Tuesday, November 16, 2010

agua hurto dos dias

that shower in the other part of the house got great usage this morning again around 6:30 a.m. it's an odd feeling being somewhere you're not suppose to be and knowing you may get caught. it's even weirder when you're naked in a place you're not suppose to be knowing you may get caught.
i spent a little of the morning trying to follow water lines around the building and trying to find shut-off valves and such but it all goes, seemingly, nowhere. it's just a huge maze and tangle of pipes and ball valves that seem to have no rhyme or reason.
the main thing is i'm clean - for now - and will keep sneaking in until such time as i'm caught or they turn my fuckin' water on.
i'm not bitter - really, i'm not, but - and i may have said this already but bear with me, i don't expect the comforts of home here in my apartment in oaxaca, but i do expect water if i'm paying to rent a joint that says it has some. so, give me a dribble or at least enough to have a shower and i'm cool with that. no problema.
i still have no seen the woman who owns the house or the woman she employs to run the show here but when i do i'll be asking for some water. and in another effort to speed things along, i have told the liason at the school - because they want to know how the accomodations are because they set them up and they have a network of people who want renters etc...- and they say they're looking into it. so we'll see...i've decided that if it doesn't get sorted that i'm going to ask to be moved to another casa with an apartment and ask to be refunded the remainder of my money for this place since i paid a month in advance. seems fair to me.
ok. i'm off to la fonda then to escula for another day of brain busting spanish lessons.

have a great tuesday amigos.

hasta pronto.



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