Tuesday, May 29, 2012

early girl.

yesterday was errand day - trip to the shop to clean the interior of my car, stop in at bosa, metal purchase at the supermarkets and a little how do you do at standard building - and i got to be senor fix-it at garvie's place. i was gonna cut yesterday but the morning was a shitshow of rain and wind and in the afternoon i was home and got into cleaning my mess of a house so, i was in for the night. fuck it. i was happy to clean and eat my pork stew thing i had made. i'll cut today - rain or shine.

ailsa had shown me that her shower volume/water handle and diverter (all in one unit) had become loose and wasn't diverting water and needed to be fixed but it was kinda confusing as to how it all came apart...but after some interwebbing and chat with a salesperson at the place where she bought the fixture, i was good to go and once apart it was a quick fix - sometimes it's not clear how it all comes apart. now i know so if you need a shower fixed...

the garden is doing well including a new mary-jane clone one of my bomber brethren gave me about a month ago. it was touch and go for the first week or so but it now seems to be digging in and looks like it will make its way. and i was also surprised to see a small bit of fruit on one of my tomato plants - i'm sure it's a freak but still a good sign after last year's late start.
ok. i'm out to cut...have a great tuesday.

g. xo

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