Sunday, May 30, 2010

lawns, dryers and jenny stands up...

it was a day....
i started my day in richmond cutting the dog lawn and ended it in tsawwassen dropping off some crap in issy's between there was a dryer installation at ailsa's place, a furniture pick-up at the shum's, a baseball game with the east van expos and a picture taking session with jenny c...good times...i am ready now to sit and relax and fall asleep on the couch...
i'm done.

g. xo

Saturday, May 29, 2010

hot pot....nope.

tonight megan and i made our way out to richmond - i know, me in richmond...- anyhow...megan and i were meeting floyd, janine, glen and denny out there for some dinner...more specifically, some hot pot. my dad - floyd and his gal-pal, janine, are off to mexico city tomorrow and then off to peru so my uncle, his brother - glen, and his wife denny, phoned me and asked if i wanted to have dinner with richmond. sure, ok....megan and i were gonna watch the 'hawks game but dinner with the folks would be cool...
now, i had never had hot pot but was game...then, i wasn't. i know most of you have probably had it but for those who have not, it's kinda like fondue chinese style...and while that may sound ok, and it probably is...i found it too cacophonous. or something like that, i know that's the wrong word but...busy. too busy. all hands on deck, moving around putting stuff in the boiling liquid and raw this and that all over the weird bubbling soup with no way of knowing how long stuff had been in the soup or what really was in the soup....i decided to just watch....
later, after our good byes, megan and i headed back to my place to give one of my neighbours his groceries - i had found a bag of groceries in the hall earlier in the day and had put a note up saying so and john, he of the lost groceries, called me and was happy to know his sausage and bacon had been found - and then we headed to la taqueria so i could get some dinner...megan had a dipped cone for her dessert. was a big day...took out a dryer, put up a heavy mirror at storm salon - i hope it doesn't fall down, took some bottles to blair at ambleside brewing, saw some guys in kilts, dinner in richmond, dinner in vancouver...tomorrow, maybe cutting and baseball and moving of crap....

g. xo

knockin' it out bagpipe style.

the fawnz sent me an e.mail last night telling me to come on down to the Ceilidh saturday...the what? well, a social gathering or celebration - an irish and scottish term. and why are they having a party....? well...

About The Seaforth Highlanders of Canada:
Vancouver’s Infantry Regiment, The Seaforth Highlanders of Canada - - are celebrating their 100 year anniversary in 2010.
Formed in 1910 by members of the local Scottish community, the Seaforths have
served as volunteer soldiers, supporting Canada, in every major Canadian Forces
overseas mission, including the two World Wars, as both peacekeepers and war
fighters. This year will see Centenary festivities to mark and celebrate the
tens of thousands of Vancouverites who have proudly served as Seaforths, both
in harm’s way and in peacetime, over the past century.


so i went, saw the fawnz and her main man dave - good lookin' fella - and saw a lot of guys playing bag pipes and sporting kilts. good times...

g. xo

lego luchedor

last weekend's bbq saw me get some great housewarming gifts - and really, i expected nothing so it was a nice surprise...great tequila now lives in my cupboards, as well as several bottles of wine. also some new cooking utensils, cookbooks and bbq gear...nice. very nice. so very generous of all who brought me stuff - thanks!
and in case you didn't see it when you were here, my pal nancy raided her son's lego stash and made me a luchedor mask out of lego. nice work nancy. and thanks to rowen, her son, for giving up some of his prized lego.
ok....i'm off to get shit done.

go hawks.

g. xo

oh....and this is funny...

Friday, May 28, 2010

long lawn lockout

this morning i received an e.mail entitled, 'this is a job for lawn order' long time pal mark, 30 years and counting, was the sender and knowing his latest goings-on - he recently had a bike accident that broke both his arms - i knew he needed help. i was happy to help...when i got there the lawn was, indeed, long and i got right at it as i had shit to do and i also thought it may rain...mark came out to say hello, shoot the shit and see what's what....he also forgot to bring his keys with him when he came out to say hello, so when the door closed behind him, that was that. so while mark tried to find a way to get back in, i got to cutting.

i'm not sure when he got in but i was long gone...good luck mark...


