Thursday, May 31, 2012

not making any pals

i had heard through the grapevine that trevor bird, the owner of Fable on west fourth - in the old Refuel location, had made some comments on his blog regarding the state of the kitchen at refuel, or rather what he was left to contend with...and he called out the former cooks there and that he would be embarrassed to work in such a dirty kitchen.
oh my.
he was taken to task on this by a local writer and to call out rob and jane...hhmm.
maybe i won't be getting old trevor to make me a burger. i think trevor may need an internal editor and may need to figure out that vancouver is a small town and he should keep his mouth shut until such time as he's actually got a successful joint going and he's more than just a TV star.
just sayin'.
you can see his blog here.

g. xo

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