Saturday, May 26, 2012

up and at 'em...the grass keeps growing.

holy cow.
i'm a little behind in my cutting due to a couple days on set so this morning i was up early, after getting home around 1 a.m. from work, and cutting the dog lawn just after 8 a.m. wowzers! i killed the dog lawn today - some days i just make a meal of that thing and today was one - i knew i had to boogie as i had a bunch more in line, including one in southlands that was 1/2 an acre and long, long, long.

 a friend of mine, erin, it's her parent's place and their mower died and such lawn order. i saw it the other day but once i got to it today - around 11:15 am...i saw that i had my work cut out for me. and just short of four hours later i was finally driving away to my next lawn - judy's place...holy crap i don't think i've ever shed as much sweat as i did today cutting. i am beat and need a little relax before i head over to ailsa's and then off to dinner...i have three more that need attention but sunday and/or monday i can get them done and then i'm all caught up. i'll just put them in with sunday and monday's action.

ok. more later. i need to drink some water and have a long hot shower. i think i'm gonna stoke up larry too. he needs to get out.

g. xo

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