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

getting it.

i'm tired today. the bomber game didn't go as planned last night and i left the rink, with mr. tornack enjoying a bomber pilsner in the passenger seat, a little bummed and ready for the day to be over. spike has been staying with me for the last couple of days - great to have her here and to finally be able to return the favor she has extended to me when i have been in arizona...she's in the throws of trying to decide where to live and work is a large part of that so she's been here meeting with folks etc...last night we, mishi, spike and i, went and ate like champs at yuji's on west fourth. man, that's some good grub i'll tell ya. she's leaving today to go back to edmonton - he current locale, and then possibly back to arizona or...
this morning i installed a locking bar thingy at the pickle on michi's desk - just a thing i made at the shop but something that will work well, hopefully, and keep the thieves out of her desk should they decide to break-in again.
noon saw me meet up with chris from jj bean as i was going to include him in a photo project i have been working on - maybe you wanna be in it...he's very photogenic and blown-up to 3' x 3' it should look pretty good...the photo above is one of the photos i took today but likely not the one i'll use...but still a pretty good photo, i think. after the photos we went for tacos where chris and i ran into 'he who can not be named on the blog' and lyndsay. chris was very good to me and bought me a large raft of tacos as a thank-you for me lending him the element...nice. thanks chris.
now i need to go and get some more shit done...i need a coffee...


g. xo

Monday, May 24, 2010

a decent payday

i'm willing to pay anyone a decent sum of money if they can come over here and adjust my bathroom (pocket) shit. it's a piece of shit and i hate it. a word to the wise - if you're in the market for a new place, and you see a place that has pocket doors, don't buy it. period. don't. your heart will thank-you later.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

the day after

the rains held off for my bbq...nice. really nice. today - not so much...

the garbs came and ate like a champ, as did the bombers and non-bombers alike...don bull missed out on the grub and i'm sorry for that - next time baby, next time. cam said he'd shut it down, and he did, as did kapt. beyond and pam and tobe. and today the rains came and washed away any spilled drinks on the deck and the floor, which took a bit of beating, is all washed and back to normal.
i didn't actually eat anything more than one or two tacos, and maybe a little pulled pork so tonight i'm making some more ribs so i can sit on the couch and enjoy some of the sauce i made for the bbq and just have a little relax.
have fun this week.

g. xo

you'd get a wet ass today sitting in those chairs...

just a few of the empties that found a home in my storage room...

just sayin'

after the 'hawks win today over the sharks - who of course have that slacker joe thornton on their side - a guy who i used to think was the next thing but has turned out to be another no-show player in the playoffs and a bit of a big baby....the 'hawks are now on their way to the stanley cup finals, and i think that's a-ok. i wrote here, right here on the blog, that i had to abandon my hope and wants of the wings winning the cup this year because of the bertuzzi signing and i had pinned my hopes on the 'hawks this year, and maybe the blues but the blues thoughts were really just a little bit of a throwback to my love of the old norris the 'hawks it is...
i'll take all bets on the finals.

g. xo

the party starts now! the garbs is in the house!

the weather turned out to be my friend after all and it all went down without a hitch - more or less...some bbq sauce was spilled - had to happen, some drinks were dumped - naturally and my house was made 'warm' by everyone who attended...all 60-70 plus of you! i have to give a huge thank you to ailsa who made my life that much easier and helped me remain calm in the early stages when i wasn't quite ready....and who also made a wicked fancy coleslaw that got rave reviews.
thanks also to everyone who brought housewarming presents - you're all far too generous and please feel free to ask me for a drink when you're here next, i have lots now...
i am blessed to have all of you as friends, i really am - i am lucky...and i'm glad the food went over well - i have no leftovers which is exactly what i wanted...not to have. though in the kaos, i didn't even try my own ribs...or beans...or ....i loved it. i'm glad you all came...
below - the day in pictures...or some of the pictures...

g. xo