Monday, November 15, 2010

el robo con allanamiento de morada

kind of.
since the hot water situation hadn't resolved itself by this morning i knew something had to be done - i don't mind a day without a shower but i wanted to start monday morning a clean guy - for my classmates sake if nothing else.
the couple upstairs - who i have only ever heard and not ever seen - were outside early this morning and were talking about the of lack water as well. i went out to find richard - the husband - looking about and it became clear to him that i had no water as well - this may have been more from my facial expressions than me actually saying - though i did say it eventually, and colorfully. after a short talk, where he made a few things clear to me that i suspected all along, it was revealed that the woman who owns the house we both are renting apartments in, is mucho cheapo. we found that she had set our hot water heater to medio, and hers is set to caliente. she turns our water down so that the pressure is low.
after a little more idle chit chat, i told richard that, because the house seems to have been built in stages, that my bedroom has both a window and french doors that open to one of their living rooms - he asked if he could see it...sure. when i pulled back the curtain to show him the doors, he asked me if i had ever tried the door, to open it. i said no - being the polite canadian that i am - though i sure wanted to now. he said, do it. so i did - and it opened. we both looked at each other like we had cracked a code of some sort. and then, we went it. so now we're in this living room but have no idea if there's a bathroom close, or if it's in the front of the house we go in farther until we're down a short set of stairs and looking into another living room. then, as we were about leave, i looked and saw a door that said to me - i'm the fuckin' bathroom door and if you open me you will have a hot fuckin' shower and feel like a million bucks. and so i did. and it was. and after a quick retreat to my apartment, richard convinced me to go have a quick shower - and it was awesome. a hot, full pressure, all wet, supreme wetdown. it was so clear to me that i/we/are was getting fucked by the woman who owns the house. my place and richards lace - shitty, no pressure water. her place - full on action. as they say in mexico - bullshito.
so that's that end of the tale...and i'll keep using it as long as she's away. onto part two of today's adventure.
as you know i spilled some beer on my trackpad...ok. super bummer. but i knew that the tap method of using the cursor was still available - don't ask how i knew, i just did - but i needed a corded mouse to get into my setting to change it to tap mode. i asked a woman here at the school if i could use a mouse from one of their computers for a few minutes - actually seconds - but she shot me down. esconce. i made my way up to the office depot and went in and under the guise of buying a new mouse, disconnected one of theirs from a display model pc and plugged it into my mac - which i had already started up - and presto chango - as willie nelson would say, i'm on the road again.
lesson for today - don't let the bastards get you down...

more as it develops.


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