Wednesday, May 09, 2012

bull buys burgers...

don bull, well aware of the garbs' and my search for a new burger joint, mentioned a few weeks back that he'd like to take us for a burger at his favorite place for such - he was sure they didn't have margaritas but we were ok with that...can't have everything.

his burger place of choice is la brasserie on davie street. a small french/german restaurant located basically at the corner of davie and thurlow. the burgers come piled high with thin deep fried onions and lettuce and are cooked to order - something we like...medium rare please.

survey says....i liked it but if i was to have it again i think i would forgo the onions, or at least as many of them so i could concentrate on the meat...cooked very nicely though and the service there is very good. thanks don bull!
ok...i've gotta get out of here and go do some work on my trailer and do some lawn order billing...
have a great wednesday!

g. xo

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