Friday, May 25, 2012

For those keeping score at home

Some of you may be familiar with the sofa saga. Some not. For those who don' a nutshell I ordered a very nice sofa that took almost eight weeks to get here and then was shit so I had to return it.
I then found a new sofa locally that I ordered before I went to NYC. I still do not have that sofa either, I am still sitting on a loaner leather sofa.
It has been six plus weeks since I ordered it, I was told that it would be around six weeks. Ok. Cool.
The problem is that I have not been able to get to the store where I ordered it from but have sent numerous emails and only one was replied to. And it said that they had just heard that the fabric for the sofa had shipped that day, this was twenty days after I had picked the fabric. Wtf?
And now three other emails have not been returned as to when it may be ready. The emails were hot and heavy before the money was in their hands, 50 percent up front...but now communication breakdown.
Tomorrow there will be a visit to the store in person. I'm just curious.

g. xo

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