Thursday, March 29, 2007

hey Office! go fuck yourself.....

Office, a store in portland oregon that i once loved, can now go fuck themselves after fucking over sebastian and mishi. it's kind of a long story but suffice to say they're fucked. 'nuff said. when in portland stay far away.

fuck you kelly. fuck you tony.


LAWN ORDER...back in business

let the grass begin to fly!


fuck spring training-here's some spring cleaning

need some vinegar?

i didn't have it in me to leave the house today so i did some laundry and found crap i need to get rid of..well, not crap but stuff i don't need...and you may think it;'s funny to put 'food' items on here but they're cooking things i know are fine and that people buy and only use bits of at a time so if ya need 'em...take these.

mishi's gonna have a yard sale soon so there will be more stuff in there of mine as well...but maybe you need a lamp now...

g. xo

leeanne gave me this lamp-one i helped repair at one point. it just needs a shade.

this is an old medical lamp that i rigged-up with a soft 20 watt bulb.

why the fuck or how the fuck did i end up with three different razor handles???

selling parts of my life...maybe

there may be a big sale coming down the pipe. i have had it with living in the shoebox i have called home for ten years and may have to get the hell outta here. i had yet another shitty annual general meeting here last night, one that i stormed out of because my fellow van horneites are fucking idiots and incredibly shortsighted. i have been here just short of ten years and the timne may be now to gte the hell out. there is a house, far from here in a part of town i'm not sure i really want to live in but it's not too bad. the house, a box of sorts, is better than a box apartment-i guess and could be ok. the price is right, and, with a few bux thrown at it could be a place i could call my own and not be too pissed-off about. or less pissed-off compared to living here. but some things may have to be sold to make it all larry and my motorcycle. do i really need that car? that bike? anymore. as my life moves along-hopefully quicker and quicker, those things mean jack shit really. there was a day when i had a cool life, i think, but that's far behind me now and i'm just a 42 year old guy now with not a lot to look forward to except working and eating and figuring out waysd to keep afloat in a business that's eating its young at a rapid rate. that said-who needs a cool old car? or bike? if it means those things can help me get debt free, at least for a little while. my honda element is pretty fuckin' cool...right? i know that we are not our possessions but it's hartd to give up the things we have worked so hard to get. the reasons i have gone to work at all. to watch those things drive away after all the hard work, blood (literally) and sweat...and for what? a better place to live? or just a different place to live? i dunno...i have made so many mistakes in my life in regards to finances that i am now doomed to working until i drop that i can't see the point in selling those things to help make a dent in the new place...or can i? i'm an idiot. i know this. i could have paid off this current place years ago if i wasn't such a chickenshit. but working in film will do that to ya. i just wanna make it to the end somehow, without too much grief-i've had enough of that. which i guess makes me think, as i think the other way about the car and bike...i'm gonna sell them one day, why not now? free myself of them. like the cd's i got rid of recently. i don't miss them at all. i'm sure in a few months of selling the car and bike i wouldn't even care. maybe. i'm rambling. i'm pissed off and depressed so myabe now isn't the time to be thinking this through.
i need a beverage.

more later.

or not.

g. xo

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

the difference between a guy taking snapshots...

...and a guy who knows how to take photos....

byron sent me some photos today from the issy dinner the other night at topanga. so i present to you now-for one night only-real photos on as opposed to the regular crappy snapshots....

thanks byron-good job....


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

tooth patch, haircut and hangin' at the 2400

this morning i went to the dentist and had my molar patched-up but it turns out i'm going to need to get a couple crowns. the old filling are giving way and whatever happend the other day with my tooth was going to happen soon either which way. and another one of my molars is cracked as well. i have a bad habit of chewing hard things on that side of my mouth-i like to chew ice, etc. and it's taken its toll. so, more gold in the old head.
afterwards i went and got a few hairs cut at storm by k-win (best hair chopper in town...) and then headed up to the 2400 Court on kingsway where all the good folks hang out. i got a call the other day regarding using larry for a photo shoot. turns out Modern Dog magazine was the client and they were shooting all these poor little fellas in clothing they'd probably prefer not to be wearing...with these two models also wearing things they'd probably prefer not to be model was 14 the other wierd.'s crazy what people will do for free to get their dog into a magazine. it was kinda hard to watch at points. my friend pete was there doing sound for a documentary that was being filmed at the same time about people and their dogs. riveting. i love pete and was happy to see him-at least i wasn't in this entirly alone. six hours later i was driving home and somewhat freaked-out by what goes on in the world sometimes but not too freaked-out not to be seding them a bill pronto for larry's services. look for him in modern dog on a newstand near you.
then i fell asleep on the couch and now feel like crap.

i need a snack.

g. xo

pete rockin' the mic.

poor little doggy.

chix and cars.

never work with children and animals.

more pete.

