Friday, November 12, 2010

turning corners and walking as if i know.

today was the end of the first week of classes here in the big city. i think it went well and i'm trying to become less concerned with learning spanish and just being here learning and maybe learning more spanish and more into hanging out and eating and getting to know luiz and the others at the school - today bill and i went for lunch and had a great talk (an amazing guy..) and speaking of amazing, julie - of julie and zach (i have learned it's zach not apologies to zach...) from wyoming - is a bigger deal than i thought (though i know from her demeanor and her way, that she'd be very modest about her talents. she and zach have been very nice to me bill and i are going to try and have dinner with them before all's said and done...i suspect it would be a great eat with four people from very different places - a celebrated and talented musician, a scientist of high regard, a master gardener and well, me - coming together and dishing it all out. (i know it sounds hokey but it would be cool.)
tonight a few of us met near the santo domingo cathedral and ate some pizza - very mexican - and it was nice, though hard to have a conversation with all because it can be quite loud down there with music and cars, etc...wendy had mentioned that she was concerned as her bank card had been rejected and she was outta money so after dinner i went with her to my bank and helped her with the machine and now she's flush with cash. it was funny though - and i told her i was going to tell this story - when she went to the machine initially, she went to punch in her PIN and she noticed that there were no letters on the number keys and didn't know her PIN code numerically, but instead only what it spelled...i laughed and said i was surprised that all the times she had punched it in before that she had never noticed the numbers that she was punching...she said as neither of us had a cell phone we went and found a payphone and she wrote down the letters so she could get her money...
tomorrow i'm going on a tour but will tell you more about that tomorrow as it's a long story as to where and why etc....



random pics from today and yesterday.

wendy spelling it out on the pay phone.

love the stencil art around the city.

great streets and lights.

my mole negro con pollo.

my heuvos rancheros this morning e la fonda.

i don't know, yet, what a garnachas is but i'm gonna find out...

a clown looking bummed at the zocalo.

a bumper sticker i bought the garbs.

a big beer i bought myself...

alex loives his breakfast.

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