Monday, May 07, 2012

you're fired.

last night ailsa made a very nice dinner for us - me, issy and fiona - at her place...steaks, asparagus, baked potatoes, salad...(all things i had asked for on my birthday so it was great...) also great was issy bringing over a bag of goodies designed to aid in the making and having of a great bbq - sauces, dressings, ingredients for tacos, steaks, tequila for margaritas, etc...pretty cool...she also brought a cake for us - so all in all a pretty good night of food! and on the food theme, ailsa bought me a gift certificate at the dirty apron, a cooking school on beatty course is in knife skills, something i can surely that's exciting.
i decided to ride my bike over last night instead of driving because it was such a nice day which meant i would be riding home this morning. so i thought on my way home that i'd ride by one of my client's lawns to see if i, indeed, needed to go by today or tomorrow and give it a go - they're on a ten day to two week cycle and it was about time to have a look...well, what i saw was that i had been replaced. lol...the lawn had been aerated, cut, etc...looked good. just not by me. i sent an email this morning and asked what was up and sindi, my pal in the complex, said she didn't find out until yesterday that they, the strata, had decided that they wanted someone to do it all - the trees, grass, gardens, etc...oh less lawn. all good - just would have been nice to know before i went by.
with that it gives me more time today to be domestic here. cleaning, sorting, etc...

have fun today.

g. xo

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