Wednesday, May 16, 2012

might be carrots

i do know exactly what i planted, but i forgot to mark the rows with a little sign - something i know katherine does in her garden so she knows what's coming up...i just have to guess. today's poke-throughs i believe are carrots but could very well be onions...all the rows have things coming up and i know the beets for sure but the others i'll have to wait a little longer to know for sure. pretty exciting.

i'm most stoked about the beets as they are a variety that have a lot of striping to them and i love beets in general. i did a little tree trimming this morning as well. the japanese maple that i have was in desperate need of a haircut so today was the day, now it looks like someone actually cares. that's me.

yesterday, after months and months of trying or at least going by a few times and being shut-out, i had a snack at the tacofino taco truck. in fact, the first food truck i have tried in vancouver. i had heard so much about the fish tacos - baja style - that i had to give them a go. while i didn't hate it, it just wasn't the amazing taco i had been lead to believe it would was ok. i'd eat one again but not if la taqueria was less than a few blocks away. the fish taco at la taqueria is better action. plus you get a selection of salsas to go along with it and it's a buck less - not that i'm cheap, i'm just sayin. i am going to go back and give their pork burrito a go and see what's up there.
after my taco i met-up with the fawnz at the art gallery for an after work, her after work, drink and catch-up. i hadn't seen her in quite a while and it was great to just sit and chat and have a few laughs...and when i left i got to see the tail end of of a shoplifting scene where a guy has stolen some shoes from sears and was tackled in front of the art gallery on the howe street side. good action.
then i went and got groceries. i love my bike for that. the basket fits two bags perfectly.
ok...have a great wednesday.

g. xo

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