Wednesday, November 03, 2010

hot plumber action

i found myself in a bit of a thing today as i tried to help ailsa out with a plumbing problem she was that i could have solved given the right amount of time but since it's my last day here, i maybe shouldn't have opened that can of worms.
but i did.
and in the end it's all perfect and water is flowing as it should, etc. but i had help. and this help is the kind of help i wanna pass on to you. to you mighty blog reader. because the good guys are hard to find and the really nice, hardworking, excellent tradesmen are even harder to find. but i, with the help of corie (because this plumber/gas fitter did a lot of work at corie and katherine's new house) am now going to pass this name onto you.
drum roll please.....
bill fermaniuk (owner/journeyman) of generation 2 plumbing and heating. awesome.
i had a problem and ii made the call and he came and helped me out and that's no small feat in today's world of tradesman - not that they're bad, but they're busy and they're not showing up a couple hours after a phone call. not generally. bill did. and bill kicked ass.
so. i'm saying it now. if you need some quality workmanship done by a guy you'd love to have a beer with afterwords. bill's your man.

his contact info is as follows....

i'm not just sayin' it.


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