one last relax before i have to hit the books for real. will i learn some spanish? maybe. probably. but really, i think this whole thing will be great - i've already (as garvie pointed out) had a great experience without any it's all a bonus. it'll be hard but at least i'll get to eat some amazing food and meet some folks also trying to make their food ordering in mexico and elsewhere just that much easier.

night night


oh. completely unrelated but, today i was listening to some music in the apartment and a song cam on that i have heard many, many times before but decided today that it may be one of the world's great love songs. you should listen to it. '1952 vincent black lightning' by richard thompson from the album 'rumor and sigh'. really great.
just sayin'.


dinner action...bad flash...oops...

all gone...

alex's torta

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