Thursday, May 10, 2012

six bags full...of grass, prawns and meatballs

i thought a client's lawn down near the vancouver rowing club was long and outta hand but today's, and no names, lawn was a doozie. some of the grass was a foot high and most at least seven or eight was a workout for sure - so i guess that's one good way to look at it. i'm glad i had some bags with me as the greens bin was full quickly.
i am beat. all the lawns today were in need and i went through a lot of bags keeping it all sorted. west van was a treat, as client there, let's call her elizabeth (because that's her name..) is a chef and pays me in food - soon to be gift cards from a joint i/we like so that's good too...and today's pay was a couple pounds of spot prawns, mexican meatball soup and a fruit preserve. nice. as she said, a little mixed up but all tasty stuff. 'ken rights i'm sure it is.
tomorrow dog lawn plus a few more...go lawn order. thoughts of new shirts have danced in my head.
tonight garvie is taking me somewhere for dinner. i say somewhere because i don't know where - it's my birthday dinner with just us...exciting. i have tried to guess but stopped and am sure it will be awesome...

ok. i need to relaxo a little before dinner...have fun.

g. xo

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