Wednesday, May 02, 2012

finger to the rain and lawn payment lunch

a while back i was given some duck confit as payment for cutting a lawn...i have, in fact, been given a lot of food by this particular person as she's a chef and likes to do trades and...anyhoo...i had it in my freezer for a long while not knowing what to do with it - but today that question left my mind. duck tacos. and they were awesome and will be again tomorrow and maybe a dinner too - there's quite a bit. pretty good payment i'd say.
afterwards i went to do a few lawns and on my way to the first one of started to rain like a bastard, however that goes, but i was right there and wasn't going to be denied. fuck it. i cut it. and another close by. and they look great. i got a total of four in today and hopefully a couple more tomorrow and saturday so i can do the planting of my garden sunday. get this show in the garden on the road.
ok..back to the overtime caps game...

g. xo

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