Wednesday, May 23, 2012

basil and bellingham

and how does my garden grow...pretty good i'd say. things are growing for sure, no fruit or anything to eat yet, duh, but still i like going out there each morning and watering - not that i've had to do that the last few days - and see what's happening. good stuff.

 mishi and i went to bellingham yesterday to get a load of trader joe's goods and hit the usual spots. we were only there for a little bit as we had to be back in vancouver by four so we could get the plants marcy had gotten for mishi's co-op - very nice of marcy...helping even more people get their garden growing.

we had decided to try another mexican joint we or rather i, had heard about - taco lobo. i had seen it many times before but it, for various reasons, had scared me off. yesterday was the day to try it out. and now we know. not so good. the menu is great, they have a good lookin' salsa bar, nice, nice...but the food is just, gringo. and we're gringos but we'll leave that place to the other gringos. gotta go to find out...

after a quick trip to trader joe's - where we ran into pal/realtor juliete nicol who had been down riding her bike with pals and stocking up on local micro brews - and a nip into bellis fair - someone's birthday is coming up...we were on our way back to town..nice having bellingham so close...

today was a few lawns, wet lawns, lawn order billing, bank action, ran into joel in west van at the whole foods and he had some film work news, kinda...more on that as it develops. in that vein i am going to be working in langley tomorrow and friday on a show corie, scott and andrew are currently on - i don't think i'll see any of them though. and also today, i enrolled in a course at langara campus that will be the first step to a something else. or rather something that can be used in addition to what i do...exciting. at 48 i'll be a student. i wonder if issy will pack me a lunchbox.

g. xo

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