Friday, May 18, 2012

tour de spike.

spike was, and still is, in town for a few days and i saw her yesterday for a bit. we were originally going to go for breakfast today but she had some spare time yesterday so we made the rounds yesterday afternoon.

i had been cutting and needed some lunch so i grabbed her down in the west end - she is staying at the sylvia hotel (fancy) - and we went and tried another food truck down near coal harbor - feastro. it was pretty good but as i have noticed with the trucks in vancouver, they're not cheap. my food truck education started many moons ago near chico, california with tacos out of a truck near a grocery store. and they were a few bucks, not at feastro.

spike had a eight dollar smoked salmon taco and i had a prawn salad thingy that was delicious but 13 bucks and pretty small...and, in a weird twist, the guy who owns the feastro truck, paul fenton, is a guy i went to school with on vancouver island thirty years was nice to sit and talk to spike and have some food.
renee, spike, is also pals with mishi so after a coffee we drove down to see mishi and had a little visit there. mishi has stayed at spike's parents place in tucson, as i have in the past, so it was nice for them to see each other and catch up.
i needed to do some lawn mower maintenance and spike was going to the east side to have dinner so on my way to the shop i dropped her on commercial drive so she could soak up some hippie and i carried on to the shop to sharpen blades and change spark plugs. great to see her, her trips here are few and far between and usually just a couple of days and work related so there's always just a few hours to see each other. nice.
i had great plans to eat at home but after working at the shop for a hour and a half ended up meeting up with 'he who can not be named on the blog' for tacos at la taqueria. so at least it wasn't a big ticket dinner and i got to be entertained and educated by 'he who can not...' and eat great tacos...that's the ticket.
i had sent an email earlier in the day to my good pal and bomber hockey brother, blair, about how it was shitty he had been ejected from the game the night before and how, because he was thinking about quitting, i needed him to be there, etc...and how maybe a margarita would be good for him...and so, at the end of my dinner with 'he who can not be named on the blog', blair phoned and said he was up for a marg. ok. good. so i went and got him and the love of his life, ji, and away we went for a drink at fat dragon. well, they ate, i had a was good. i don't think i changed his mind, in fact i didn't try to - he'll make that choice for himself and i understand his frustration with that league and it's refs - but i do think a little R and R at fat dragon was good for his soul, and mine. he's a good man that blair.
then it was time for me to get home, have a little relax and go to bed. which i did.
it's a five lawn day. here i go.

g. xo

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