Monday, March 26, 2007

issy kicks it topanga style on her birthday.

tonight a few of us got together at topanga cafe to celebrate issy's birthday. i want to thank corie, penelope, jennifer, mishi, marcy and byron for coming to dinner and helping contribute to issy's big day. mishi took topanga cafe menu's and turned them into birthday cards suitable for coloring-which we all did (although corie is still working on his...perfectionist)
issy got a pair of speakers for her computer so she can rock out while playing online scrabble...marcy took the reins and got a flower arrangement made for her-thanks marcy! it was a great diiner. a big thanks to all the kids at topnaga and especially andrew who took care of the cake for issy....

you're the best issy....

g. xoxo

corie, mishi and issy.

marcy and corie.

mishi coloring her card.

the queen.

too many margs.

more mishi coloring.

corie and the queen.

issy's happy about her cake.

issy, the queen and marcy.

byron, marcy, issy and the queen.

happy birthday issy!

it's a big day to be sure! today is issy's birthday.

the world greatest rock and roll mom!

thanks issy for being so great-to me and to all my friends.

see you tonight.

g. xoxoxoxo

Sunday, March 25, 2007

ikea, costco, choices and painting-what a sunday...

chocolate bunnies at meinhardt..

sore groin or not i was getting shit done today...mishi and i made our way to ikea and were done quickly-it would have been even quicker if she had listened to me and understood that the upstairs is for losers. no need to go up there. everything you may need is on the bottom floor. get in, get the fuck out. good.
we then went for a sandwich at meinheardt. damn good sandwich. you know, you pay a little more there but good bless her-she makes a great sandwich with fine ingredients. then off to the pickle to drop off the goods and then i needed to go shopoing. since i have come home i have not done this. i have been living off shit i just happen to have around-no real meals to speak of. so today i needed some staples. then if was off to costco for the bulk items-cereal, sausages, etc...the goods. surprisingly, none of it was much of a hassle. then the companion called and said she needed some help painting a backdrop for a show she's working on. i hate painting. but, she needed help so i said i would. for those who don't know they paint these drops on canvas' stapled to wooden shop floors and draft them out like this and then paint. i had never done this before and when i got back down to the island garbs was just leaving the pickle so he came to have a look at what i was going to be helping with...then he decided he wanted to help as well...we kicked ass. thanks garbs.
i had thought i would stay home tonight and continue catching up on my desperate housewives but corie just called and we're gonna go see Shitter...why not. word has it that only joel and i were given many others in our dept. worked their asses off getting that thing i'll give credit now...spfx on shitter done by.... dan cervin, al waldron, eric lemay, eugene thiessen, dar hicks, mike l'arrive, corie tornack. dave mcguire, stewart bradley, steve hepworth, chris shreieber, joel whist, garnet harry, grant smith, james kozier, rae reedyk, gord alarie..i'm sorry if i missed anyone... later...

big day tomorrow...

g. xo

the garbs paints up a storm.

the worst colored house in town.

the companion and garbs paint away.

penelope makes scenic gold.

random sunday

the garbs gets down wirth galaga at my place.

played a little hockey yesterday-the first real excercise in a couple of weeks. the last game i played i hurt my groin...ouch! and then yesterday kinda made it worse...double ouch! anyhow...i'll live but i need to get back to the gym and just work it baby!
i have no report as of yet-still early...i do mishi and i are heading out to ikea so in a few hours i'll be swearing at someone.
oh...for those who care apple/mac is giving me back my cash for the shows i downloaded but didn't want...that 12 bux is coming back my the meantime i mangaed, with the help of leeanne, figure out how to play the dvd that was send to me by a kid robot board member with a bunch of depsperate housewives showes on it. i am so set-up in the world of brea, lynette, susan and gabby....go ahead-laugh...fuck you! i need a shower and then it's off to ikea. home of cheap shit.

g. xo

corie models his new Lower Hater t-shirt.

my pal lisa models her fancy jeans outside topanga last night.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

i do declare it's a free for all....

i love this photo. i bought this album when it came out and an interesting fact about this album was that meatloaf was credited on the inside of the gatefold sleeve as doing vocals-which i thought was pretty cool. love him or hate him-ted was the man.

g. xo